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What we want is for you to stay ahead and at the top of the sensor IQ game.

More dynamic range, more resolution, better all around top of the prosumer line camera. The 'wish lists' have all been published since the release of the D810.

Time to deliver.

If the D810 didn't fill your needs, buy a paintbrush. It still has among the best dr, among the best resolution, and is built pretty damn good.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1362 comments in total)
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Kharan: The King is dead! Long live the King...
There's now nothing except two things keeping DSLRs at the top of the ILC world - lens selection and battery life. And these two pillars will continue to be eroded by mirrorless.
Right at this moment, with the incredible three-way battle between the A6500, the X-T2 and the E-M1 MK. II, Canon and Nikon look as if they had gotten caught in a development loop three years ago. I guess they never considered that these smaller upstarts would truly start delivering peak performance in less than a decade... and now that it's happened, they must be getting worried.
In a collapsing market, every little loss is dangerous.

sorry, I will still be keeping my D500 for shooting wildlife and my hi-res dslrs for landscapes. The Olys are for quick use and travel.

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VA-ArtG: at least 10 days in jail, $10,000.00 fine and 5 years supervised probation sounds fair to me. That 'might' help end the 'it doesn't apply to me attitude'.
Oh, and prohibit them from owning or using any type of camera, any photo equipment including a cell phone with camera ability for the length of their probation.
A violation of the last sentence would result in 30 days jail and $50,000.00 fine....!

problemis, being Canadian, once they went back to Canada, there would be no way to enforce those post-jail restrictions. Deport them, don't ever let them back in, put them on the no-fly list. Stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives.

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Old Cameras: Is rectal electrocution out of the question?
Ban them from entering the US for at least 10 years, ban them from national parks and monuments for life, fine them harshly, give them a permanent felony record and do not allow them to profit from their actions.

considering that the action in Yellowstone was not their only illegal act in US protected areas, jail time, deportation and banishment from the US is good start. And I'm from Canada.

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NottsPhoto: without a touch screen I'll pass.

You can touch the screen as much as you want. Might not accomplish much except to let you touch the same screen that AA did ...

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Khun_K: For over 5 years, medium format digital has been on 60 megapixels, to 80 megapixels and then 100 megapixels since late 2015 - so Fuji is entering into the bottom of high-end digital capture with the lowest specification and price offer - so let's not get too exciting that the image quality will be something - it will be something the best Fuji can get out of the same sensor that other people has been working and improving for "years". Of course it will be good, or very good, until it compares to absolutely best which it is not Fuji is targeting at, Fuji is making "affordable" solution, not the "ultimate" solution - but it is a great news that finally a fine system can be reached by many photographers who think their creativity is limited by small sensors.

a few years ago was the introduction of the first mf cmos sensors - 50mp. The older 60 and 80 were ccd. The 100 is cmos and is quite expensive still - Fuji has indicated that these lenses can resolve for that size. They are getting in on the ground floor with a sensor that more people can get onto their new platform.

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ekaton: What a smart move from Fuji. The GFX does not cannibalize their X mount but rather complements it and will provide tough competition to FF offerings (think about a Leica SL).

sorry, I and probably many other FF users, won't be switching - we will be adding a tool to the kit. I can't shoot long telephoto with this camera or ultra wide angle. Or 11fps.

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StephanBG: Interesting how the FF crowd tries to explain the 1.7x larger sensor away as "not much" while at the same time calling the 2x difference to APSC "huge".

Same with lenses, the Fuji lenses are "slow" but when looking at fast 1.2 APSC lenses from Fuji they are only equivalent to 1.8 on FF (instead of calling the 1.8 lenses "slow").

You can't have both.

Interesting how FF gets squeezed from below with APSC and from above now with more and more cheaper MF options.

To the Fuji MF AF is slow myth: The X-T2 has a very fast AF system rivaling most top of the line DSLRs.

when the above comes down to $2500 for a body and 5fps, then FF will be squeezed.

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jsimoespedro: Would you say it is the same size as a FF DSLR?

versatility goes to FF - for quite a long time. Aside from the comparatively long lens line-up, drive speed, accessory collection, flash line-up, lens line-up ... did I mention lens line-up? Fuji will never equal the line ups of CaNikon.

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FuhTeng: I'm excited - not because I'll ever own it, but because it makes renting MF more accessible than ever.

Pentax has supposedly licensed the Sony 100mp sensor.

