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Saabster: Yet another attempt to create Babylon 5's Data Crystals ( By the time I try and back up all my images it will be 2258 and should be able to be read.

Reminds me of Startrek's data tapes.

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I have a large collection of Takumar screw mount and K mount manual lenses, I definitely want them to succeed, I had high hopes they would be leading the mirrorless revolution, especially when Ricoh/Pentax came to be, but I've seen nothing but gimmicks... Like a bizzillion different colour options for some of their cameras.
They are heading down the same path as Kodak.
Makes me sad.

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Photoman: Monty Python need to do a skit regarding this...”Pull over drone, your under arrest!”

Best thread on this page.
I Prop Wash in your general direction.

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On a photo in the Sigma fp sample photos sample gallery (5 comments in total)

Any more pics of the bike?

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I'll stay with my Leica M 90/2 APO.
But I would be interested in a 28/2 APO and a 40/2 APO.

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Newtsche: How is it possible to light a tree like this?

Many hours, and one of these:
I've used one of these a few times.

My .02c, if you ever need to use or rent one, take a course, wear a harness, and get one that can reach further than you need, they are more solid than one that can just get you there, and when you are way out there, that extra stability sure helps the nerves.

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That looks like time well wasted.
I bet that looks awesome in person.
Is it RGB? that would be beyond words seeing it change colours.

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On article Adobe Photoshop Express update brings Raw editing (18 comments in total)

RAW import, jpg export, I'm not getting full size of the pictures, it's the same size as the embedded jpg.

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Welcome Chris and Jordan, hope you have all the success you desire and none of the sucksess.

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If the Monkey had brought fourth a copyright claim on it's own, perhaps there would be a case, but it didn't.

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The 100TB ExaDrive DC100 is slated to launch this summer, and will come with a 5-year "unlimited endurance guarantee." There's no word as to exactly how much this drive will set you back, but don't expect it to come cheap; Nimbus Data said "pricing will be similar to existing enterprise SSDs on a per terabyte basis."

The company also plans to sell a 50TB model.

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I haven't found any reference to an available attachment to reach 1:1 with this lens.

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Boss of Sony: What happened to the DL 18-50? Surely they could still release it? It was looking like being the greatest travel camera ever.

They announced it was dead a little while back, too bad, it would have been a unique product.

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My, how far they have fallen...
"The Ektra was Kodak's (and America's) only and last attempt to produce the finest system 35 camera. It was amazingly innovative and feature laden, actually outshining the contemporary Leica and Contax in terms of features. Introduced in 1941, it found no market when re-introduced in 1948 at the princely sum of $700. The Ektra's firsts and features are very impressive:

1st RF to have a parallax compensated finder!
1st 35 to offer lens coating on all lenses
1st 35 RF to offer interchangeable backs
1st 35 to offer built in zoom finder (varifocal -- needs refocusing for each lens)
1st 35 RF to offer lever advance (back mounted)
1st 35 RF to use a film rewind lever"

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colinstu: disgracing the Ektar name with this POS...

They also sell an iFone

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Our family used to camp and ride motorcycles on some ranch-land with kind permission from the owner, the only requirement was to not destroy the land or chase the cows, then some 4x4ers started chasing the cattle, so the farmer added a ditch, it didn't stop the 4x4ers, so the the ditch was deepened to about 6 feet deep, and finally a fence was added with no entry for anyone.
So over 10 years of family fun ended because some tools had nothing better to do.

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mbrobich: OMG they spun their tires in the dirt. SO what..........

This same attitude is why there are shootings in malls and schools, the only opinion that matters is your own, FU(k everyone else's opinion or rights.

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On article Photographing fireworks: The basics and then some (70 comments in total)
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sherman_levine: For my FZ1000, the ISO 100 / Raw / Bulb / F:8(the narrowest FZ1000 aperture) combination washes out too many of the brighter trails. I find that adding a 3-5 stop ND filter gives me much more latitude for color recovery


Nice shots, I noticed that you didn't remove any of the long exposure noise, I under stand not wanting to have that setting turned on, but there are alternative options.
Like taking a black-frame shot to use it's noise to remove pattern noise, heat bloom, and hot pixels.

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On photo Sunset over the Balkans in the Best sunsets! challenge (8 comments in total)

Very nice.

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On article Readers' Choice Awards 2015: The winners (63 comments in total)

No option for the Voigtländer 15/4.5 v3, no write in option...
What, no kick-back's form the others?

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