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On article Chinese government orders Nikon to stop selling D600 (224 comments in total)

Now,China has done a good thing for its people and deserve praise and thanks for doing a good thing for its people' an example of what other real leaders should do.

China shows the world how governments should protect citizens against malicious practices of big business and big money.

Maybe one day, the US and other world leaders, along with state & local governments will put end to the corporate lobbyist, phony warranties and liabilities practices out of existence and bring in real consumer protection.

The the same malicious problems exist in almost every governments, industry and businesses that make their livelihood screwing the citizens and consumers while filling the tax coffers of governments and bankers with the ripped-off consumer funds and taxes that they really did not earn.

Unfortunately, China missed a lot of the same problems with Panasonic, Sony and a many others world conglomerates in other industries and services.

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Unfortunately, DXO LAbs and DXOmark have not been capable of supporting the APS-C“X-Trans CMOS II” sensor use in the Fujifilm X100S or theXpro1. They do not yet have the engineering talent. The only software company who gets it right and enables perfection is SilkyPix; but SlikyPix requires technical knowledge of software, optics, lighting and math knowledge, which is beyond average professional or amateur photographers. It will be a long time before DXO will have software for the APS-C“X-Trans CMOS II” sensor cameras right.

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You can can see how DXO Labs and their deal with Canon has kept the Fujifilm X-Pro1 from being added to DXO Optics Pro. product.; shameful!

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