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Randello: WARNING! If Nokia haven't changed their business ethos and quality control, this product is certain to be plagued with many major software bugs and design flaws. Nokia release products before they are ready and without doing any software (and hardware) testing of prototypes. They rely on us to do it for them! How for example could a company as big as Nokia make such a mistake as to release the N97 phone that most of the time couldn't make or receive calls, not to mention many other major software bugs? This is the reason for their massive decline and the once market leader. In 2010 Nokia officially apologized for the amount of customers who have experienced issues with the N97 and the buggy software. This led to a large amount of potential customers choosing brands other than Nokia during this time period. And, Yes I was one of those people.

I made the decision then, and I still feel the same now, I WILL NEVER EVER TOUCH ANYTHING MADE BY NOKIA AGAIN.

You have been warned!

You are terribly wrong!!!! Nokia has almost never released products before they are ready! HTC and Samsung are the ones that are doing that especially first generation of HTC smartphones. If you ever owned such phone like HTC Wing you'll know what I'm taking about.
I had Nokia smartphones and they are everything else but not with design flaws and bugs. I currently own Samsung Exhibit that is piece of crap and shouldn't be ever released as non-finished product. Nokia doesn't have phone that is on the hardware side good as others like Androids and iPhone. They are obsolete with their capabilities and that is the reason I won't buy Nokia again, but their phones work nicely with their hardware limitations in comparison to the others.

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beto fotos: so you can bring a d3s to vacuum at -200ºC and take pics? wow i will never again worry about my nikon in cold weather.

Temperature in vacuum is an equilibrium between heat radiation and heat absorption again by radiative processes. In deep space this equilibrium is reached at 2.7K.
Since camera in Earth orbit wasn't in a deep space final equilibrium temperature depends on many factors. If camera is in a direct sunlight, final equilibrium temperature will go up since heating by radiation is dominant and it will be around +250F or +125C. If camera is not in the path of a direct sunlight, cooling down by radiation is dominant and final equilibrium temperature will be -150C or -250F.

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On article Adobe announces Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended (71 comments in total)

I have used Photoshop since 1998 when Photoshop 5 was released. It look beautiful, although was a challenge for machine. In pentium III era it was fast. I stop tracing versions after Photoshop 6 and I have no idea what is going on with CS series and how all that "evolved". I'm using CS5 currently and I don't care about upgrades, when menus now look more complicated, and constantly modified with tons of sub-options added.
I had known in Photoshop 5 almost every icon, menu, keyboard shortcut and was pretty fast in image processing. Now in CS5 it takes me even more time to do a basic things and everything seems sluggish and slower. I have Quad core Raid machine with 8GB of RAM.
Who really needs all those options in CS5 and what is the purpose of upgrade other than reselling something in a new package with hint of a new spice. I always needed something else than a cascade or free floating windows, some better organization of all open files and I still don't see that!

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