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Marc Rodstein: I find it very perturbing to see that attitude of many here that drones have the same rights as a manned aircraft. With the manned aircraft, lives are at stake. With the drone as little as a few hundred bucks. Pilots of manned aircraft undergo extensive training and have vigorous license requirements. Drone pilots can buy one at the corner store and fly it the same day with no training at all. Many of them are children and do not realize what is at stake here. It is not all fun and games. There needs to be a training requirement so that drone pilots will realize that they may be putting lives at stake. Manned aircraft should always have the right of way and be protected. The Congress needs to get off their butts and do something about this before people are killed. It is only a matter of time until it happens. If they wait until there are dead bodies I am sure the restrictions on drones will be more severe than if Congress acts proactively.

Funny and reactive points. If the overall goal is to "save lives", then the government would do a Pareto of incidents and focus on the main causes of death. Example, an estimated 40,000 people died in car related incidents in 2016 in the US vs 0 related drone incidents. By some of the folks logic here, congress needs tougher laws for motor vehicles. I agree with some politicians recommendations on yearly government inspection for vehicles in order to get their registration, and re-testing for your license every 2 yrs.

The laws for drone flying are pretty strict as it is, now its about enforcement and the drone community outing those bad apples that taint the group. I've been flying for 3 yrs now without incident, without taking any risks mainly because I don't want my flying wad of cash to crash, or I'll my wife will lock me up. More rules imposed on me because of some idiot doesn't care about the rules isn't going to change things for the idiot.

Link | Posted on Mar 12, 2018 at 01:18 UTC
On article Buying Guide: Best consumer drones (35 comments in total)

I'm feeling the need to get a 3rd one. Had Phantom 3 Advanced, was actually really good. Sold that, go the Mavic Pro, so much easier for travel. However, even though the sensor is the same size as the Phantom 3 Advance, photos don't seem as sharp in lower light. Wish the Phantom 4 Pro was a little more compact, as the photos from the sensor look much better.

Link | Posted on Dec 8, 2017 at 17:35 UTC as 8th comment

Nice they've kept the cost down by not having any fancy graphics. It's just needs to have a basic, easily readable display and save the cost for the functionality and flexibility, which it appears they have. Good option for my new Fuji :)

Link | Posted on Sep 16, 2017 at 14:50 UTC as 3rd comment

Read further down about music growing out or annoying viewer while trying listen to vocal. Thank you to that poster, so I'll pass on watching this vid. Really get annoyed at that stuff, especially from a site like this which leverages and is exposed to best practices and tech.

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This is hilarious. I find that a lot of people want to bring back things of the past, so squeaky wheels get the grease. But when it comes time to amortize the cost of a venture like this, with a minimal economy of scale they flop. People like the ideas of things, but never come to the table. I won't buy this, and don't know anyone who would to be honest. To get close to the past leveraging modern technology, I was going to pick up the Fuji portable printer, but the cost of a $1 a print was still too outrageous. I picked up the latest HP Sprocket portable printer with a $0.50 a print (before tax). Printer fits in my pocket, prints anything from my phone, and I download pics from my camera with my phone. Quality is ok for what it is. For better quality, but a little less portability is the latest Canon Selphy at about $0.37 a print.

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This is interesting. I know the lenses I like on Canon and Fuji, and it was good for both systems. I don't honk is useful for those of us who know our style, but helpful for those starting out and interested in producing shots they like of others.

Link | Posted on Sep 11, 2017 at 02:28 UTC as 42nd comment

I do event photography, and I'm seeing less and less cameras being brought to these events by all ages, men and women. I have been to one wedding were there no cameras, only phones! It's not just the ease of the device, it's the apps that can process the image, how quickly they can share the image on their fave platforms, and the size of the screen to set up the image. If manufactures do figure out the focus piece in low light, why would anyone except the pro ever take a camera or even own a camera anymore?
I love shooting low light, long exposure, telezoom photos of wildlife which cannot be done with a phone. But, I am not the norm / majority.

Link | Posted on Aug 14, 2017 at 21:51 UTC as 155th comment | 1 reply

I understand their point, but they completely went about this the wrong way. All they should've done is state, "here is the camera I bought for under $400 and here are the photos I was able to produce". That's all that was needed not the comparison to an average photographer with expensive gear. Silly approach.

What I would've done is got a Canon 5D classic off Kijiji, got a couple of the cheap lenses: 50 mm F1.8 and an old manual 24 to 70 mm F2.8 lens. Processed the raw files in the cheapest software available. It's still amazing the quality of photos that old camera takes, and I've seen them on Kijiji for under $350 Canadian dollars. 50mm F1.8 EF lens used for under $50 and manual 24-70 lens for under $100, with cheap $10 adapter to EF mount.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom (105 comments in total)

This was my first digital camera that got me back into photography. From this I was able to take great photos for prints up to 16 x 20 and work with Photoshop to create a business that a friend of mine and I had for car show posters. Unfortunately after I bought the Olympus E-300 the C8080 was stolen 😒

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Very nice article. Nice to remember how fast the environment changed, how Canon was on top for so long. A nice reminder of how giants can fall if they don't pay attention to the changing environment. Professionals with DSLRs that I knew only had Canon. Amoungst thr group I know now, its all over the map, as well more than one system / brand. Back to the concept, the tool that does the job.

