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  • I actually use a 'gamma' type curve in Lightroom. The advantage is that together with totally reducing the highlights and whites, there is minimal clipping of the tones. I apply a curve to my ...
  • Replied in Oh Adobe
    Hello Does that apply to 'lefty' ladies as well? MDE
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  • Hello "There are none so blind who do not see". I only saw the closing date of the sale, after I asked the question. Thanks for taking the time to reply MDE
  • Hello Why would anyone pay $149 for Ultimate 19 and just $129 for Ultimate 19 pack? Is not Ultimate 19 a subset of the 19 pack, or am I missing something? MDE
  • Hello 'Judgement for the exposure' Exactly, use the provided tools, but always use your judgement, good advice to follow in any life situation. MDE
  • Hello Personally I hardly ever use ETTR, unless the lighting is extreme and then I use LV to adjust the exposure. I only use manual and RAW and I have to say I forget that the histogram is there as ...
  • Hello This where the camera makers could really help, but I doubt that its in their interests. The should be a option that automatically produces, average SOOC jpegs from ETTR exposures. I would ...
  • Hello I bow to your superior knowledge and that you are a paragon in the use of Program mode. It has to be said that my quest for attaining such perfection,is always doomed to failure, as in over40 ...
  • Hello Is not that the perennial dilemma, do we record the scene to match its aesthetics  or do we  record the scene to maximise the technical aspects of the scene? When i replay a picture, my first ...
  • Hello That is a matter of opinion, but I suggest my advice to master manual photography is sound. MDE
  • Hello I don't wish to be patronising, but I suggest that you just go back to basics and learn to use your camera in manual and get totally familiar with the basic controls on your camera. https://f ...
  • One third the price!

  • Hello I use a optic cleaning product called Touchscreen Kleen, with a microfibre cloth, which is always kept in a bag. The liquid is I think iso propyle alcohol. You do not need to this very often. ...
  • Well, each to their own. I have very few problems with the V800 35mm frames and like the glass inserts that really keep the film as flat as possible. They do need to be kept clean, I think I have ...
  • My old Epson 4870 took 24 35mm frames in a 6x4 grid and the V800 35mm frame has a 6x3 grid, so if the software uses absolute frame positioning, then the scanner would need to told, which 35mm ...
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