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  • It's very good (optically) according to photozone: But I wouldn't use it ...
  • But it's not as good as the CZ 16-80 and according to photozone it's actually really bad. -- Alfred
  • But no good zooms with sufficient range (5x or so). The 16-70 is mediocre.
  • Replied in LA-EA3
    My goodness. If so, E-mount lenses are really bad. Well, for starters I've always had inaccurate focus issues with the A65 (perhaps because it has no focus adjustment). But now, the AF mechanism of ...
  • Replied in LA-EA3
    Ok, then it makes no sense to buy the A6500 if I want to continue using the old lenses.
  • Created discussion thread LA-EA3
    I was all set to buy the Olympus E-M1 II and finally leave the A-mount behind me, when suddenly Sony released the A6500 with IBIS. Together with the LA-EA3 it would work with my A-mount lenses ...
  • I had exactly the same AF problems with the Pen-F using a Panny 12-32 lens: Back then I was thinking that my Pen-F was defective, so I returned the ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    Dear Tom, perhaps we should stop this discussion now, because nothing of value is being added anymore. Read again your post - you are basically questioning my competence, blaming me for not knowing ...
  • Replied in A68 Tethering?
    You mean the ability to live-view the images on a PC screen (or other device screen) and directly save the pics to it? I just checked and the A68 doesn't seem to have wireless connectivity. Maybe ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    As explained in a previous post, the peripheral AF points are needed if you shoot a panorama sequence, because some images of the series sometimes contain 90% of sky. And since everything should be ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    What does "shoot wide AF open" mean? I don't understand what you mean. If a camera has AF points, these have to work reliably, irrespective of the technical implementation. Or are you saying that ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    But in this case the gear doesn't work reliably. To make an analogy, if a car has brakes, the brakes should work 100% of the time, not just 70% or 80%. How are the peripheral AF point supposed to ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    How do you know how the A65 chooses the focus point - did you design this camera, do you have a reference, or are you also just guessing? If the peripheral focus point of the A65 are not to be used ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    Thinking again about it, don't you think that the A65, given the choice of central AF points and peripheral AF points for focusing, will use the central AF points, and only use the peripheral ones ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    So what is the best option? AF-S with spot or local? I do a lot of panoramas, and sometimes some components of the panorama sequence have a lot of sky and only some structures at the image borders. ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    lhkjacky wrote: AF-A with the wide area.
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    Of course static. For moving subjects the success rate is very low.
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    If the camera confirms a focus lock, but then the image comes out not in focus, it's a camera failure, not user error. But it may be the case that I get only a slightly lower success rate than you ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    That's exactly the same problem I have with the A65 - the AF is not reliable. Often I find myself having to double-check on the LCD if an image is really sharp. By the contrast, when I bought the ...
  • Replied in A65 to A68
    Hmm... 550 Euro for the 16-50, cheaper than the 16-80 which right now goes for 600 Euro. But I wasn't actually planning to invest further in the Alpha system (ok, if I get an A68 I would be ...
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