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On article Nikon D5500 Review (401 comments in total)
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koolbreez: From looking at the comparisons with the D5300, the only useful thing upgraded is the battery life. They both use the same sensor, and processing engine, so no difference in image quality. They both have the same resolutions, although the high end is listed now as regular instead of extended, which actually means no difference. Buffers are the same, shutter speads are the same. The GPS has been removed, and can't be considered an upgrade, even if people didn't use it. So how can this review state that the D5500 is an upgrade in every respect, when only one useful item has been upgraded? A better grip? There never was a problem with the old grip contributing to shaky images...lolol. This simply looks like a review to sell cameras, not print the real truth. As more time passes DPReview gets less and less reliable.

My concern yet again, is that DPR, being a .... leading light ... in the imaging reviewing online market has let the editorial process down. I "nit picked" them a year or two ago with misleading headlines and agree that the wording here is a careless throw off which mis represents the camera.... as nice as it is (and I'm not a Nikon user)
Sadly DPR needs to change their name as with as many staff they have now, don't dedicate themselves to intensive reviews but what does happen, includes amateur and silly off handed comments and throw away lines.
DP News .... is more like it, if you want serious reviewing, then the time has come to look elsewhere.
There are many brands and models that are lacking from decent reviews now that have been out for a long time and have made more significant changes to form and function.

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On article CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 (171 comments in total)
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SETI: Ok, I'll add my 2 cents. My first DSLR was Nikon, then I moved to Canon and after all was impessed with Pentax gear! Amazing lenses with original FR, interesting cameras! 2 years with Pentax and now I'm with Canon and Olympus. Guess why?
Worst QC I ever seen! 4 repairs for 2 cameras (K-5 and K-r) and 3 DOA lenses! And very slow service. I still have my favorite 43mm Lim and use it with my Canon 6D.
Going for popcorn now =)

Hmmm ..... all modern electronics have their issues. Never an issue with my Pentax bodies and 1 lens (SDM failure) sent to Pentax Australia, once Chrsitmas was out of the way and staff got back, fixed within 24 hours and sent freight free arriving next day !! from one side of Aussie to the other........ classy service.

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On article CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 (171 comments in total)
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22codfish: Those that are critical of this product announcement in these comments may be forgetting this camera will compete in the market level including the Nikon D5300; not the D7100's or more expensive FF's. It is in this DSLR mid-level that prospective buyers should make their comparisons. Pentax has the K3, MF 645D, MF 645Z, and soon will have a FF to look after the rest of the competition.

Personally, I'm waiting to see what the successor of the K3 will bring. My Pentax K5 is working perfectly, so I always intended to skip a couple of model changes. If I didn't have my K5, it would be my choice to purchase a K-S2 instead of waiting for the K3 successor. I'm relieved that there is an indication that my APS-C lens will work on the promised FF, in case I go in that direction.

Oh dear ...... how many times do forum ites forget the real picture, which is the fact the mid & entry level cams like twin lens entry level kits sold in chain stores and online to thousands of newbies IS the mainstay of Canikon and all the rest of these companies.
They would not exist to sell FF if it was not for these entry level cams. Canon can sell several generations old apsc twin lens kits to unsuspecting store walk ins who want to look like a pro. Believe us, they concentrate on this stuff its where there $$$ come from. They don't sell enough high end stuff to keep their empires going !!
Its like cars, low volume Fords, Mercedes, GM's etc reviewed in car mags and on racetracks are what sells compact and mid range family cars........

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On article CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 (171 comments in total)
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Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo: Pentax is sending very well, is listening and putting in new cameras what your customers want.

The percieved AF issue with Pentax is an interesting one.... several years ago a french outfit did a test between K5 & D7000, finding the Nikon to be slightly quicker but K5 overall more accurate(?) Depends on how you test I guess. The K5IIs and K3 can lock onto a dark hole in a black universe at -3ev and are much better AF. They now have a patent for a dual AF system and the newer lenses are gaining the much better DC motor of the 18-135 which has been the quickest and most reliable lens they have. A bit slow coming to the party but catching up quick and how many milli seconds do you need to capture 99.9% of anything. My nearly 6 year old Kx entry level can handle anything i've thrown at it so far, locking onto a dog running in and out and about a river bank ....... it's becoming a tired subject now, relevant mainly to those who hang onto something they use to convince people the brand is less than their own (no personal attack meant here, just what we now know)

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Looks like it could be a bit of an all rounder and just one model.
That def looks like swivel screen, most likely 36mp, WiFi/NFC, AA simulation and maybe a very interesting new AF system that they recently patented.
Not sure on those aesthetics though, big brutal looking thing..... Seriously heavy if k5/3 is anything to go by.
No doubt a very serious effort ....... Very keen to put that in my kit bag.

