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mwstebbins: Please no NOT use the sexist 'he' when reviewing your camreas: in your article Photographer = he! Please use s/he or she/he or even he/she. Let's be inclusive. m2cw

Isn't English interesting? When I go to baby blogs, they refer to a baby as she, and I don't go around asking to be inclusive.

Link | Posted on Oct 2, 2014 at 20:49 UTC
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40daystogo: If the LX100 could have fit in a normal jeans pocket, then with its m43 sensor and Leica lens it would be my dream camera.

But once it cannot fit in the pocket, I have a lot of small-ish cameras that are better with more features.

If the LX100 cannot fit in a pocket, I prefer my Sony A6000 with interchangeable lenses, and access to ultrawides.

I am REALLY hoping that Lumix can scale down the size of the LX100 in future releases to fit in a pocket.

The GM1 can just fit in a pocket, so I hope they can do the same size of scale for the next LX100.

I'm guessing the moment they make the LX100 fit in a jeans pocket, people here will be complaining the manual controls are too hard to operate.

Link | Posted on Oct 2, 2014 at 20:35 UTC
On article Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Zoom camera/phone hybrid (220 comments in total)

I always read the comments to see what ridiculous specs trolls come to ask for. I always leave *almost* satisfied, at least I haven't seen anyone asking for film support yet.

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On article Canon patent describes novel liquid lens design (77 comments in total)
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Airless: So does this finally mean the fabled 8-1000mm f/1.0 optically flawless pancake lens we've been demanding for so long?

I would have been happy with a 10-300mm f/2.0. But heck, I'm just a newbie.

Link | Posted on May 31, 2013 at 21:50 UTC
On article New CompactFlash card to allow RAID-style 'mirroring' (100 comments in total)

Sounds good. This was the main reason I got the D7000, the dual SD slot allowing pictures to be stored on both. I'm curious what's required to enable this on the cards.

Quite interesting the read/write speed drops to half, I wouldn't have expected the read rates to be impacted.

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EssexAsh: you should of called it jif then you pretentious fool

If it's an acronym then why it's not pronounced G.I.F (as in G. I. Joe.. but with an F ;) )? Oh well...

Link | Posted on May 22, 2013 at 21:40 UTC
On article Transcend releases 64GB microSDXC UHS-I memory card (39 comments in total)

I thought Samsung and Sandisk had already products out there. What's new about the Trascend product?

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AshMills: Looking forward to Connect news moving away from this site. ?

I agree. The feeds are also showing how focused is DPReview on the smartphone compact with 5 articles on that category and not one on the other. Separating the feeds at least will not give me the impression that dpreview is shifting away.

Posted on Oct 14, 2012 at 21:26 UTC
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DonaldHaines: I use the camera on an Ipad a lot at work.... It is great to use for looking around corners in an equipment rack. it is great for a quick snap or two to serve as a reminder as to how you put something together or took it apart, but when it is time for real doccumentation, out comes the Canon....

it is a tool, use the right tool for the job.

Well, for that purpose, I've been using my cellphone camera down to 0.3Mpixels (it's a 5Mp). Since I don't download the pictures, I only watch them on my phone screen or send them over chat for others to see on their cellphones, I haven't found the need of larger pictures. Do I need an iDevice? Clearly not.

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rockjano: This comparison is plain stupid I think.

They compare the iPhone to a Nikon D3 and they feel that the iPhone is better.

They want the same depth of filed from the large sensor as with the tiny sensor of the iPhone so the crank up the iso to the max with the D3, and they find it noisy :-) Why don't they try to get shallow DOF with the iPhone good luck for that.

Anybody how shots seriously knows how much more a DSLR is than any small sensor cam. But they really rivals the compact crowd that is true.

The odd part of the comparison is that it turns all the nobs to make the iPhone picture looks better, and conveniently turns all the nobs to make the D3 pictures look bad. He had a 25k ISO with F/16, so when he moves to ISO 200, suddenly seems obvious to switch to F/22.

I'm guessing the author is playing mathematically with sensor size/ISO/aperture/shutter speed. But honestly, the D3 seems to me set to improper values.

Link | Posted on Sep 24, 2012 at 22:40 UTC

Here I was thinking they would show the revolutionary panorama engine chip.

Kidding ;-)

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On article Compositional Rules (120 comments in total)
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SirLataxe: The rule of thirds is easily applied, if required, in a camera viewfinder. This is not so for the golden mean and diagonal arrangements as described in this article.

