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Harmless bit of fun. The perfect birthday present for the young princess with everything. I'd take the one with the nifty tweedy squiggles, if I were a princess.

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yabokkie: would like to learn the theory that O-LPF-O delivers higher resolution.
my understanding is that it only delivers more noise (artificials).

I wish I understood this comment. An OLPF intentionally slightly blurs the image, in a controlled way, to minimize moiré. That slight blurring always reduces detail, so removing the filter increases resolution.

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marike6: Good job, but I can't understand the conclusion about the OLPF considering that in the RAW Studio scene the D7100 image shows better sharpness, most obvious in the Lira note, the purple and green fabric, for example.

The D7100 image also shows superior micro-contrast than D5200 images.

Still it's good that the D7100 received the Gold Award that the D7000 should have gotten a couple of years ago.

The differences in the studio shots were noticeable, but still fairly modest. You'll also note that they only found those clear differences in very specific circumstances, and not in many others. I certainly expected more noticeable difference, but Nikon has reputedly been using light AA filters for a while, and this bears that out.

If you only shoot with the very best lenses, at their sharpest apertures, in great light, then the differences would be apparent, and nice to have. That sounds like studio conditions to me. In more compromised circumstances I'd not find this an important difference. It seems more of an marketing advantage than a technical advance.

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Simon97: Good color and decent sharpness at 55mm (for a kit lens). Early kit lenses lacked sharpness and contrast wide open at the long end.

I still have some criticisms. Some focal lengths show pretty strong color fringing. Is the correction function not used or does the camera even have it? Some shots are very soft on one side. Finally, why only a mono mic? Even many P&S cameras had stereo sound for years now. Seems like an SLR should have stereo sound if they offer video on a camera more advanced than a P&S.

Sometimes the remedy cures the disease. CA correction is quite effective because CA is a straightforward problem.

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WildSammy: what? "We weren't particularly impressed by the Nokia Lumia 920" ? for me the pictures from Nokia looks the best from the rest of junk..

Then you've found your next phone. I found them over-processed to a distracting degree. Oversharpened, too contrasty, just ugly. The HTC images lack detail, but are otherwise quite pleasant. For a phone, less detail is fine with me. I have a real camera for serious photography. The phone just needs to give nice-looking low-res pictures for viewing right on the phone, or on a Facebook update. The HTC has plenty of detail for pictures of my dinner. But overall the Samsung seems the most capable. I was very surprised the iPhone had so many problems.

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Aleo Veuliah: Good improvements, It has all the G5 has but better.

Well done Panasonic. The G cameras line is very good and less expensive than the GH's.

I like better the G6 design.

Possibly a better buy, but not a better camera. I don't expect it to fall quite that far. It dropped almost immediately to $500, where it stayed. If the G6 holds its price better (at least $700), the G5 would still zell at $500. Indeed, if the G6 gets hot, as it might, the G5 may even benefit.

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Interesting accessories. The pictures of the flash and the microphone made me snort and giggle. Golly, do they really expect to sell any of those? I assume those are standard accessories designed for other models, but they look incredibly foolish on this little p&s. Even the evf looks a bit oversized (and too expensive), but that mic is really something. Ridiculous.

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nathondetroit: Yes! This is the best form factor for EVF compacts. No need to smudge the screen with your nose! NEX7 nailed it, now lets see this used across the board...

I could use my 'wrong' idea if needed. I'm not blind in one eye.

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SergioNevermind: I just don't like reflex design on an EVF mirrorless. I prefer Fuji's (and Sony's) approach Leica like lateral finders, with or without the OVF.

Just a personal opinion.

The GH3 offers better build quality and far more advanced video specs. Not that this isn't very good, too, but it's not specifically aimed at pro videographers.

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This is nice, and if the price quickly drops, like previous G models, it will be a massive bargain. Instead of a sweet deal, which it is already. I only had a few quibbles with the G5, and this addressed all of them. I know people love the OM-D E-M5, but this offers more features for a lot less money, and even bests the NEX-6 in some ways. OK, the sensor isn't quite up to Sony standards, but it isn't far behind anymore. I do wish Panasonic would dump the clunky faux-dslr styling for something cleaner, but that's about the only remaining problem. If I were shopping this would be hard to resist.

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Mssimo: Very creative but am I the only one that thinks the internals look like a bomb?