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On article Ricoh WG-5 GPS updates rugged series (44 comments in total)
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robbo d: I have WG2 and believe its such a versatile cam.
Every beach loving family, scene of crime cop, stamp, coin or other collector needs one of these.
Never going to win image quality awards but capable underwater, digital microscope is way cool and a reasonable snapper that can take a hit, get covered in sand, educational tool ..... Wouldn't be without one in my arsenal.

Takes some basic editing to get the best out of underwater images. Even picasa works a treat.
I flicked my jpegs through lightroom and pleased with the results for a basic cam.
I also have a video of a reef shark at the Great Barrier Reef using one of these.
I'm sold, especially after owning and using one.
Great fun without breaking the bank

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On article Ricoh WG-5 GPS updates rugged series (44 comments in total)

I have WG2 and believe its such a versatile cam.
Every beach loving family, scene of crime cop, stamp, coin or other collector needs one of these.
Never going to win image quality awards but capable underwater, digital microscope is way cool and a reasonable snapper that can take a hit, get covered in sand, educational tool ..... Wouldn't be without one in my arsenal.

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Very interesting indeed ......... as a small and seemingly insignificant product in the Pentax line up, what we have here is a good indication that Ricoh is putting new products into the Pentax 'system'.

Pentax have been accused and rightfully so for a long time at not having a proper system to buy into, but this little flash is yet another step in the right direction.

What else is coming ? Keen to see.

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Horshack: Ricoh's announcement: Get ready to get ready!

At least we now know they are ready......... which is a lot better than readiness in hope with no evidence

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Simple man: The market reasoning for the releas of this camera is probably like this......

Photography is returning to a similar state of interest that people had before digital cameras. There is a certain base of people who are dedicated to big bodied cameras. In the film era they were the people committed to carrying SLR's. Then there was a huge base of compact camera users. Those users are now the cellphone/smart pad people.

This camera is appealing to dedicated users. Not dependent on to technology. That will opt for the larger camera because of interchangeability as well as image quality. This camera is coming at a time when the base is defined. As masses of people leave in favor of mirrorless. Canon and Nikon are both contemplating Mirrorless.

To those diehards that hate mirrorless. As Nikon and Canon may soon do away with DSLR styled bodies.This will be your camera of choice.

**This contemplation of marketing reasoning in no way reflects my true opinion.

What most of you miss in the DSLR vs Mirrorless argument is that the mass market out there who walk into a camera shop of any sort, usually a chain store, couldn't give a continental care in the world what format it is..... they buy cameras because they look cool and take good pictures. Most of those people still buy second and third generation Canon DSLR twin kits because of the name and they think it will turn them into an instant pro.
This argument is the domain of the minority forum ites who think its some sort of massive marketing gain for either side.
A box with a sensor and a lens on the front takes photo's and that's all the majority care about...... Mirrorless may only take over later because of ease of manufacturing, reduced costs and tech advantages , nothing else.

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They said from the start they where going to put Pentax back where it belonged and every step so far has been a steady stream of products designed to enhance profit and get increased market share and awareness.
Fantastic news, big call, very ballsy stuff, but I am for sure contemplating a new #1 camera, so k3 or K1 ? I like many, already have a few FF capable lenses ........ Maybe we can finally ditch the Pentax is doomed and say confidently that Pentax is back !!!

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On article Pentax launches K-S1 Sweets Collection (231 comments in total)

Clearly targeted to the upcoming smartphone brigade as a series of cameras to run alongside the more traditional K50/5/3 etc ...... AS STATED by Pentax exec's.

Once again.... also targeting the Asian market, soccer Mum's and fashionista's.

Quite clearly not for the traditional forumite black with white lettering brigade...... but because it's a new product or a variation thereof, it gets an announcement all across the world. Kind of wasted on this forum really.

BUT DON'T stress you lot ....... you don't actually have to buy it ok...... under all those cutesy pie colours and flashing lights is a damn good stills camera once again put out by a company that knows their market and despite not coming out with FF (yet) or a new lens every month (because they already have more than Fuji or Samsung can poke a stick at) are making a profit doing what they know best. Move on folks, nothing more for you to see here.....

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On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 (349 comments in total)
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Mr Darma: I'm inclined to believe that this will go the way of the K-01 (which was a much better camera than it's fate). As a dedicated lifelong Pentax shooter with 5 bodies and 30 lenses, I gave up on APS-C and am back shooting film on my MZ-S, PZ1-p and ZX-5n.....patiently waiting for the much rumored and perhaps never to happen full frame K-1. I wish the effort by Ricoh/Pentax had been directed thus rather than on this blingy little thing.

