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Since dp review is taking so long. I'll attempt to do a quick review from the viewpoint of an owner. Lets start with the bottom line, there is simply no better camera in the market right now. If you own a chest of Nikons this is it. I own a D800 and can confidently report that this camera is superior in all respects except one resolution and its inherent ability to crop. Personally snapping ten pictures a second is a stat for sports photographer the amazing thing is that the D4s will take 200 pictures at that speed from a subject that is in movement with almost all the pictures in perfect focus. Furthermore, it can focus with a 200-400 plus a 2x converter at F8 under any condition, lighting fast and with razor sharp fidelity, a tough test which the D800 can do about, at best 50% of the time at best. Its operation with the SB910 is flawless, simply perfect exposure every time. I keep my D800 at a max of 1600 on the 4s I'm getting the same results at 16000. No Nikon camera comes close.

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Why so coy abot the D800? The first preview was in February. A full review and test should be available by now. In 3 mths you could have tested and reviewed the entire space shuttle! Come on, its time we got the whole plate of beans. Masurov, Rockwell, and the Hong Kong guy's reviews have been out for >1 mthe now. Though mine has already been preorder for a mth now I'd like to see what DPreviews final verdict is!

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