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Dust collectors... Paper weights??? Seriously, Most photographers aren't interested in these kind of B.S. features, and the "SmartPhone" crowd are going to say "You mean it doesn't TEXT? You can't TALK on it?? Where's Angry Birds on this thing???

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If this is Hasselblad's attempt to go out of business gracefully, they need to look up the definition of "graceful" Seriously, Sony's E-mount? Have they looked at whats on offer there? Sheesh. What a ugly pig. I feel bad for the folks manning their both at photokina!

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I just wanted to say, I've really enjoyed looking at your photography. You have a keen eye and a vast understanding of what makes an interesting picture. "Onnea" for 1st place! Keep 'em coming!

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Many people here stand on sheer specification and sensor-lust when determining the validity of a camera (system). The fact is, this camera, or at least the previous Q, is a good picture-taker. If you've bought it, and hate it... actually have a legitimate gripe, then by all means, run it down, tell us what a piece of garbage it is... If however you just want to make yourself feel better about your "whatever" piece of equipment you're comparing it to, spare us. There's room in this world for all kinds of cool gadgets, cameras, HECK! I even have a watch that doesn't keep cesium-decay-accurate time... I have to wind it fer god's sakes!! What were they thinkin?!?

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Samsung, Google, and Apple can Shove their collective bidding power up their collective bum-holes... They don't want one bit of Kodak's photographic heritage... they just want ammunition to litigate and needle each other over their crappy smart-phones, the likes of which they intend to dominate the consumer photography market. Happy little consumers, snapping away with their smart phones... all the while the mothership is collecting gps data on where the photo's are taken so they can sell you an ad for laser hair reduction as you walk by the new "Hair-Off- While-you Wait" Kiosk in your favorite mall... or worse!!

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