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    You spitting or swallowing ? Bogtrtoter ?
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    the images always spring to mind when i see all four of those names    :D let me see is it Spit,swallow ,spit ,swallow ? or swallow ,swallow ,swallow  ,swallow ? :O
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    Good to see you four having a good time ..... now go wash your hands boys and use some mouthwash :O
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    Trump or Hillary wow what a choice ...... the USA is stuffed whoever gets in .. BUT if i had agun pointed to my head (And was a US Citizen) i'd have to go for Trump just to upset all the to$$ers ...
  • will we replace bacon sandwiches with real hot DOGS ?
  • so you now think it's not such a bad thing after all ???
  • Thank you for the information I can now see why expressions have been changed but I doubt if anything bad or Racist was meant a simple apology  for using outdated terminology should suffice
  • Perhaps the NAACP  might have  something to say about this ? Over here in the UK coloured (Spelt properly ;)  )  was considered to be the polite usage and Black was a bit ...
  • 636 000 immigrants a year isnt SMALL "Immigration = 636,000 (up 84,000), in the year ending (YE) March 2015" ...
  • you been drinking ??? "The integration and sharing of top class Football players in the Premier League, and so forth...was all part of this gradual shift in the country's outlook, etc." if thats ...
  • Thats right Zola Budd springs to mind
  • Amateurs playing for the country they were born in only Not immigrants playing for whoever gives them a passport and a good deal like in the World Cup
  • I think we just got better chemists ;)
  • You forgot the Dutch in 1689 and the Germano Scots Hanoverians 1714
  • First of all half of "France" is NOT GREAT PARTS OF Europe second it wasn't the "British" ruling them it was the "Norman French" and their descendants ruling England third it wasn't anything to do ...
  • "I am not an historian" Clearly NOT a historian from the stupidity of your post..... "the British are still very upset that they lost control of great parts of Europe many years ago." the above ...
  • "Next you will be telling me that Golden Dawn will lead Greece." I cant imagine anyone leading Greece for a very long time
  • I do yes i think France is only one more raghead bombing/Shooting /stabbing  away from La pen being President and Herr merkin will not survive the next election although i dont know what will ...
  • Better get in there quick i cant see the EU surviving the French and German elections next year there may not be an EU by the time our Government pull the trigger on article 50
  • Whoop should have been £20 billion :( the pound hasnt devalued that far ...... :D
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