My fave camera for photos from that era was the 1Ds MKII. Loved the output, file size for processing speed. After I got the 1Ds MKIII, which had a lot handling improvements, but I never could get the same image feel for my final output.

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Zalllon: Glad to see a number of comments here that are more balanced than critical. We used to put pennies and apples on the tracks as kids to see what happened, but we were never stupid enough to be near the tracks when a train was coming along. I guess I grew up in a era where common sense was common. People today aren't cautious, they are careless and self absorbed. You can't protect everyone from themselves.

I think has it has more to do with people are generally more sedentary, and a lot more helicopter parenting. Can't do anything wrong if your ass is on the couch. When you say "less accidents", what types are you referring to? What region are you referring to? What age group are you referring to?

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Marty4650: Before the hysteria sets in.... look at the facts:

300 prople a year die falling off a ladder
500 people a year die while walking on train tracks
1,000 people a year die falling down stairs
5,000 people a year drown in swimming pools or swimming at the beach
5,000 pedestrians a year are killed by motor vehicles
34,000 people die each year while driving or riding in motor vehicles

Sure looks like we should be outraged about people taking photos at the beach, at swimming pools, of highway traffic, of people crossing streets, or of people using ladders.

It is sad that we need to have group outrage over every dangerous thing that can happen in life. And lets make sure we don't photograph these things, because it might encourage more risk taking.

No it doesn't warrant being mentioned. Most people taking photos on tracks that are truly putting themselves at risk are not photographers, they are people with camera phones, and the same people that run out into the middle of the street for a selfie.

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2017 at 11:58 UTC
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Zalllon: If only he was allowed to fly his drone to take a picture/video, then he may not have driven closer to get a view 😉

My response received more "Likes" than the idiot one. LOL. What should I respond with that will:
a) truly change future behaviour
b) result in policy changes

All comments here will end up dying here and become forgotten. At least mine is entertaining while still being correct. If a drone, whether the person had a brown or a pink, was used no tracks would be made. And since this is out in the middle of nowhere a drone would endanger no one.

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LarsDaniel: We are humans. We make our own choises. Move on people, nothing to see here.

That analogy of shooting in the face is dumb, at least make a good argument. That's like me debating your latter point with out of 100% chaos comes order, so if society lived in chaos for a bit even people would die to where it would stabilize and order be established as a realization of survival.

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mgrum: Wow I'm really shocked and disappointed by the majority of the comments here. Most of them are incredibly narrow minded posts like "but more people die crossing the road, so you shouldn't cross the road any more either".

This completely misses the point that crossing the road is *necessary*, (and legal - unless you live in the USA) whereas taking boring, cliched, unoriginal photographs certainly is not. If you're going to risk your life, fine but why not do something actually creative instead.

Also risking your own life is fine. But people here are showing a remarkable inability to grasp the wider ramifications. It's not a nanny state in which you consider the *consequences* of your actions; think of the train drivers who have to whitness your body being splattered across the wind-shield. Or the resources required for the police/forensics to collect the bits of you so your parents can bury them. Resources that could be much better spent tackling other types of crime.

Most deaths crossing the road occur at points in the road that are illegal to cross, or against the light at an intersection. So the crossing the road comparison is on point. You are engaging in an illegal act that comes with risk. The train driver almost never has to see the body or physically suffers from the accident. A car driver hitting a pedestrian can die, and/or be redirected causing harm to others. Let's start criticizing acts which cause the most preventable deaths first.

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William King: Lovely image, Very Talented photographer. Check her out.

If the photographer and subject are stupid, then they're putting themselves at risk. If they have common sense, then the photo isn't a big deal. If we as a society truly cared about preventable deaths by attacking the biggest issue, this one even be on the radar. I don't get this attitude of making a mountain out of a mole hill, we should be criticizing the mountain first.

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2017 at 11:25 UTC

Glad to see a number of comments here that are more balanced than critical. We used to put pennies and apples on the tracks as kids to see what happened, but we were never stupid enough to be near the tracks when a train was coming along. I guess I grew up in a era where common sense was common. People today aren't cautious, they are careless and self absorbed. You can't protect everyone from themselves.

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2017 at 11:20 UTC as 120th comment | 3 replies

If only he was allowed to fly his drone to take a picture/video, then he may not have driven closer to get a view 😉

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On article 2016 Roundup: Best Camera Drones Under $1500 (97 comments in total)
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woootskie: $89 a piece for a Mavic Pro battery with 27min. flight time and you still label with "Batteries seem a bit expensive"? You have got to be kidding me, 3 years ago in this hobby, getting 15minute flight times was only a dream.

I agree with you, $89 US is fine. The batteries are programmable to automatically discharge to prolong their life. Can't wait for better to fly my Mavic in more scenic places

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robbinsbox: went on hunt for a drone after seeing these pics.
You drone guys think these photos would these be from high end drones with m43 sensors?

I tried a couple of little ones ($40 and $60). But honestly the Phantom 3 was even easier to fly, gps lock and position hold helps emensely. With common sense caution, you honestly won't mess it up.

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