People ship electronics all the time and nobody blows them up. On x-ray this is just some kind of camera. Or scientific instrument. Or high school science project. Shippers do not have people minutely examining packages or the price of shipping would be astronomical. They can detect explosives with more sophisticated equipment that wouldn't get upset over a circuit board and some components. They're looking for the stuff that blows up.

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Mescalamba: Guess we will see it in next Nikon 1? :)

No, I don't think it's the same, though it likely shares a great deal. If they can combine this with the exiting Nikon 1 hybrid autofocus capability, it will be a great sensor, at least for video. The problem with the existing Aptina chips has been inadequate dynamic range. The sensors are full of clever technology (a true global shutter, a lot of processing right on the sensor, pdaf af that works), but without better image quality the Nikon 1 remains an incomplete camera.

My V1 is a lot of fun to shoot with because it is so fast and accurate, but I regularly run into the sensor's limits. Maybe this new chip will offer other improvements, too. I hope so, because for a still camera that was already speedy, the announced improvements aren't what was needed. I don't shoot video, though I've been impressed with just how good the existing Nikon 1 models are at video, given the limited press they get. The V3 could be a real GH3 competitor, or a lot more.

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kaiser soze: Too much confusion surrounding the EVF resolution. When I first skimmed the review, I could swear that I read them saying that it is a field-sequential display. Unless I was dreaming, they realized this was a bogus inference, and edited the text. They now say that they "know" it has resolution of 853x500 pixels. How? Panasonic claims 1.7 million dot equivalent. Display resolution is ordinarily spec'd as full-color pixels. Dot-equivalent is compliant, albeit counting full-color pixels that are virtual owing to time-sharing. An OLED with 1.7 million dot equivalent has 1.7 million full-color pixels (full time). It is stated as "dot equivalent" only to facilitate comparison with field-sequential LCD displays. The improvement in resolution, compared GH2, is less than 15%, which is not significant IMHO. The advantage of OLED is blacker black, and thus vastly improved dynamic range. This advantage is significant. Too bad about the hue being off, but I wonder if it occurs in all situations.

I don't know what to make of Panasonic's claims, but other past displays have made 'equivalence' claims, like PenTile. I wouldn't be surprised if this display uses a matrix something like that, with more green than red or blue dots. It does give the appearance of greater resolution and could explain the unfortunate shifting of the display towards the green.

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Kikl: These pictures are staged. The prize was not rewarded for "Breaking News Photography" unless you regard staged news as real news. Sorry to be so blunt. But, this must be said.

Thanks, Amadou, for the reminder of what they face. One doesn't even have a regular job. He's been covering dangerous situations without any certainty of getting paid. That image of his is quite something.

I feel a bit bad that photojournalists rarely get awards for anything but covering conflicts, as plenty of excellent work is done safe at home, but the guys putting themselves in the middle of war zones do have compelling subject matter and capture incredibly powerful images, so the awards were earned the hardest way imaginable. Good work, all.

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SRT201: The apps are cool and the bridge lighting is amazing.

It is amusing that this bridge display is in the state most active in it's quest to save it's citizens from themselves. CA police practically have carte-blanche ticketing "distracted" drivers. They clearly hadn't considered the "public good" when designing such a distracting bridge lighting system. :-)

PS - The Pentax K-01 has these time-lapse features built right in if you want some high quality time lapse videos.

The lights are mounted on the outside of the cables pointing towards San Francisco. They aren't visible to drivers on the bridge.

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kff: sw which that allowed would be built in the camera ... it is about fantasy camera's makers :)

I guess we'll just need a new generation of macro lenses with proper modern focusing. No doubt it will happen, as the advantages for macro shooters are so great and plenty of other lenses have fast, precise focus motors.

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Timmbits: " it’s better to change the focal point by moving the lens physically back and forth rather than using the focus ring"

I am curious as to how to do this...

I'm imagining my camera on a tripod, and I have to move it by a fraction of a millimeter... how does that work?

With all the motors and electronics in some modern lenses, it would be easy enough for a company to design a macro lens that automatically incremented the focus over a series of exposures. I know some cameras have limited focus bracketing, but do any of them shoot a long sequence easily? Something to ask for.

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steveh0607: What he does is actually a traffic safety hazard. Other drivers could be temporarily blinded by the light and hit something or someone. This guy needs to rethink what he's doing.

If he's in the right lane, crawling along, his lights won't be blinding other drivers. They're aimed to the side, not towards traffic. Too bad they're such ugly photos. How they were taken is the most interesting thing about them.

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