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Andy writes: "... the lens comes ridiculously close to matching Canon's very best primes. Click for comparisons with the EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM and EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM in our lens widget."

I would like to understand how he arrived to that conclusions when he is testing combos and not lenses. The EF 300/2.8 L IS USM II test was carried out on a 5D II while the 200-400 zoom was performed on a 5D III. The results will never be truly comparable.

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I had it. Before it I owned th3 300/2.8 II and now I'm back to it. The reason? Bokeh and weight. I can't complain about quality: the 200-400/4 1.4x is, indeed, certainly the best zoom lens ever made by humans.
But I prefer not to have two rings to manipulate when holging such a big and heavy lens. 300/2.8 II is my favourite. Razor sharp, and a beautiful bokeh.

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Earthlight: Both are fine cameras. That said, I feel this time Nikon hit a home run and this should be reflected in the scores. I shoot with Canon myself, but find the Nikon better and incredible value.

Of course you can make fine pics with both. But why review any cameras at all anymore if that is the sole criterion. The sensor in Nikon is leaps and bounds better. And no, I do not mean the pixel count.

But I don't think Nikon is better this time either. Not for me. I don't want to work nor save those huge files. 22 MP is more than enough IMO. That's why 5D III lacks USB 3. It does not need it! Regarding HDMI signal and JPEG softness: they are addressable issues and will be fixed with a coming FW update I am sure. AF and bps performance are not issues you can change with firmware updates and they are much valuable for me! Interesting to compare 5D III AF performance with D4's in the "real world".

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Gothmoth: maybe nikon had to raise the price in the UK because they have forseen the increasing cost of support? LOL....

viewfinder out of focus issues
LCD color issues
focusing issues
freezing issues
battery issues

and the best.. EXPLODING D800´s... lol...

I don't like see people trashing and trolling and that's the reality today. I am a Canon owner since many many years and I am happy with that.
But I am not pleased to see people glad over Nikon or Canon facing problems. This is natural today! Realize that! Cameras are so complex that it takes many months to test every single function on them. We consumers expect more and more with each new model but when there are some issues people are quick to judge. I thins the D800 is a very competent and nice model and I hope it will be as popular as the 5D II became among Canonists.

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Mescalamba: Whats wrong with manufacturers today?

Have they ever heard terms quality testing? Or at least in IT language "beta testing"?

D800, 5DMK3, X Pro1 .. if they were games, nobody would play or buy them as no one likes betaversions.

In case Sony holds A99 for these reasons, then Im glad. Seems only company that can do some testing is Olympus. E-M5 isnt perfect, but it has very few problems and not that big ones as these..

I can ensure you almost 100% that you are not willing to pay the prices for perfect functioning SLR-cameras.
I am a software developer and I know too well the complexity level of these devices. Nobody will quarantee 100% bugfree/bugless functionality until we (consumers) are ready to pay for it. Even plane manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus) escape from bugs in critical partsof their systems. Why? The systems today are much complex and interact with a lot of other subsystems. Be happy that your Nikon will be fixed with a SW update. Canon's 5D III is almost the same but not that serious. With greater numbers of testers the possible misses become revealed :-)

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I don't think it has any relation to the tsunami/quake. Cameras and lenses are small pocket money for Canon. Their big business are corporate printers, photo copying machines, big tv cameras.

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