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Gesture: How is this camera difficult to use. It is the same-or better-than every other SLR of its era.
Set shutter, set aperture, match needle meter if you choose, take the picture.
The Nikkormats also had mirror lockup.
Like most brands of this era, the viewfinder was bright, making manual focus of the era much easier than DSLRs.

It didn't have a "match Needle" meter, the meter balanced between under and over exposure. No matching required.

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When released, the Nikkormat had many features that competing cameras did not have such as:
-Full aperture metering - almost all others were stop-down metering
-TTL centre-weighed with downward biased metering (FTn) (good for landscapes)
-Meter visible in the viewfinder and on the top panel
-Non-match needle meter - eliminating an un-necessary step (better than a match needle type) - the meter balanced between under and over exposure. No matching required.
-High-speed (for the time) flash sync
-Vertical shutter, DOF preview, Mirror Lockup, Self Timer and so-on

It was aimed at Pros and advanced amateurs whereas, the competition were aimed at general consumers.

I bought my FTn back in 1970 and I still have it. It works perfectly.
My favourite lenses were the 80-200mm f4 (constant aperture) and the 55mm f3.5 micro both of which I still have. Since then, I got a pristine copy of the 105mm f2.5.

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On photo Elephants Performing in the Random Items - Challenge 29 challenge (32 comments in total)

It is unbelievable that people still get pleasure from this disgusting display.
Elephants, and all animals, deserve better than this.

And to those who think this is acceptable, SHAME ON YOU!!

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