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bluevellet: The 300mm is bulky and kinda slow for a prime.

But that 7-14 f2.8 zoom is sweet. Finally an alternative to the slower panny 7-14.

HI, buy E-M1 and a Olympus 300mm f2.8 if you need f2.8. But it will heavy and - as olways from Oly- excellent in quality!
This f4 in a nice compromize on weight and size - and superb Oly quality!

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kimchiflower: The 300mm lens won't have OIS, so it will be of less use for Panny owners although this lens will likely spend more time on a tripod than handheld as I assume it will be heavy.

The 4/3 300mm 2.8 is $6000 and 3.3kg, but this has to be significantly lighter and cheaper.

I wonder what the price/cost/size advantage is to building a lens without OIS is?

As you said, it would add extra weight and costs. No Olympus owner would like to pay extra for more weight as Olympus have superb '5-axis' image stabilization (or normal 3-axis in the cheapest models) built in the body.

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ginsbu: Given that Panasonic already has the 7-14mm range covered with a fine lens (albeit at f/4), I was hoping Olympus would choose a different range for their ultrawide. 8-17mm is a very versatile range that could accommodate filter threads. I would have been particularly interested in a 9-20mm f/2.8 myself.

Hopefully at least a 1.4x TC will be coming to pair with the 300mm f/4 and 40-150mm f/2.8 zoom.

The micro FT range is very large and now also includes splash-proof lenses as announced today.

The only one really missing is a 1.4x TC as said. When this will come?

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fahad usman: why can't every manufacture make those articulated screens that flip out from the side like canon and panasonic? is there any stupid patent for this as well?

I think Oly had this flip-out screen two years before Canon or Panasonic in the E-series. I have one in my Oly E-3 and like it. But most of the times you need a tilt-able one only. Price reduction?

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(unknown member): A new camera body for "Top Pro" lenses? How about a new body for their Top Super High Extra Great Pro lenses?

Yes, and even the "standard" line could be as good quality optically as some of the worst Canon "L" series. With Canon you have to know when L stand for quality and when not. Most of the cases it stands for quality but not always.

I am not talking built quality here. Olympus Standard lenses are usually optically good but slow and still not rugged or water proof like the higher grades Olympus lenses.

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(unknown member): As an E5 owner, this definitely makes me happy.

Me, too - even though I am just an "E-3"owner. Or perhaps that makes me more happy?!!

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MtOlympus: Attention Olympus: just put the new sensor in the E5 body and not change the controls, and I will buy one. I want to have my 12-60 lens mounted on one body and the 50-200 on another, because I don't always have time to change lenses, but it is important to me that they both bodies function the SAME.

I think some people like small cameras (like OM-D serie(s)) but some like bigger ones. The bigger ones offer better control because the buttons are bigger. Bigger body make sense with a heavy and bright long tele lens, too.

So some like EVFs, some traditional OVF. I think the new E-7 is needed for bigger hands, better ergonomicis in cold weather, a faster C-AF and OVF. For the time being both M4/3 and "full" 3/4 lines are needed.

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On photo Waiting for the Miracle to Come in the Sailing Boats challenge (4 comments in total)

Great picture - wouldn't mind having a copy framed on my wall, too! Excellent picture (the technical points are pointless here).

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alanmushnick: what is banding?

Yes, please explain to us who are not speaking ENglish as a mother language...

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shaocaholica: Its a step in the right direction. Would like to see some f/2 zooms since at f/2.8, it can't match APS or FF shallow DOF with a traditional 24-70/2.8.

There is a lot of fast primes for shallow DOF, though. And more coming all the time. Just like in the film time - if you wanted flexibility you chose a zoom lens. If shallow DOF, a prime lens.

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Brad121: I've gone off the idea of spending big bucks for this shoddy piece of work.

Hilarious. We are all laughing like when car-giant Toyota run into quality problem. Hilarious - a fixing tap used.
By the way I am not using Canikon gear.

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scott_mcleod: So are these new lenses only going to be available in silver *or* black, depending on model, but not both (like the silver-only 45/1.8)? Considering the (questionable) color range of the PEN bodies, this just seens weird...

At least the 12-50 mm zoom is available in both colors. And this has been the case before with several Olympus lenses, too.
I see your point (silver can reflect its color sometimes), but think it's nice to show the material of which the camera or lens is made of - metal (not plastic!).

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bcalkins: With a wide open aperture of f/6.3 I hope it is sharp wide open :)

The difference between CoNikon and Olympus lenses are traditionally that the Oly lenses are sharp at wide open. The 4/3 series are superb lenses - best on the market. But I know that the bodies are not so modern anymore and need a new sensor...

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pixelplayer: I find it quite nice in terms of 'how is it looking?" But anyways, who cares if it is ugly or not? I don't get it poeple, it is supposed to take pictures! Who consider that factor when he buys a camera?

Of course it does not matter for pictures but if you compare the 3rd generation Olympus PEN the Nikon is ugly, technically worse and more expensive. What a LET DOWN!!!

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On photo Weatherproof! in the Umbrella(s) challenge (9 comments in total)

Absolutely great - photographing at best. Simple and nice.

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