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Question. Why has Sony stopped selling their items on their website? I'd tried buying a lens, and now I can't. I can't even use my Sony Finance card.

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atodea: I moved to Olympus from Nikon FF. Maybe this particular study for a very short time span does not tell a very convincing story but I would not be surprised to see Sony taking no. 1 in 2-3 years unless Canon and Nikon really start inovating. They are relying on the maturity of their systems but they did not really invest in mirrorless, still tell the story that lens IS is better than IBIS while the new story is that you can combine them, etc. This could be the start of the end for two legendary companies. I hope it's just a warning, they see it and they start inovating again.

Commodore is a good example. To a degree, so is Minolta. The term is called, Marketing myopia.

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uflux: DPreview is reading waaaay too much into Sony's statement. What they are doing to their audio and video businesses is nothing like what they did to their PC business. They are grouping divisions that have different needs. Sony's future is very positive with continued improving results.

That's what I got out of it. Meaning. They're keeping each department separate where they can focus on quality vs trying to be a jack of all trades and talent of none. Sony reminds me of the Big 3. They owned too many companies, but never focused on the quality of those products.

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Peiasdf: They have have 2 contests each with 10 categories. One for Hasselblad medium only and the other for everything else. I want to see a pros with SONY FF sensor vs Hasselblad medium shootout.

I'm going to enter and shoot with my two A99 cameras.

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On article Sigma goes wide with 24mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens (183 comments in total)

Look forward to seeing a 85mm Art

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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)
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Papi61: It probably cost Canon $1k to make, so they have lots of room to deflate the price. Personally, I wouldn't buy it if they sold it for $2k. And it's not because I'm a Nikon shooter, but because the Samsung NX1 is so much better at 4k filming.

ET2 brings up a very good point. The bottom line here too is, Sony is making cameras that rival them wt a much cheaper price. Mirror less cameras are affordable, just as capable as the more expensive gear and are here to stay.

This reminds me of when Sony put out the A900 that was around 2 plus grand with 25 mp vs Canon 1ds, that Canon wanted 7 plus grand for, only at around 16 mp.

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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)
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Herman Dijkhuis: If you wanna go professional go Sony. Canon is too expensive imo.
The war for professional cameras has begone, it will be hard for Canon to stay ahead of Sony.
Acc. to me Sony will win.

I wasn't aware of that you can use any manual glass on Canon. But it does make sense, seeing that it's not a autofocus lens that would make harder to focus due to the mirror.

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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)
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Just Ed: The reason for the price drop could be a new FF DSLR. Possibly the 5ds rumored to be announced in early February.....note the "Possibly."

That's what I is thinking too. I also noticed that Sony has been dropping the price in both the E series mount full frame as well as the Alpha. Signs of a new high end camera.

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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)
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W4YNE 1: I wonder whether this could be an indication that Canon will possibly be venturing into the mirrorless full frame camera market soon so looking to offload stock that will otherwise never sell?

I think the price drop has more to do with the rumor that they will have a high m.p. camera coming out. Plus, with the competition coming out with better technology at a much lower price, it just makes sense. From what I've been reading, the new Canon sensor is actually made by Sony. Possibly a Canon design.

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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)
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Herman Dijkhuis: If you wanna go professional go Sony. Canon is too expensive imo.
The war for professional cameras has begone, it will be hard for Canon to stay ahead of Sony.
Acc. to me Sony will win.

They can win if they, Sony will get a series of glass. At this point, Canon has them beat in that department as well as support. I'm a Sony user.

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On article Sony launches support program for pro photographers (116 comments in total)
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Donnie G: Well, it's a step in the right direction for Sony. Now all they need are a couple of pro bodies, about 30 or 40 pro E-mount lenses for those bodies, and maybe 100 or so very brave working pro photographers who are willing to switch from the known pro gear and support sources, Canon and Nikon, to the unknown, Sony. It won't happen overnight, but it could happen. Good luck Sony!

If you think that the quality from the A99 is inferior compared to the A900, you're not using your camera right. A900 was good, but the A99 beats it both in low and high iso. And it has a faster focusing response.

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On article Calumet brings equipment rental service online (14 comments in total)

That's cool. But it's not the same. I like the rental part, but it would be nice if thatwas an option along with their local stores that are now closed. Weird not seeing the one here in San Francisco anymore.

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On article A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? (219 comments in total)

It would be nice to see a digital version of this. Sony? Are you listening?

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On article Hands on with the Pentax 645Z (705 comments in total)
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tabloid: I would be interested if it was mirror-less.

In my opinion thats the future.

Zvonimir. There are also some good mirrorless cameras too. Hence Sony A7r. I think that his point for a mirrorless system is having the ability to use any lens from other medium format system on it. Similar to the A7r.

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Debankur Mukherjee: This lens seems to be better then the Nikon G type but cannot match the Zeiss Otus but the Zeiss is deadly expensive.........

HowaboutRAW. The current 85mm is an excellent lens. If they do come out with an updated one, I'm on it. It's kind of scary to think how much better thst lens would be over the current one. If so, it will blow the other 85 mm lenses out of the water.

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On article 5 photography apps to download to your new iPad (151 comments in total)
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Morpho Hunter: I can't think why I would ever attempt to successfully process a photo using ANY tablet "computer" ..it just cannot be done.



T3 is right. Microsoft Surface Pro 2, can use the Adobe Creative Cloud. To me that's a sign of good things to come with the mobile devices. If you recall, there was a time that we couldn't use Adobe on a laptop. The drive space and memory just wasn't there. We all know that has changed. Same will apply to Tablet devices.

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On article Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows (1391 comments in total)
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image360by180: I truly find it hard to believe Nikon is going back. The digital age is now the age. Bringing out a camera that ignores all the benefits that digital can offer is like making a better old school buggy whip as cars started to replace carriages.

As noted, many seem to like this, good for you, I'm not about judgement or placing my basis on others. Hope this works for you.

For me, this is crazy stupid as Nikon has not even come close to maximizing the digital potential of their DSLR line.

Just a comment from a Nikon D800/D7100 glass invested user.

@Rhlpetrus. Exactly. Minolta had two regular dials on the Minolta 7D. It was more like the film camera, Maxxum 7. Sony's new 7 and 7R too have two dials with the retro look.

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I keep reading all of the negative post on the lens that hasn't even come out yet. Let's wait for it to hit the streets before critique it.

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dopsgp: Busy day for toilets in Solms. Leica execs cr-pping bricks now.

Oh really? From wnt I've read so far on another website's forum, there are a lot of Canon and Nikon users that are already looking to buy. Some have gone as far as saying that they'll use it over their d800.

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