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Peter CS: The great viewfinder sounds like a dream for manual focus and user experience. A newer, better sensor, autofocus system, and processor will further make this a great camera. However, not having a tilt screen or flip screen - which looks like the case - will be an unusual omission in today's marketplace. Unfortunately, I am too old to enjoy crawling around on my elbows and knees to get the kind of perspective I enjoy photographing, even using the most innovative and awesome viewfinder. Others, of course, will not care...

Agreed; a tilted screen will be most welcome.

I just bought a Olympus EM10.2+60mm macro as additional gear for precisely this reason (and better AF for macro shots of bugs)

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pdelux: NewCo sounds like the laziest name you can come up with for a "New Company"

It’s a placeholder. The new company name will be decided upon later.

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Richard Murdey: Ahem. So first off, JIP is not an asset stripper, not in the American sense. It's business is spin offs. Rather than Olympus spinning off its camera division into a new company, JIP is handling that for them. In principle, Olympus cameras will continue to be sold and developed. And will be, as long as the market for them exists and it's profitable to do so.

And, well, that's the problem. For that rosy picture, you have to hold to the idea that the only reason Olympus lost money for the last three years was due to incompetent management and general cruft - and not the overall market shift to smartphones, and away from MFT to FF and APSC. Which while not impossible, seems optimistic. More likely you'll see a situation closer to VIAO computers. Yes - they still technically exist, but as a brand it's a spent force.

No, they should focus on smart, small, light and high IQ. By adopting the strong points of phones: connectivity and especially computational photography. Think about it, the other way around isn’t possible (phones adopting m43 lenses)

But most of all: they should stop trying to please the equivalence police. No more F1.2 lenses please. The battle against FF was lost before it began.

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stevenbrantley: Bronica, Yashica, Rollie, Contax, Konica, Minolta, Miranda, Polaroid, Kodak, Mamiya, Argus, Minox, Casio, Plaubel, Chinon, Graflex, Honeywell, Vivitar, Pentax (Asahi era, independent of Ricoh). The list grows.

System camera lenses are already very good. To be competitive to phones they should incorporate the phone's main trick: computational photography. Olympus was already on that track (in-camera focus stacking...)

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Horshack: "Understandably, we see a lot of stills photographers saying they don’t want to have to pay for features they don’t need. But it’s not that simple"

Agreed. It's actually the other way around - the additional revenue earned from video-oriented purchasers subsidizes the pricing and features for still shooters.

Probably true. Similar to what's happening with Scotch whisky: the sales of the blends (that contain mainly industrial grain whisky; and only) subsidises the single malt whiskies (of which ~80% is used to five the blends their flavour).

Without blends, the production of most single malts would not be economically profitable.

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Halftrack: This could have been easily foreseen by the developers who made this system, if they'd been competent.

@Anonymous Pi: I was not blaming the /developers/ (or calling them incompetent); Adequate testing is not just their responsibility (if it is at all), but the project manager's.

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Halftrack: This could have been easily foreseen by the developers who made this system, if they'd been competent.

@Anonymous Pi:
"one only throws at it what it expects to receive" - that was exactly what I meant. You expect uploads from random students using their random modernish cellphones. The least you should do is test uploads from a fairly recent iPhone and Samsung. If the system doesn't accept HEIC, they clearly haven't tested with a recent iPhone at factory settings, as they should have.

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Halftrack: This could have been easily foreseen by the developers who made this system, if they'd been competent.

There's no need to 'foresee' this issue. It should have popped up during even the most rudimentary form of testing.

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Artak Hambarian: Evidently it can also do Stereophotogrammetry. In certain cases it can take gorgeous 3d pictures of 3d objects like deep canyons, high cliffs underwater trenches? I am sure, to create a stereopair it should not be restricted by synchronous capture @ its stereobase. Are there some promo samples or videos? ;->

FYI: there's more in stereo photo analysis than photogrammetry or tree counting. It's also used for geological and ecological mapping, e.g. by looking for subtle breaks in slopes, wet spots (which often show up as darker shades in monochrome images) and vegetation pattern.
Much of is taken over by satellite imagery of course, but air photographs still have their value: taken only at cloud-free days for instance; extreme high resolution, etc.

