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Observing this from Norway, Europe, a thought comes to one's mind: Can this 'initiative' possibly have its origin in a certain mind in a certain house in a certain capital?
Thinking of a certain nations intelligence services, having this strange habit of tapping the phones of European heads of state?
And the expression 'big charade, the biggest' also comes to ones mind ... and: 'The age of lying'.

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marc petzold: I do think, the IQ is already (almost) maxed out, for this well-known, particular sensor size...we do need really larger sensors, inside the smartphones. Imagine, just with an 1/1.6" or 1/1.7" compared to the usual 1/2.6 to 1/2.3" sensors, IQ would be really better - personally, i'd love to see 2 sensors of this kind with 12 MP, or even better - 1" sensors..but that won't fit as double sensor setup into such small device like smartphones....the pictures look ok when they're small here, but when you DL the JPEGs, and look at them at 100%, they do show the usual image quality, from these very small sensors...and therefore, i do still prefer low MP count APS-C sensors at least....ok, one can't compare a smartphone with a DSLR, but i do want the DSLR/mirrorless IQ inside a smartphone...Panasonic showed with the DMC-CM1 back into 2014, that it *is* possible, 1" 20 MP Sensor, 28 2.8 Leica Lens....but no dual lens/sensor setup,of course.. ;-)

Wish a great Sunday!

Metric please! (aka logic vs. irrational) presented size of imaging sensors.
The rest of the world is going metric, has been doing so for the past century, with a few exceptions, metric is on a steady expansion ... you're more than welcome to join.

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Photato: There is only one thing I wish DPR do in 2018.
For heavens sake! standardize Sensor Size as the Diagonal in millimeters.
One number, great implications !

Go metric! Strongly supported.

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To me, Apple's explanation for slowing down older iPhones is simply embarrassing. Due to the fact, Apple n e v e r told a n y customer about it, neither before nor after time of purchase.
Then, Apple arguing they're taking care of customers needs, values, is as hollow and false as as it gets!
Will be really interesting to see, if the American system of justice, will judge the s a m e way, towards an American company, as it did towards a certain European car-maker fooling their customers...?
Wonder if.

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In Norway, where I live, revealing the suspects names (they're not convicted yet?) this way, is totally unacceptable practice, and forbidden by law. 'Innocent until convicted in court'.
Really strange to read the suspects names. Not the type of reading I'm expecting to find here. Think there are a number of countries having approximately the same practice in this field, as in Norway. Then, as a publicist reaching out worldwide, I think DPR better take a closer look ... -or share some opinions on this, at least?

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People do THAT many things for a living, like downhill skiing, an activity known to be a real hazard for one's life or health. Downhill skiing is on the Winter Olympic Games programme, and the skiers are heroes of sports. A large celebrity factor at the Kitzbühl downhill etc.. Still, the skiers do this for money, they're professionals. Remove the media and the attention from this sport, and it disappears soon ... see?

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Gary Zuercher: The composition could be improved by not centering the subject matter and by not putting the horizon line in the center of the frame. The foreground is mostly uninteresting, but the sky is very nice, thus adding more of the astronomy might improve the composition.

Please, make it better, and show us. Or don't be that critical, negative, to a fantastic photo! A centered composition sometimes works. To me, it really does in this picture.

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Veselin Gramatikov: 4/3 are no sense for stills front of current cheaper and better FF/APS-C bodies.
Sorry :)

Veselin: Compare the G9 with a Canon 7d mk II. The Pana is simply producing the better jpegs, all ISO's up to 6400. From there, things get rather ugly anyway :)
Maybe the Fuji is a fraction of a hair better? I'm not shure.

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I'm a happy camper with my 1 year old 7D2, but now:
Seems a m43 (the G9) is outresolving a cropp'er (7D2). Is that a first ?
Next shock came up, when comparing ISO's up to 6400: The G9 is better !!!!
(from 3200, besting my trusty old 5D2? a FF?? oouch!)
When paired with some top optics, Pana seemingly has come up with
'the real thing' here?
(my 1. digicam was a Pana FZ10, then only Canons)

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PerL: -10 degrees Celsius? Nothing for the Nordic countries then.

