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From 10D to 40D were the experimentation periods of Canon. Good features, but the shutters gave out at around 40K depending on your luck of the draw. Shutter buttons became permanently sticky in humid conditions. Pros would upgrade after 40K shutter count due to unreliability.

The 50D was the defining moment of brilliance. Robust shutter and AF micro adjust!

The 50D was so good, that Canon GELDED this horse to a mediocre 60D because it ate away the 7D market. Removed the AF micro adjust on the 60D and brought back plastic skins instead of Magnesium Alloy.


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Plankton™ from Bikini Bottom® would finally have his portrait in the proper light...


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This brand truly earns the word "magic" on their name.

Just goes to show how major camera manufacturers are the experts in gelding and full bore throttled down features.


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Tsk, tsk, tsk...

Now you really spilled the beans on the Lensbaby™ formula...

[buy all rejected lens elements destined for the dumpster bins from major lens makers then remount on cheap plastic molds and sell as "art" lenses, complete with defects].


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On article Hasselblad X1D-50c First Impressions Review (316 comments in total)

"One does not simply walk into Mordor Format..."

__________________________ [add your own meme and rounded fingers]


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"Under one roof"....

Hmmmm.... What if the roof collapses? No back up camera?


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On article We try out the new HassleVlad (100 comments in total)

Mr. Leigh Kah and Miss Mommy Yah are jealous...

They weren't featured today...


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Half a million negatives and slide images.

That's a.... uh... umm... a lot.

[checks out own ancient 4GB CF card]


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In Australia... Bokeh is pronounced the Ozi way...


As in... Rego... Dero... Goodow... Onya... Shilbeeraytm8... etc...


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On article Throwback Thursday: Nikon D70 (220 comments in total)

Loved that 1/500 Sync Speed!

Other cameras that came after it, even from Nikon, were missing this!


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It is always entertaining to see photographers having fun!

There should be a world wide contest for these!

Attention: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Leica, Olympus and all those camera makers... bring the fun back!

Sponsor one today! [Hint, hint... use DPR as a vehicle!]


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Videos are the way to go to show how the menus, dial movements, etc. work.
They could make or break a sale.

Keep on truckin'!


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Samsung should take the cue from traditional camera manufacturers who sell the same old carcass but cover the whole thing with a new plastic skin mold, complete with rearranged buttons and dials, throw in a few tweaks of software enhancements, and VOILA! New Model upgrade!


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Simba® would surely love that Red Rock image... it reminds him of something...


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This is a trend that will creep even into the big major players such as C, N and S.

Too much of the same mundane offerings spread over model after model after model. In an effort to round up [not glyphosate] all strata of affordability, they spread themselves too thin.

Offer a high end and a budget model. That's it! Let the also-rans fight the middle ground.

The big guns will follow suit because market dictates, not the bean counters behind their laptops.


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35mm F2 on Full Frame.


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"Anyone who takes a photograph of the Moon is infringing upon my copyright. Violators will be targeted by my spy satellite lasers... or fined and penalized at the cost of.... [ Jaws music ]... One Hundred dollars!.... *cough*.... sorry... One Million Dollars!"
- Dr. Evil


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Take the outline of your property.

Extend an imaginary wall 84 feet above ground level.

Within that confined space is your airspace property rights. [1946 Supreme Court decision.]

If the drone was hovering over 100 feet, it was probably as legal as Google Earth.

Stephen King can easily extend that 84 feet into an impenetrable dome...


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Still use this camera as the Leica D-Lux4. Its got that strange Jurassic flick switch on the right to change from image playback to live view. Those were the days.

The Leica RAW files are fantastic to play around with.


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My all time Canon lens is the Jurassic EF 35mm F2.

Still in use despite newer and better lenses being available.

There is something special with this lens. So many memories. It is the noisiest of all editions.

Currently welded on a 5D2.


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