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Vladislav Kern: I am Ilya's friend and know the first account of the story, just to dissuade all insurance scam comments and why he was carrying it. Ilya has one of the biggest collections of rare Soviet cameras in the world and is planning to open a museum in United States. This was his latest round of acquisions in Europe and he was transporting them back home. There is no common insurance option in United States on such large sum of valuables while traveling abroad especially when this is a private transaction paid with cash. All these cameras are NOT crap, they are prototypes made in either single or very few quanities, and the BelOMO "junk" someone referred to is the stuff that was never released by BelOMO because some of these Zenits were exclusively manufactured at KMZ factory and this was BelOMO's attempt to make them in Belarus which never saw serial production.

The abrasiveness is hardly surprising. It's probably the main reason I stopped regularly visiting DPreview years ago... :(

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Ivan Lietaert: I'm a great fan of Instax film. I have the Instax Wide 210 model and the Instax Mini 90 model. I regret that Fujifilm refuses to bring a high end model to the market with manual controls and good quality glas/lenses. The alternative is, but their glas is even worse.
I modded a 1926 (!) ICA Dresden Reflex camera myself, mounting a lomography instant back (takes Instax wide film) on it. The camera has a Carl Zeiss lens. This setup makes Instax film shine and reveals its true potential.
Here is a small collection of my shots:

That's really fantastic stuff! I wish I was clever with such things. Most impressive, and the photos have a great feel to them. ^_^

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Vignes: I thought the Panasonic phone with 1 inch sensor was the truly connected one with a Single piece hardware design which would have taken lots of R&D effort from the Japanese mfr. This Apple/DXO effort seems lazy and lo cost. probably cost them less to make which would yield a lot of profit from the apple fan base.
And DXO rating their own... conflict of interest!

I would think that since a manufacturer knows their own product better than anyone else, they would actually be the MOST qualified to do a review of it.

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"SuperRAW mode takes four shots in rapid succession, then combines them afterwards..."

You would need a computer the size of a cargo van to pull that sort of thing off, at least in anything under two weeks of round-the-clock processing! Unless computers have changed since the book I once read about them was published.

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Despite any focusing issues, that close up of the Datsun is a really lovely shot.

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shutterbud: Eeeer, Apple don't make cameras. Do they?

Many of their devices have cameras built-in. Also they used to sell a line of branded cameras called "QuickTake". I myself still have a QuickTake 150 that has a great feel to it.

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A pity, they were beautiful cameras. Had hoped to save enough for one, someday. Ah well... :(

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Skip Bastrisky: Well, I guess I'm mixed up with all the 7D confusion !!! I'am a professional photographer who shoots action auto racing. I have press credentials with NASCAR. I shoot with three, I repeat three Canon 7 D's and all my lens from 18mm to 400 are Canon "glass" lens. I produce wonderful and colorful prints up 16X20 and have good bokah,clarity and not much "noise" in them!!!! I shoot three to four thousand photos a race weekend and I don't seem to need voice recordings. And I guess I'm deaf because I don't hear any rational noise in the "shutter" department.They look as good or better than what you posted of"Seattle". I think it's all in the preference of where you want to put your money !!!! I use the three different 7D's so that I don't miss a shot by having to change lens!!! I have about $30,000 tied up in my equipment. The only problem between me and her is that I don't have a big corporation to buy my cameras and glass !!!! I had a couple of "pennies" laying around, so I used them !!!

"I doubt anyone has ever complained about the shutter noise from a camera at a NASCAR race :)"

M... maybe all the noise at the races is actually from the press cameras and not the cars! 0_0

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On article Ricoh expands Q series with Pentax Q-S1 (359 comments in total)
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davids8560: Waiting for a Q with a viewfinder.

You... you mean a... Q-finder..? :)

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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

I've already read enough about the camera, on line, to know that if I could afford one, it would almost certainly be my daily shooter. Beautiful!

Exquisite lines and, from the footage I've seen about its creation, craftsmanship! I especially like the colourful body skins -- very stylish and high-tech while still conveying a playful air! I think that's what appeals to me the most about this camera, the feeling that it's been designed for people who want to fit precision, performance, and Leica's rich tradition in their pockets, while still being able to have fun. It's a camera that says, "Hello friend, let's play!"

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8 and 11 are dazzlingly masterful! ^_^

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On article 1939: England in Color (part 1) (222 comments in total)

Regarding number 23 (Sherborne), and the linked Google Street View, I'm practically giddy at the scenes still being so alike after so many years! ^_^

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JohnEwing: Glad I bought mine on the Rockwell Principle - get a refurb. New shutter, pristine sensor, no problems. Great camera. Who needs a 610?

Concerning my *next* camera, I'd be very happy if people started buying just-out kit right now, so that I can buy another refurb next year or the one after, with all the problems ironed out.

Seriously, though (well, I wasn't exactly joking) I'm glad to see this move. It speaks of a will to better customer relations, and is vaguely reminiscent of Fuji's updating the X100 firmware after the camera had been discontinued, the difference being that Fuji's gesture had goodwill behind it and Nikon's has more than a touch of contrition, albeit unacknowledged.

Traingineer: KR's been pretty well-known in internet photo circles for over a decade. A search of DP forum posts shows people referencing him as far back as 2001. I personally discovered his website back around 2003 or 2004, if I recall. :)

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On article Nokia Lumia 1520 camera review (102 comments in total)

Pretty phone. Nice review. Good pictures. ^_^

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On article Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' (372 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Is it still a half-frame sensor? that IS the question

110 is, at 13x17mm, smaller than 35mm half-frame, which is typically 18x24mm. :)

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guamy: I wish they make the back panel a mirror instead of just a plain nothing.

That would be nice. Very useful for using reflected light to signal a search crew, if you're lost in the woods. Also handy for checking if you've got any food particles on your face after eating!

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On photo Having a Snack! in the Photographer audition: Underwater photography challenge (3 comments in total)

This is unexpectedly cute. ^_^

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