Hi, Per, fellow scandinavian: My mix of old & newer Canons (40d 5d2 7d2) have all been 'abused' with a few minus Centigrades every year. Not for days, but an hour or two in -2 to -5 is survivable, absolutely! (colder than that, I've chickened out, anyone not?)
Assuming Panasonic being just as conservative setting limits for use, real-world is talking -12 to -15Cish, which isn't bad at all. Pretty usable, at least in coastal regions that ? :)

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Congrats to Canon! No piece of C.-gear has ever let me down in the field, since the 80-ties.
As long as Canon keep giving us quality gear, I think there's no danger. 'Force will strike back' - soon. Mirrorless, news in the 50 mp range, better sensors etc.
My newest insight on Canon optics:
Check lens tests over at the-digital-picture dot com, several of the better Canon's are re-tested with the 5Ds R. That means testing w i t h o u t anti-alias filter, challenging the optics to serve 50 mpix! Example: My 'old' 300 f/4L IS, showing stunning results.
SO - these 'lens-tests' floating around on the net, are they tests of a lens's r e a l capabilities, or just a mere documentation of the lens used on different bodies???
I think several of Canon's lens designs are years ahead, now it is proved: Usable on the 50 megapixels monster, with (sometimes) stunning results.
Go Canon.

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GreatOceanSoftware: Please stop making spinning hard drives. Just stop.

Early 90ties, 'HDD soon dead' serious discussions, remember. Same time, at a kickoff, met some Seagate factory representatives touring Europe, 'leaking' 'secrets': Working on > Gigabyte 3,5" drives! WOW ! And told us:
'We've looked into the crystal ball, believe it or not:
We think approx. a 100 Gb is possible, 3,5" form factor, but beyond that it starts to get r e a l l y difficult.'
They left a stunned, but sceptic audience ...

Well, where i s the capacity limit, spinning devices?

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eric333: Why would anyone need more than 640K?

Just in case ...

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rev32: I remember 8K tape reel to real drive, punch cards, ticker tape and felt that was a lot...
It's amazing, wonderful and makes me feel old..

Studying programming: My first COBOL program punched and loaded (literally) into a card-reader, miracle happened: Only a few "warnings", and started executing, YES! -a few lines printed on a monstruous line-printer, drum type. Computer was DEC PDP-11.
Sized in kilobytes (just), the whole process still was a magic moment. Kind of joining "the big guys", COBOL programming u know...
Even our wildest 70ties nerdy dreams couldn't imagine! (like publishing this from my phone)

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Fine samples! (disagree with some comments, try to make it better!)
For Canon CROP format shooters: A nifty fifty (50 mm f1.8) new or used is reasonably priced. Add a M...e ring-type flash ($90 + shipping and shoot like a pro!), then some reasonably priced extension tubes - you're on, in the 1X-2X game!
Expect using manual focus lot of the time, when hitting: Rewarding! Using f16 +-, with some experimenting, getting darkish backgrounds in bright dayligth, or f18 for dark.

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Just another market research, in new clothes?

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Oooh, HOW proud we Norwegians are now ...
Well, Canon? Whatabout an Aalesund edition, in a series of ten? CNC for engraving, and a decent handpaint, production cost $20-$50? Psst, remember to add $2k to street price...! (at least)
As a Canon gearhead AND a local patriot, prone to buying, yepp!
Then, ( small towns of Norway's got theirs, yes), -there's Sweden...-hundreds of towns.
"Collectors items" , yeah, you bet! 😞
Then, the village edition ... enormous potential?
(personal edition - mankind is the limit!
Or maybe NOT?) 😃

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dennis tennis: Lies! Fake science. the socialist, liberal raw loving media have conspired to erase our noble JPEG heritage. Next thing, they'll demand that we erase all JPEGs images.

Psst! -there's a vacant position as photographic advisor at a place named WH. You are the right (!) man for lying(!) down the right(!) guidelines. But now, not next week, you'll never know... :)

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netscorer2: Canon is making the same mistake that doomed so many companies in this new era of digital innovations. Being a captive of it's own past success, it is afraid to cannibalize it's own carefully segmented market, so it is not adapting fast enough to the changing conditions. So it releases cameras that are fitting nicely in the artificial niches that never existed in the first place, but were forced on consumers with lack of other choices. Keep going like this, Canon, and you will lose everything. Look at Kodak, Polaroid, Blackberry, Nokia and countless other victims of their stagnant views. Few more releases like this and we can add Canon's name to the list.

This wrongful philosophy of 'protecting' the company's high-end products, their market niche, is were it really starts to go wrong, always, for once market-leading, innovative big companies. One example: Canon's reluctance to implement UHD video in their mid- /lowend models DSLRs ...

Like IBM tried to cannibalize itself ... (the 7 divisions' war ...)

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