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mikeodial: Looks very nice. Reminds me of my Pentax 6 X 7 which I loved. Not sure this is really going to be that affordable, but we will see. May end up being a bit of a specialist device depending on the cost of the lenses.

find someone with a bigger couch.

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Tomasz_Wk: By seeing the small seize of this MF camera, is it possible that Fuji is targeting FF users more than existing MF users?

FF dslrs, with their accompanying lens and accessory line-ups are so much more versatile that this camera.

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Pritzl: It it just me or is this year's Photokina one of the more eventful ones in recent memory? The volume and magnitude of new product announcements is quite encouraging.

Nikon has had many relatively quiet Photokinas in the past ... maybe just a single big announcement. They seem to like October/November, January/February and spring. This seems to co-incide with Christmas selling season, the February photo shows and time to get out and shoot so lets buy new gear season.

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On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences (366 comments in total)
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david vella: Buy both as part of the great X system, and be good to go regardless.

buy a truck - it works better for hauling more stuff.

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On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences (366 comments in total)
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CheddarMonkey: As an early adopter of the xpro2, I'm pretty annoyed that the xt2 seems to have better performance--as opposed to just a different ergonomic style.

Anyone care to speculate how the xpro2 with the supposed upcoming FW will perform for sports/wildlife compared to the xt2? Do the AFC presets really make that much of a difference?

I guess I won't be upgrading to the xpro3 in 3+ yrs since Fuji pegs it as only a portrait and snapshot stills camera.

if you compare the XPro and the XT-1, you should have known that there would be similar differences and purposes behind the justification for the bodies. Anyone seeing the changes made to the XPro2 over the Xpro would have envisaged those changes coming to the XT-2 and would have waited. The XPro series was and still is not intended for sports/wildlife. You didn't do your research.

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Peiasdf: This tech have a lot of good use and a lot of bad use like all technology. What limits to impose is for congress and the court to decide.

You know all those area that says no photography like courtroom, security checkpoint, file storage, medical facility. This will allow you to still carry your phone and not have it in a locker.

The hyperbolic about authoritarianism just shows how shortsighted most people are including photographers. Wasn't there talks of camera phones are only for perverts taking up-skirt shots and drones for peeping through the window?

however, police forces could buy the camera-kill devices and use them to stop people from filming their activities vis-a-vis arrests, traffic stops, confrontations ... anything they want to hide. There goes several videos showing police abuse out the window.

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CameraLabTester: Comparing the "straight" print to the final print AA produced as shown on the computer screens, it is overwhelmingly evident that AA was also an excellent artist and craftsman who was able to metamorphose a regular negative into a work of art.

Photography is not just pressing the shutter and travelling to exotic dangerous places, it is also producing a work of art that could fetch upwards of $600,000 with just a single print.

If AA had Lightroom and Photoshop, he would have a brain explosion from all the excitement of handling this newfangled arsenal.


Tommi - that 'revealing' is what Adam's created in his darkroom. And his visualization changed through time. If, as the saying goes, art is in the eye of the beholder, then Adams' work is seen by many as art. Their opinion holds as much worth as yours. And you may be in the minority.

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FantasticMrFox: I will take this video, save it somewhere and keep it ready to rub in the face of anyone who whines about modern digital editing as opposed to the 'true' photography done in the old days ...

Tommi - I don't think you understand photography or it's history very well. The vast majority of photographers work in a darkroom - traditional or digital - to finalize their interpretation of the image they wish to present. The techniques employed may be minimal to quite altering. This can and usually does take much longer than the time spent actually taking the image. This is what Adams did. It is where the final image is created - the performance. The idea of pure photography is just that - an idea. The reality is it doesn't exist - every photograph is manipulated in some way.

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dash2k8: If flying over crowds is a no-no, then lots of marathons and other crowd events will have to resort to different equipment to obtain overhead shots that will be safer but also much more limiting. I agree it's better to be safe than sorry, I merely point out the small cost of that safety. I was once hired to shoot the local Iron Man Triathlon with a drone and obviously the drone flew over people. Those same amazing shots of hundreds swimming in the sea will now be either unavailable, or require REAL helicopters. Again, I'm not arguing against safety, just thinking out loud.

how was your liability insurance for possible accidents?

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (473 comments in total)
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Joed700: This is a typical Nikon philosophy: for every 2 step forward, take one step backward. Some say the D500 is the D300 replacement, but where is the built-in flash? On the spec sheet, the D5 doesn't really look that impressive compared to the D4/D4s...

you want a built-in flash, buy a d7100. Or buy a real flash.

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