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qwertyasdf: Mouth watering.
This with the 14mm F/2.8 lens might actually the best low-weight hiking / travelling kit.

LOL hahaha

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atoz: Excuse me if this sounds harsh, but, if you're taking pictures like the ones posted, you should be using a simple point and shoot camera or your phone. It's like owning a Land Rover Defender 110 and using it to drive to the local 7-11 to pick up a six-pack of light beer.

It's quite astonishing how rude people can be this day.. What ever happen to if you dont like it then just leave it concept?

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razorfish: How sad to see all these fanboys of other brands badmouthing Olympus products. I never see this happening when Canon/Nikon/Sony products are tested. Clearly a four thirds sensor performing well brings out some kind of inferiority complex in these people.

What is the relevance of your reply? Zero!!

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I never understand the bitching and moaning for Zeiss from people that never used them.

Sounds like jealousy..

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VividExposures: "Distortion is extremely well controlled, producing naturally proportioned photographs which are not typical of many other super wide angle lenses."

How is that possible?

Your Tokina will work but the edges will be soft and this Zeiss will ate it alive for supper. Jeez, comparing an FX lens and DX lens is bad enough, just having a though the DX lens will beat an FX lens in FX is ridiculous!

Have a look at the new lens MTF. People, do think before you write something!

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gordon lafleur: Good grief, how long can Zeiss rely on their name to sell their clunky, overpriced, and often inferior products to gullible amateurs. Tests comparing their lenses to the Canon and Nikon counterparts show that these lenses do not live up to their hype.

I love people with no idea like you.. fun

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Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul: It will be the great lens if it can removed hood. :P cant take graduate ND

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obeythebeagle: If you've got the money (I don't), there are worse vices. IMHO, even if the glass was parity between the top brands, the significant advantage Zeiss and Leitz still have over other wonderful lenses are their coatings. While is this is totally a personal preference issue, the T* Zeiss coating is magic. How much that additional magic is worth in dollars is a good question. (At the other end of the financial spectrum, some of the Maxxum lenses, available on craigslist for fifty bucks, have Minolta coatings that still might be the pick of the litter of Japanese optics.)

Naah, I prefer the T* over Nano but the difference isn't large. Have you used both?

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Ferrari_Alex: for this price, with manual focus....I couldn't care less.....

In Nikon there is the focus confirmation dot, and its accurate especially for high dof lenses like a 15 mm.

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Bart Aldrich: Customer profile: largely the same people who spend wads on Leicas and high end Canon and Nikon pro bodies and haven't a clue why they would need it or how to benefit from having one.
Go on one of the photo storage sites and see the crap most Leica owners fill their galleries with.
I have a friend with an eight thousand dollar canon body and he doesn't even know if it's full-frame or DX! Nor does he know what a polarising filter is.

It's the more money than brains crowd.

Oowh such hatred.. Did Leica or Zeiss ever screw you up in the past?
So you being his friend and the Mr. know it all and be all of photography feels good by saying out loud?
Your site is nice but less so the attitude..

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Bart Aldrich: These Zeiss lenses don't even get especially good reviews from independent reviewers, like Photozone or Bjorn Rorslett.
Like someone also said, they are made in the same plant as Cosinas; not bad, but also not the old Zeiss whose prices they are extrapolating onto these. seems you have no idea and never used one

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