Unless there is a long-winded studio photographic session, how are such rules to be applied in practice? Surely these latter compositional rules are only practical in graphic design and similar non-photographic image compositions, where the author may take his time rather than having to capture a moment.

The article also fails to mention any number of other simple yet effective rules for photographic composition, such as the use of various lead-in lines, stoppers at the photo periphery, symmetry for reflected scenes and other human-pleasing ways to keep the eye interested and involved with the elements of a photo.

Amadou, yes! Thanks! As someone who likes to take pictures, mainly nature (not a photographer, but just a newbie), I have a terrible time taking pictures of people, because I cut their bodies trying to get an overall background! (I know, I'm just learning!).

Software has helped me figured out my problems, and on some software the cropping function can automatically overlay the grids (3rds or diagonal rules), making easy to keep some shots and fixing some of those composition mistakes made when you're a newbie!

Just wondering.. being the golden ratio more, relative.. what's the impact of things like sensor format (3:4, 4:6, etc) on the more absolute rules (3rds and diagonal)? (Looks like a squared sensor/crop would lead to different diagonals than a 3:4, etc). Thanks again!

Link | Posted on Aug 21, 2012 at 23:50 UTC
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piratejabez: I honestly don't see what the big deal is... his photos reflect who the athletes are. They're interesting. And it sounds like he was under intense pressure. I say, job well done!

I agree. On one side, I've never heard of him before, now I did. Good or bad pictures, they are different, I'm sincerely tired of the mug shots from TV coming from looking down, they are just fake and cliche, and try to imitate CGI animations. At least these look natural.

Link | Posted on Jul 6, 2012 at 23:47 UTC
On article Photoshop CS6: Top 5 Features for Photographers (97 comments in total)

Looks like the content aware fill mode ended up putting a patch of grass on the rock on the best case (very strict), but the "minor" spot healing cleaned it up? I think that's worth mention!

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M Jesper: Well this certainly needs a lot of work. At the time it seems that a few vertically shot 36MP images would yield a much better panorama. Not to mention color. And in case they absolutely need to be shot at the same instant i'm guessing it's still within budget (and weight) to simply get a few D800E bodies to synchronize.

I guess it depends on the effective aperture and how can you manage to control it for focusing purposes. At this moment I know of arrays of cameras for post-processing re-focus. I'm not sure how this type of array solves the aperture issue. I'm guessing that trying to increase the aperture (for low light shots) may lead to oddities in focusing. Very neat problem and the solutions proposed are always very interesting.

Link | Posted on Jun 22, 2012 at 22:26 UTC

So where's "HowaboutRAW", asking his question? That's probably a massive proprietary file.

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On article User Review: Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack (113 comments in total)
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yslee1: Bags need to stop opening from the front, and instead open from the back. I don't fancy having mud from the ground to end up on my back.

Most of the Vanguard backpacks open from the back, and have the side opening for easy access. Unluckily, some of them are expensive so I have a small slingbag which has worked well for me.

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Marty4650: You just can't please everyone.

If Olympus had made this a cheap lens... made from plastic, with a maximum aperture of f/2.8, then everyone would be complaining saying "I would gladly pay more for a much better lens."

But instead they decided to build a high quality lens, so now they will complain that "it costs too much."

You simply cannot buy high quality optics at bargain basement prices.
No one has them. Not Canon, not Nikon, nor Pentax or Sony.

Incidentally, Leica will be happy to sell you a 75mm f/2.0 lens for $3800, and it still won't autofocus.

I agree. All I read recently here, is whining.

And to me some of these comments can be summarized as ridiculously as:

"Oh.. this it's okey. I was waiting for an ultra-light super zoom 10-1500mm equiv. stabilized f/0.7 for $200 with matching $150 full frame body that shoots 80MPixels and provides 1MByte RAW files"

If a product like this comes out, people will be complaining because they want (or not) video or because the screen swivels (or not).

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Damo83: Can't wait to wirelessly transmit photos of myself going for a swim in the pool.

I know you're joking. But seems cool if you don't have to open your camera everytime and you can just move the files wirelessly, so the seal for the camera's connector/memory slot is not exercised and worn, which may cause leaks.

Now.. I really don't know how well GPS works underwater though.

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HowaboutRAW: And does it shoot raw?

(Specs link not working in Firefox12, 8:44PM US East Coast)

Dude, as someone with the clever username: "How About Raw", I thought you knew how cameras worked. I made the "every camera shoots raw" joke to laugh and move on (because every camera shots raw). I see you're just insistent with having that data with you, good for you.

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