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  • I checked around locally, and was referred to Professional Color Services, highly reputed by some friends I know who are pro photographers. I also checked into registering the images for copyright ...
  • Thanks for y'all's comments. On another note, some of these panos image size is pretty large...around 90" x 20". Some of them can be cropped and still result in a good image, but for those that I'd ...
  • I'll have to do some research on how that's done. Do most pros copyright there images? I assumed having all the raw files was proof enough.
  • Printing them myself isn't going to happen. The equipment outlay would be too much for a first foray into it. I'm thinking my best bet is to try to find a reputable local printer. To my thinking, ...
  • Created discussion thread Having a panoramic printed
    For the last year or so, I've been taking hi-res panos. Some of my later shots are good enough to be sold, but before I get into any of that, I'd like to find a print shop that will do a good job ...
  • For future reference, a Z370 chipset with an 8th gen cpu will run win7. I had to use Asus EZinstall to get win7 onto the board. Also, USB3 won't be supported, but that's an easy fix (USB3>PCIE board).
  • Great idea of using the star ratings in this way. Thanks for the idea. To the OP: I've been shooting 30-40 photo panos as of late, so I use the color ratings to separate the groups. If I have more ...
  • And if it was signed for on signature required packages, which should make the shipper responsible if it wasn't.
  • Replied in Me too.
    Amazon allegedly peruses all reviews before they post them. They could easily put an end to reviews that have nothing to say about the product.
  • I have a box at the nearby UPS store. The box is letter sized, but they receive all my packages.I've been using them for over 10 years and have had no problems. It costs $400/yr.
  • Created discussion thread Online framers
    Has anyone used this site to have their panos framed? I'm wondering about quality, etc: https://www.artmill.com/products/ I'm pondering the floatmount: https://www.artmill.com/products/floatmount P ...
  • That depends on your usage. I shoot mostly landscape, scenics and architecture, for which I'm mostly at the wide end, at which the 16-35 f4 performs very well. I very rarely find myself using it ...
  • Sorry...I kind of gave up on this thread and wasn't seeing email notifications. Thanks for the comments and recommendations. Some good information here. Zenfolio looks to be the closest to my ...
  • Replied in Sigma 8-16mm
    I talked to Sigma (who, btw, always answers the phone and you talk to someone immediately). They said I would need to send in the lens and my camera to be calibrated together. I'm not doing that, ...
  • Replied in Sigma 8-16mm
    Since Reikan seems to be ineffective with this lens, I'd have to do it manually. What do you suggest? The 'ruler method'? I'll be calling Sigma tech support later today.
  • Replied in Sigma 8-16mm
    Sounds much like my experience. Teh lens doesn't seem to play well with the 90D. I'm still within the return window. Too bad. I really like the wideness and color rendition of this lens.
  • Replied in Sigma 8-16mm
    Good thought. I checked after I read your post. The lens correction settings were actually off. I was testing the first copy with Reikan Focal Pro. Reikan directed me to set high MAs (+15 wide end ...
  • Replied in Removing noise
    I ordered and am awaiting a 1TB SSD to dedicate to my catalogs. The system I installed to is i5-8600K, 32GB RAM and an R390 display card, surpassing system reqs.I do use 3 monitors, stretching LR ...
  • Created discussion thread Sigma 8-16mm
    I just bought a refurbished copy of this lens from Sigma for use on my 90D. I sent back the first copy because it seemed to have focus issues at all apertures, even on a tripod using a remote. ...
  • Replied in Removing noise
    Will do. And again, thank to all for the good advice.
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