This blingy little thing is a smart way to enter into Ricoh's strong hold markets, predominantly the Asian one. It's small, colourful and modern looking, regardless of whether it's mirrorless or not. It looks cool to them, has program mode and will take good photo's. It's been designed and sold in a tough, declining market thankfully where Pentax/Ricoh has the understanding not to go into other niche's that won't make money.... neither will making film camera's, so maybe instead of unintelligent griping, perhaps with a little knowledge you will begin to understand how important and just how good this couldl be for the bottom line in tough times.....

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On article Fujifilm announces weather-resistant XF 50-140mm F2.8 (226 comments in total)
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Petroglyph: Looks like a nice lens. The excellent, but discontinued, SIgma 50-150 weighs 1350 g. (What does Sigma put in those lenses?) If this new one has as good IQ as the Sigma one, Fuji shooters should be happy campers. Nearly a Kilogram is not too bad IMO. Carry around the, recently leaked, Sigma 150-600 at 3850 g. for a few days and this one will feel like a feather. If you want high IQ and compact/light get the Pentax 50-135 f/2.8 weighing in at 685 grams. Course you'd have to stick a 816 gram K3 or similar on the back of it. The Pentax has better coatings and fully WR and performs a bit better than its Tokina cousin according to many. I bet this new 50-140 turns out to be a very good lens for Fuji shooters.

He is saying better than the Tokina.......... not the Fuji; that's not hard to believe if you've used Pentax lenses..... colours and lens flare resistance... stunning !!!

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On article Fujifilm announces weather-resistant XF 50-140mm F2.8 (226 comments in total)
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fakuryu: If this lens is as good as the Pentax DA* 50-135 f2.8 but has a faster AF, Fuji useers will be in for a treat! I love the IQ of the DA* on my K5II but that AF because of the SDM is a let down.

The Pentax lens IS optically excellent, lovely Bokeh, but s l o w....

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On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 (349 comments in total)

Yet another tilt towards coloured and out of left field camera's for Pentax.....which is an understanding of their market strengths. Spec wise pretty good compared to the opposition..... so for all the uninformed out there, watch this space as it does well turning even more profit for Pentax.

But dear GOD.... please DPR........ DONT review this camera... can see it now, full of silly, snarkey, uninformed comments by reviewers stuck in a Canikonony space warp and no understanding of Pentax's market.
I'll read proper reviews from unbiased other sites thanks....... it's not a product for you to review.

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mpgxsvcd: I find it interesting that everyone keeps saying “Look at the Market Share Nikon has” instead of “Look at the profits Nikon is not making”. Having a big market share is a good thing only if that market has growth potential and is already profitable. Having more of a non-profitable market is actually a bad thing.

Just them and Pentax?? Because they sure are......

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On article Ricoh expands Q series with Pentax Q-S1 (366 comments in total)

And that folks is how one stays in business, marketing to an audience that they know will purchase your products.... regardless of forum geeks and DSLR / 4/rds snobs and pixel peepers.... colours, fun and know your Asian markets.
Think Canon, think evolution and great marketing, this is just another way of doing it...... not going to make my camera case in a hurry, but it works for Ricoh.

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On article Photographing Thailand with the Nokia Lumia 1020 (148 comments in total)

So, if it was titled, Black n white study of Thailand's monkey's and temples.....would it be better received ???
It must be annoying for these sites to sift through the crumbs before photokina comes, after which everyone will be bombarding them with why the camera's aren't being reviewed fast enough........ cant win I guess, but yes there is some better work out there, just tech wise it puts the cat amongst the pigeons.
I know why he used a Nokia to shoot his holiday, it's a seriously good mobile phone cam and a very capable camera full stop. The ability to blow up large out of this sensor has had me fool a few friends who own DSLR's.

Link | Posted on Aug 2, 2014 at 10:15 UTC as 70th comment | 2 replies

Typical nonsensical rhetoric by those blinkered forum geeks here.....
Most brands cover many designs to keep all manner of people happy. It's brand awareness to produce something like this.
By far the biggest % of consumers want a smallish point and shoot, don;t waste their time comparing and measurebating or care less about DSLR's.
If you have a compact, next to a bridge cam, next to a DSLR next to a......then that's why you become the market leader worldwide.
If you don't like these superzooms, that's fine, tens of thousands will.
.....and I shoot a totally different brand, yet it's just plain good business sense for any brand to cover a few bases and keep the $$$ coming in, so they can afford the R&D on your precious next gen happy

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