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I am enthusiastic photographer for decades, starting on kinofilm 24x36mm SLR. I owned Nikon cameras, as my first step into the DSLR world in 2004. I had short history with Sony R7mkII, Actually I am using Canon DSLR, and I did some testing/playing with Olympus OM1, and Canon M5 in the past, particularly M5 I loved, but the chip size... So, the EOS R is here, and I can use all my L lenses on it. My first pictures taken by R are very good, the ergonomy is perfect for my hand, and the "interface" is the subject for "living together" in the future. The EOS R is good camera with the issue price for me, and I plan to use it as "main" camera along with my 6D mk. II.
Yes, they are Nikon and Sony on the FF mirrorless field, but as I wrote, sony disappoint me, and my canon lenses headed me toward the compatible body. Moreover, the first league are canon and nikon, doesn't matter which one you choose, you choose good, taking your history, equipment and friends into the consideration.

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