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Artak Hambarian: Evidently it can also do Stereophotogrammetry. In certain cases it can take gorgeous 3d pictures of 3d objects like deep canyons, high cliffs underwater trenches? I am sure, to create a stereopair it should not be restricted by synchronous capture @ its stereobase. Are there some promo samples or videos? ;->

The blurb is not too clear about the use of the dual (non-NIR) setup, but traditionally, aerial photographs are always taken in long runs with a large (~2/3) overlap between successive images, forming stereo pairs along the fly. Usually specialised equipment (stereoscopes) is used to view them.

See here:

(taught aerial image interpretation classes for geoscientist in the past)

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Chris 222: To be frank, this was a most disappointing interview by DPR staff. So, what do we have here?
1) Vague, unverified answers taken at face value (the sales claims are easy enough to verify.)
2) ZERO question on compact, fixed-lens models models! The phone market is at saturation and there are still millions of us who do NOT use their phone for creative photography, do NOT take their ILC with a bunch of lenses on daily outings, and would love to buy a high-end, sealed, fixed-zoom pocket cam with decent ergonomics. Even some pros I know tell me that they would use such a cam as a pocketable backup.

3) Explicit commitment to m43, including the development of new cameras

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On article Seagate is planning to release 18 and 20TB HDDs in 2020 (114 comments in total)
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arhmatic: "My first drive back in 19xx was only xx Mb and I had to do x to get around x..."

You spoiled brats! We had to do x to get around y to get around z.

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This is DPReview, right? not DPRumors. I do appreciate the difference between these two. Please don't mix them.

I, for one, am highly interested in the rumored M5-III, but I do like to visit 43rumors for the gossip, and once announced, move over to dpreview for the factual stuff. And I expect this holds for many others as well.

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wesleywest: Can a photographer please explain why, in the photo of the astronaut in this article, you can see the front of his suit? He is standing with his back to the sun, meaning his front is fully in shadow. The sun is the only light source. There is no atmosphere to create diffuse reflections. And we are told the reason there is not a single star visible in any Apollo moon photos is because of the high aperture values used to shoot. So why do we see every little detail in the shadow?

Studio lights, obviously ;-)

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So, they're combining several weak (read: short FL) radio-lenses to mimic one strong (read: long FL) radio-lens?

Good thing these astrophysicists don't browse the DPR forums to inform themselves on which equivalent aperture is adequate for the job!

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rkny: When I used to sell cameras in a pro shop in the late '80s, the average enthusiast wanted either a 35mm lens, or an 85, to complement their 50. Students all wanted a 50. Street photographers and photojournalists bought 35s.

28mm lenses mostly sat on the shelves. People who wanted wide bought 24. People who wanted an all purpose travel lens bought short zooms, or a 35 prime.

Even Leica's printed brochures all featured the holy trinity..35, 50, 90.

So why do they keep shoving this 28mm down our throats? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t sell more of these with a 35 attached.

Because most phones have a 28mm (fl eq) camera, so that's what people regard as a 'standard ' lens these days.

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Happy APS-C shooter here, enjoying my Pentax k3ii with it’s fine lenses: 15ltd, 20-40ltd, 70ltd. Yes, I am aware of their limitations, but that’s why they’re called “limited”, right?

Sigma? We don’t need no stinkin’ Sigma!

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Nice! Especially the announcement of the 11-18 shows that Pentax is still committed to APS-C. I won't regret buying a 70mm ltd on sale last week.

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marc petzold: How fast time flies...when i was a kid, i got this Lego (albeit "Technic") Set, from my Grandparents at Xmas, it was expensive for Lego back then.

But it made much fun to built that car. Everything was functional...well, of course not the Motor for real. But the Seats, Steering Wheel, Differential, GearBox, back wheel Suspension, and the "Cylinders" moved also into the Boxer Motor. ;-)

Before someone asks, it was introduced by Lego into 1980...and i've seen prices as high as 995 EUR for a un-opened Box nowadays, into 2018...damn, don't own it anymore - and played with it back then...but it wasn't a Leica Lego Set.;)

Good Light.

I had that set too. Was my only “sinterklaas” (=Saint Nicholas, = the original Santa Claus) present back in the days.

Most of the bricks are in my children’s LEGO collection now. Kept the box, partly for old times sake, partly for the resale value I thought, but threw It away last week. Only worth €20 or so it appeared. The whole set can be had for €80 these days.

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This Sony/alpha Gitzo special version doesn't come unexpected, given the ($190) Sony/alpha Manfrotto BeFree Advanced special version that came out some time ago:

(P.S., Note that the Gitzo "G-locks" are now used by Manfrotto as well, aptly named "M-locks", of course)

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