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Many do not realize that the α700 had a weather sealed body. Sony warned that it was not to be considered such but, you could see the rubber seals when taken apart. Many photographers used it in the dust and rain with no problem. As long as the lenses were also sealed!

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An underated model that is still very good. A great beginner camera.

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This is useful software used by professionals. The problem is the disrespect business has for creative professionals. Especially in silicon valley.

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Lightroom has never been the only option. As probably mentioned in comments here, I think the best paid alternative to Aperture now is Capture One Pro. If you only shoot Sony, it is a no brainer as it is free. You can also just BUY COP not rent it like LR.
COP also had a way to move a collection from Aperture *or* LR over to COP before Adobe did!
Regardless, for the poor photographer, the software that came with your camera or that you can download for free ain’t bad either. Nikon Capture NX-D with View NX-i are quite nice now. But, the organizing is done in NX-i with editing in NX-D and, basically, it is only for Nikon files. But, maybe accessing your family photos only in Photos is better anyhow?
Like it was said, Aperture is still working. I use mostly plug ins to edit in it so, I’ll keep using it. But I do admit, the image organizing is still confusing. I moved to all vault but now, I think I’ll need to go back to referenced because of its demise. I have no idea how to do that!

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But these advances will mean nothing unless cameras can link to iOS and smart phones + wi-fi easily. At this point, for consumers, the key is not the camera tech but the social tech.
Will Nikon, Sony, Canon, and others get this in time?

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You missed the cat with the moustache.

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I’m a pro (for) Sony person but, this guy is either a genius at evading questions or (and I fear this is more likely) clueless and out of touch.
If I could instantly share images from one of my cameras (Alpha or P&S) to any service I choose (Tumblr, FB, or a photo portfolio site) I would do it right now. Via Bluetooth to iPhone and Wi-Fi.
I have an A700. If Sony sold a thing to stick on the flash shoe that did all that, I’d pay $100 for it and use it 1000 times more than the flash I bought and never use. Then, when I upgrade, I’d search for a much smarter body. Sony, you need to have apps for your cameras and, not proprietary like Memory Sticks and BetaMax. Drop that approach, please. Partner with Canon or Nikon for a camera app format. Think JPEG or RAW… shared success & happy customers.
Also, his answer to 'why buy Sony' was just TERRIBLE!
Now, does this mean Sony is in trouble. No. Does it mean the Prez and COO *will* be in trouble if he does not *get with it* fast? Yep!

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Student age limited to 28? But many graduate students are over 28, not to mention older students going back to college at 30, 40, 50+

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The Leica supplied images by Jacob Aue Sobol of Magnum are infinitely more interesting examples.

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