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On article Behind the Shot: Dark Matter (51 comments in total)

Frankly, Greg, I like your pp better with couple of exceptions: I'd correct the horizon's curvature and those funky green streaks in water. Nonetheless, Erez, thank you for sharing the photo and your approach.


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On article The DSLR Field Camera (168 comments in total)

You can do rows and stitch them...not difficult to do....so long you pay attention to detail. The web will not going to show you all the detail. Yes, it's fun doing it till you realize that the combined file is too big. The other day I made one that was 514MP...and I'm unable to open it. Using D800...that would have been around 1.5GB file, eh ? Fun times ahead.


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On article Quick Guide to Video Lighting (33 comments in total)
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kff: the best teacher for it, would be Ingmar Bergman and his films...

Kff, I take an issue with giving credit to a director (though I respect Bergman's work) while you completely omitted Sven Nykvist who created the 'film reality' on Bergman's sets.


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On article First Impressions: Using the Nikon D800 (307 comments in total)

Thanks Barney. It was refreshing to see you use older and modern lenses. I'll continue to use D700 + 105/2.5 (a staple), but appreciate and be able to view what the D800 can do in the real world.


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bigdaddave: Must be me but I see nothing to commend this shot photographically at all

I like the Hopper-like image. The left side of the pix does not seem to be aligned parallel to the wall of the ferry....and that started to bother me immediately...even though it's just slightly. I do like the red light in the shot as balance, but the pedantic side of me would
prefer somewhat smaller. Thanks for revealing the process.

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On photo Burj Al Arab at Dawn in the DubaiLand challenge (4 comments in total)

Nice shot, but I'd never put a subject in the center.


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On photo Japanese drawing in the > Olympus's best tales ( I ) challenge (14 comments in total)

It has overtones of a woodblock that I have. V. nice work!


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On photo Walking in the Fog in the ......*Walking*.... challenge (3 comments in total)

When the spire comes out of someone's head....it's doubtful that it's #1 material.


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On photo Coulé! in the Another point of view challenge (6 comments in total)

Like the surreal looking shot. Nice!


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On photo San Telmo, Buenos Aires in the Lightroom: Street Photography challenge (3 comments in total)

Don't feel bad about corruption. We have lobbyists that own our congress folk.


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On photo Whooosh! in the Subways challenge (6 comments in total)

Fresh thinking. Too bad other shots are so conventional.


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On photo Thread Leaf Japanese Maple Panorama in the Wiiiiiide Angle challenge (12 comments in total)

Love the bonzai feel....and great colors. Excellent shot.


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