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Currently a student, I've been interested in photography for about 10 years now. Land- and cityscapes, people and street is what I shoot for fun. I've been also shooting in night clubs and bars as a part time job for a more than a year now. My first ILC is the Nikon D90 which I still use when shooting the latter, while my second ILC is the Fuji X-T10 which I mostly use for fun together with the three small lenses I have for it.


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Hugo808: They seem a bit close together it terms of focal length, Leica users must be very exacting - 15mm is virtually a whole step backwards!

Both the 75 and 90 mm are classic Leica focal lengths.

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NemanRa: I would like to see the comparison between this and Sigma 85 ART
If Sigma wins, there are absolutely 0 reasons to say something bad about Sigma again!

How can they be compared considering they're designed for different mounts?

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miles green: I wonder if Sony will sell sensors to Nikon for them to put in a system directly competing with their own mirrorless.... After all, this is Sony's market.

Sony Camera and Sony Semiconductor are different companies. And Nikon is probably Sony Semiconductor's biggest customer.

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ProfHankD: 16mm is a darn short flange distance... might need to drop the mechanical shutter to make that work... which would be great. :-)

I think Sony E suffers a little from having underestimated the demand for higher-end and FF bodies -- it clears, but just barely. Canon's M has a more flexible mount and it also makes sense that Nikon should. The interesting question is if they should be planning on sensors even bigger than FF. Of course MFT is the big loser here, having bet on sensors staying rather small and 4:3 aspect ratio....

And APS-C is the best compromise between IQ and portability.

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The Silver Nemesis: Bravo - the right way to get rid of the obsolete F!

Why would Nikon announce a $12k lens if their mount was obsolete?

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Dante Birchen: The diameter would mean Nikon wants to make very wide aperture glass.

In my view it means there'll be both DX and FX mirrorless bodies coming up. The large diameter means easier adoption of IBIS, too. It'll be years before we see ultra fast lenses for this new mount.

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LJ - Eljot: Given how bad the liveview in Nikon cameras is, it is hard to imagine that they could actually build a ILC. On the other hand, they had the 1 series with prettey good AF.

Nikon has been building ILCs since the 50s.

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On article Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S9 in February (4 comments in total)

The Samsung Pixon 12 of 2009 also had a variable aperture lens.

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snapa: I think the sensor is too small for the size of the camera, and it is way too expensive.

You're obviously not in the target group for this camera.

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lambert4: Is this a fixed barrel length? I know not a deal breaker but I have long preferred fixed barrel design vs extending for environmental sealing. Maybe its just a preference but the breathing to me has always seemed more susceptible to drawing in moist air and dust. What a gorgeous lens and real added value to the system.
Regardless of how many people will buy it, it is a solid offering. I will be getting a 200-500 f/5.6 for my budget but it doesn't mean I cannot appreciate what this lens is and wish for it some day.

Its predecessor, the 200-400, has internal zooming so it's likely this lens is the same.

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jazja: My wet dream :)
I wish but…..a bit too expensive ;)
why such a high price?
how many pieces they will sell?
For my pocket is more suitable Nikon 200-500 mm f/5.6 E.

Leica won't sell many 75mm f/1.25 lenses either yet they'll survive ;)

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Triplet Perar: It has AM and M mode? One can listen to AM radio and M(P3s)?

In five years time they'll announce the new version which will have a FM mode, too.

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ozturert: A DX version of this would also increase D500 sales and probably would be less expensive and smaller/lighter. But I also understand the target users of this FX version.

There's almost no weight and size reduction on DX ultra telephoto lenses. Check the Fuji 100-400 vs any other FF (80)100-400 or the Oly 300mm f/4 vs Canon / Nikon 300mm f/4s.

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MaxFury: I hope people are willing to pay 10.000 for 1 Stop advantage over a 70-200mm f/2.8 with a x2 Tele Converter and Nikon's own 200-500mm f/5.6.
Actually scrap that they also have a 200mm f/2 prime for 5600$ and with the x2 TC you get 400mm f/4 for $7K, almost half the price. lol

So what's the point of this?
Shouldn't Nikon be focusing on a mirrorless system by now, instead of wasting R&D time on this? So you know, they can survive the next 5 years.

But that's just my take on this.

The point is this lens will be quite sharper than any other zoom covering this range (80-400, 200-500) or used with a TC. Plus, having a specially designed TC means a smaller drop in IQ compared to the regular 1.4 TC.

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Rooru S: "As an added bonus, if you're using a camera with a 153-point AF system (D5, D500, D850) the outer row of AF points become cross-type sensors for improved coverage."

Please someone explain to me what happens here?

By default, the outer AF points are cross-type:

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On article Report: GoPro is looking for a buyer (157 comments in total)
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justmeMN: This highlights how dumb it was for Nikon to get into that sector, with KeyMission.

And in the meantime they scrapped the DLs, especially the 18-50.

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Smitty1: Will Samyang work on Image Stabilization next? I'd like to see more IS/VR/VC/OS primes.

WongFeiHong, may I suggest you read the comment just above yours. It's not about getting sharp shots, it's about getting sharp shots in more shooting scenarios.

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Smitty1: Will Samyang work on Image Stabilization next? I'd like to see more IS/VR/VC/OS primes.

In some cases it's always good to have IS.

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G1Houston: This lens looks compact enough and hopefully won't be too expensive. They will fill an important gap in the APS-C world, the lack of compact fast and affordable wide angle prime lens, which Canon, Nikon and SONY all ignore. Hope a Nikon version will come soon ...

There's a great Samyang 12mm f/2 for mirrorless APS-C and m4/3 mounts as well as a 16mm f/2 which is also compatible with APS-C DSLRs. Sigma also recently announced the 16mm f/1.4 for mirrorless.

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Bgpgraebner: This lens would only make sense when kitted with the A6300/6500. Otherwise this is pointless. Why pay $50 more than the amazing 18-105 for no power Zoom and no constant F4 aperture? Would only make sense if it came on a kit and added $200 to the camera body price

"Why pay $50 more than the amazing 18-105 for no power Zoom and no constant F4 aperture? "
Exactly because of the lack of power zoom. Also, the 18-135 is significantly lighter.

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