Minolta Pro - NZ

Lives in New Zealand (Aotearoa) Timaru, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Works as a Fulltime Commercial Photographer since 1987
Has a website at www.photographs.co.nz
Joined on Sep 13, 2004
About me:

Fulltime Professional Photographer since 1987
Have used Minolta Equipment ( Now Sony ) from day one :-)
Started with an XG-1 film camera, progressed to 4X X-700's and my main digital Kit WAS 4x A700's, 1x A900, 1x A580, 4X A77's but all of those are currently on the shelf as using a completely new workflow with 3X A99's( now backup cameras ), 2X A77II's and 3X A99II

Waiting for the next round of A mount body releases....

My lenses go from a Minolta 11-18mm 2.8 to a Minolta 300mm f2.8 and Minolta 600mm f4.0 - my favourite bit of kit :-)
Use both a Sigma APS 8-16mm and Sigma 14mm and 12-24 full frame zoom for interior factory shots

Have 3x Minolta Film 7's which are now there doing nothing..........


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