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  • This does not look like fugus - I am pretty sure about it. Best regards Holger
  • Replied in Bad card?
    I had no problems with my K1 so far. All the time I just had one SD card failure with a Kingston 16GB card. I don't use that card any more. When I had to shoot a wedding I bought a couple of cards. ...
  • Hard to tell? It is on the inside - it will be more likely fungus. Is it on the outside I would guess that it is stain.
  • This is a very good analysis and documentation of the difference bewtten both sensor types. The most important aspect seems to be that the signal of each of the three colours is clearly split up in ...
  • The main problem seems to be that the focus is at the wall and not at the boy in front of it. But also the elns seems to be not high end - but you should be able to get sharp photos with it. Best ...
  • The question is: which camera do you want to mount to which microsope. I know that Olympus offered mounts for their mciroscopes so you could mount Olympus point and shoot cameras to it. You have to ...
  • Thank you for sharing this link. I just ask myself if there would be an option for an EVF that would fit on every camera and connect like a smartphone to it? If camera brands are not interessted - ...
  • Much better than expected - taking into consideration that there was just one high priced but not flagship APS-C and no lens introduced in 2017.
  • Unfortunately, I don't need them any more ...

  • Just give me the press release where they declare not to build any cameras any more. Samsung as company is alive - and in a very strong way. Maybe they don't produce any lenses or cameras at the ...
  • Samsung is still alive. And they never stopp building cmaeras officially. Maybe twmorrow there will be a new camera with Nx lens.
  • We have one of the greatest tools for photography ever: the K1. It would be almost a must-have for each photographer interested in high end - if there would be the lenses professionals should have ...
  • Sometimes lost cameras find strange ways to come back to their owners: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-humber-42250694 I wish you good luck with your camera! Best regards Holger
  • Replied in new macro body
    Thanks to deconvolution sharpening diffraction is almost no problem at all. Just take a camera that has this feature within it's JPG machine or do it on your own in a program that is able to do ...
  • This one? https://www.dpreview.com/products/samsung/slrs/samsung_nx1 Best regards Holger
  • Replied in new macro body
    Regarding macro work I find a body with high picel density and well controlled noise even at hight ISO the best option. The 1:1 ratio is for the ratio sensor to object. If you have a very tiny ...
  • I don't know the actual Yoga model - but I have been using one from the generation before. They had the problem that these thin notebooks had problems to get rid of the heat. And for this reason ...
  • You mean: not to work with Pentax. One of the things I understood maybe the least from the Hoya days was, that Hoya bought a camera brand but denied to offer the mounts of their own third party ...
  • I think you are wrong - it was about the spell that's on you if you say good bye to Pentax ... Hoya still alive?
  • electronic shutter?
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