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OK, so I am not about to question Nikon's focus on pixel count (though it does seem a bit of a contradiction). My complaint (and it is a persistent one if anyone at Nikon is listening) is the lack of attention to connectivity and built in features. Is a built-in GPS REALLY that much to ask from the D700? How about a fully functional bluetooth protocol? Is the two-picture HDR in the D800 REALLY a giant leap forward? Why refuse to give more bracketing options? IMHO the D700 is a perfect platform the build from. Images are spectacular and perfectly fine for any application that I might consider, and I konw many others feel the same. Why not fix a design and work to perfect the FUNCTION of that design. Digital cameras are getting worse than cars these days. I need 36 mp like I need 500 horsepower, meaning not at all, I don't need ISO to infinity. I need a D700 with built in GPS and connectivity so I can actually use the damn thing on adventure shoots.

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Paul Farace: Dear Faintandfuzzy:
Quit your complaining!!! Three year old design?? It is a hellava tool (wish I had one!) -- the Nikon F was top line for 13 years, the F2 for eight years, the F3 was in the line up for 15+ years!!! OK, film was a mature technology, but digital tech has somewhat leveled a bit, thank goodness. New releases every 12 months just drives sales and marketing, not better product development!

Really? A D700 too old to use 3 years from now? Does that mean that all of the pictures that you take now are garbage compared to those taken in the future? Gee, now I feel really silly worshipping all the the technology-inferior works of those "old" photographers.

The only reason that I cannot wait for a D700 upgrade is that it is delaying my purchase of the used D700 that someone will inevitably off-load for a ridiculously low value because they think it is sooo passe.

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Wowsers! Over 3k photos...and the vast majority of them are VERY good pictures. There can be no doubt that digital photography has completely remapped the amateur photography world. Its great to see so many enthusiastic shooters out there.

On a separate note; I've completely given up on judging...far too many images, far too many categories. Choosing a favorite image from this selection is a bit like choosing my favorite microbrew...impossible.

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Personally I make VERY few analog images any more...maybe 2 or 3 wall-hangers a year. But I share hundreds, perhaps thousands of photos with friends, family, and colleagues digitally. My iPad is has replaced a wallet for showing personal pictures. Having a dynamic image that can be manipulated, refocussed, and even change perspective??? Well that's brilliant.

As far as the image resolution; the Lytro seems barely adequate from a state of the art single-plane photography standpoint (a GoPro takes 5 mP images), but as the technology moves forward we will very quickly see image resolutions that rival lens resolution limits. The future of plenoptic cameras is assured IMHO, and the Lytro price-point is ideal for its capability. I'm in!

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