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I think in most comments below, people are raving about the excellent performance of the Leica 45mm lens. But I don't think the quite bulky 45mm Leica is a logical companion for the petite GM1. A test scene shot with the 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens would be much more interesting.

It's sure nice that the sensor in the GM1 performs well, but that is to be expected, because it's the latest iteration of the m4/3s. It's not that the sensor will be worse, because it's placed inside a tiny body. It either fits, or it doesn't. The size of the camera (on the outside) doesn't have much influence on the image quality.

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RobertSigmund: Only 5500 pounds for a 45mm F 2,8 lens, how cheap!

There's absolutely no point in producing mediocre medium-format lenses. This lens will probably be quite spectacular, and aimed at a very small target group.

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On article SanDisk introduces first CFast 2.0 memory card (58 comments in total)

Seems a bit like the SACD / DVD-audio war: the CD won...

Don't think there is a large market for whom the fastest CF and SD won't suffice. Current top-of-the line SD cards reach 250mbyte/s, which is only half of these, but still a lot faster than the writing speeds of most bodies.

At the ISE fair I've seen a few 4K recorders that used 2.5" or 1.8" Sata SSD's, these CFast cards are equal in speed, a bit smaller and A LOT more expensive :-)

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On article Photosmith can keep photographers organized on the go (25 comments in total)

Will there be an android version?

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James Booba: dpreview´s own list:

1. Wider aperture for better low-light photos
- fail
2. A better, brighter and warmer flash
- done
3. A bigger sensor
- more fail then done
4. More megapixels
- fail
5. Longer battery life
- maybe done

so ... Apple 5S .. s as same crap. 5C cheapo ... aint a cheapo at all (fail)

it has a larger aperture, and it has a bigger sensor. Why do you put "fail" at those points.
Battery life is said to be comparable, and I don't hear a lot of people complaining about the battery life of their iPhone 5.

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On article Sample gallery: Sony's 20.7-megapixel Xperia Z1 (58 comments in total)
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fotografer: Well, the usual moaners and groaners are out in force again as per usual. Yes images are a little soft but I think these are very promising for a mobile phone. The only phone it seems that outperforms this is the new Nokia 1020.

I would prefer the Samsung S4 photos as well. Those look less processed, more natural. Resolution might be a bit lower, but the difference is not that large.

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Lars Rehm: Guys, the 808 has a nice camera for a phone but as a phone it is obsolete. You can carry it as a camera but then you still need a to carry another phone which kind of defeats the whole point of a camera phone. The 1020 offers both, a very good camera and a modern phone operating system. If it was running Android I'd already have put my order in but even with Windows I am seriously contemplating a purchase...

@MistyFog: The 808 can run Opera Mobile version 12, until very recently this was one of the best mobile browsers around. It's probably a better browser than Internet Explorer of WP8.

And support for things like Facebook and Twitter are quite decent. (via third party apps).

On the mail part you're right: it sucks. (so does the organizer, and many other things)

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Dominick101: The writer kept praising its large sensor and kept re-emphasizing how downsampling helped in improving quality but made no mention of the comparative results against its predecessor which did better in all these aspects. Funny thing is that the 808 is being shown on the first page and the ending word kinda' implies that the 1020 is a better camera than the 808 without even a single comparative shot -- they are clearly trying to downplay the 808 without even a single proof that the 1020 can do better. Without a doubt, this article is biased and DP has lost its credibility as of late.

I think it does make sense to compare the 1020 to the 808, because those two phones are very comparable. And the 808 is the predecessor if you look at the camera technology. (for the rest, the 920 is clearly the predecessor).

808 wins:
- higher level of detail
- faster operation
- external storage
- much cheaper
- smaller (not thinner)

1020 wins:
- Better operating system
- Thinner
- Optical Stabilization
I'm pretty sure the 1020 is the best "smartphone", Symbian doesn't fare well in being "smart".

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Quirino2k: hm I feel the old 808 is still better image quality, way less smearing effect then 1020.

yeah, Nokia said the quality would be equal to the 808, but that's only true if the IS is usefull (to keep ISO low). In bright daylight, the 808 produces much more detail. The 1020 shots are only really sharp at roughly 1/3rd of the resolution, whereas 2/3rd size is perfectly sharp on the 808. Wondering whether the 1020 even wins it from the S4 in bright daylight. At low ISO that phone also takes very good pictures.

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On article Gorgeous color photos of America in the 1930's and 40's (109 comments in total)

These (amazing) photos have been online for ages (Wikipedia uses them in many articles). So what's the "news"?

I'm still deeply impressed by the image quality of the "Turret lathe operator ", even for today's standards, that's a very high resolution picture.
see full image at:
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1a/WomanFactory1940s.jpg (uploaded in 2005!)

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On article Sigma USB Dock quick review (147 comments in total)
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(unknown member): "Sigma has been doing lots of good things recently,"

If you mean that then where are the reviews for the Sigma DP1, 2 and 3 Merrill series cameras???

Why are readers also prevented from doing image comparisons with other cameras with the Sigma SD1 you tested outside of that particular review?

I think he refers to the lenses, Sigma's cameras never made a single dent in the vast lake of models. A review of a Sigma camera is quite simple though: Image Quality: spectacular @ low ISO, sucks at high ISO, Handling: sucks in every aspect. (and I've owned the SD9 and SD14)

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On article Nokia's 41MP Lumia 1020 looks impressive (216 comments in total)
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Jake64: 41 mp on a sensor the size of a pinhead...grrrreeeaat

you'll probably die if someone puts this "pin" in your body... (Sensor size is 8.80×6.60 mm, that's quite a big nail)

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On article Nokia's 41MP Lumia 1020 looks impressive (216 comments in total)
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Impulses: If you're gonna be re-shooting scenes with other phones you might as well toss in something like the Canon S110 into the testing IMO... It's pretty affordable ($30 less than the cost of this phone plus the grip...) and I bet a lot of people (at least within your audience) would only spend $300+ on a phone (primarily with it's camera in mind) if it can actually replacesomething like the S110 and not just outdo other more popular phones (nothing against WP8, can't deny the facts tho).

yep, and add the 808 to the comparison!

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