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  • So everyone who has bought/use Lightroom and Capture One is skipping off into the sunset with not single problem or care in the world!!. Not sure what planet you inhabit but I think its extremely ...
  • Jeez guys calm down, do I detect an excess of red meat digestion 😀 For most of us here it's a hobby and an enjoyable one let's keep it friendly eh!. If something works for you great if it doesn't ...
  • And all my raws are NEF's
  • No probs with my I7 desktop with 8gb ram! Steve
  • Went into the lens database and noticed the `VR` is shown at the end and not where the Lens info shows it !!
  • This is the box after I`ve told the app which lens was used so the string does seem slightly different which is probably the problem its missing the `VR`! Steve
  • No I always use raw`s I didn`t think you could do lens corrections with jpegs? The software id`s my lenses ok in Lens info box A but that doesn`t seem to translate to the Lens box B needed for the ...
  • Lightening fast with the previews, must have loaded about 200 instantly 😉. Afraid the problem (or maybe it's just me?) with not auto populating the lens box for correction is still there but ...
  • Must be hard producing software that will work 'bug free' for all the many different pc setups and also maybe MS itself partly to blame??. For instance I've just tried the latest release of ...
  • Thats weird, I can manually select the lens and thereafter everytime I open that Raw the lens is there the problem is only when opening it for the first time?? Steve
  • Sorry to say the problem with not auto populating the lens box for lens correction is still there, anyone else have this? Steve
  • Created discussion thread On1 photo 2018 beta 4
    Released today! Steve
  • I’m just wondering where you stand if these ‘coming soon’ features don’t?. I’m comparing it to the promised ‘coming soon’ DAM from Affinity Photo which seems to have been put on the back burner ...
  • Thanks for the heads up Ian! Is it based on the last .88/89 beta?. I’m away at the moment so unable to try it. 😊. Steve
  • Hi folks Yes wanted to try this myself but away from home at the moment with only my IPad. Thought about downloading the file and sending it to the cloud to try later on my desktop but it wouldn’t ...
  • Hi Mark I use Affinity photo on the desktop and like it, just a shot in the dark and I'm sure you know it but I understand it's only compatible with the iPad pro!. I was going to try it on my my ...
  • Created discussion thread HDR projects 3 free today! Never tried it and I believe projects 5 is out now but WTH the price is right 😀 Steve
  • Replied in ON1 Questions
    If you had asked folks what they thought about on1 Raw 2017 beginning of this year you would have been hard pressed to find anyone who liked it me included but fast forward to today`s 2018 version ...
  • Replied in DXO photolab!
    I also should have added ‘at least with my limited experience’ 😏
  • Replied in DXO photolab!
    Sorry ruddy spellcheck make that 2018!
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