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My man Antonio Rüdiger.

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On article Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN sample gallery (DPReview TV) (203 comments in total)

Other galleries: "Booo! DPReview, you need to get better photographers. Booo!"

Now Chris tries to give realistic output for clients where more than just one eye is in focus and sharp: "Booo! Why don't you shoot everything at f/1.4? Booo!"

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shnsea: Photography is, literally, painting with light. Phones are the new canvas. It would be foolish not to make new brushes for this ubiquitous canvas. Options are good but realistically only experienced photographers know how to use lights like these.

"but realistically only experienced photographers know how to use lights like these"

For great results that is true. For okay / mediocre results, well, I learned it and everybody can learn some useful basics quickly by watching YouTube.

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visualenvy: "You can end this license anytime by deleting your content or account."

So if she were to delete the image from her account would she then have a better argument to get the image removed from the article?

Of course that means she can't promote that image publicly unless she hosts her work on her own website.

I personally know full well that whatever I post to IG can and will get re-posted and "stolen". Whatever I want to explicitly restrict for licensing and resale are either on a stock photo platform or my own website. It's up to me to get customers to my online store rather than taking advantage of a SOCIAL media platform.

It depends how Mashable embedded the photo or post. If they took a screenshot they will have to remove the screenshot because the screenshot survives a dead Instagram account. If Mashable embedded the photo or post via code, Mashable has to do nothing because once the original Instagram account removes the photo or deletes its account the photo or post in the article will turn into a broken link and no photo or post can be displayed.

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If they wanna see masses of visitors, Photokina should invite toilet paper companies to display their goods.

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ttran88: There's you have it folks Photos from smartphones make a whole lot more money than photos from dedicated cameras.

Kim Kardashian sometimes used a Sony Axxxx camera when cellphone quality was worse than today. I don't think she is using the Sony anymore.

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I hope it is good enough for my cat videos.

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Image 15/57 in the sample gallery shows you old Thanos.

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JEROME NOLAS: What if you are in coma?

Just pray that the machines which are keeping you alive are not also from Canon.

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Good job. Now the five people who use the EF-M system have more options!

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createrio: An OK beginners tutorial. But a messy production (that garden and shed mess could have been cleaned up in 5 minutes), and a messy makeup (unless lumpy lashes are on purpose). Nothing very innovative in terms of theme, equipment or process. Landing a top spot front page on DPReview...

Thank you for your concern about clients being put off by her work environment aka the garden shed of doom but luckily for you this garden shed scenario was more of an example for a cheap lighting setup since she mentions that the viewer can also choose his or her garage. Irene has never used the garden shed before and if you want to check out her youtube video overview you might find out that she mostly shoots outdoors (no garden shed) for bokeh and a dreamy look. Besides that the "ugly" part of the garden shed was covered with the backdrop and the model wasn't sitting on the ground.

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Ken60: Reading down I like all the " this is for beginners " please DPR is this what we are down to etc.
Can we perhaps have a new rule on DPR , to make a disparaging comment about someone's photography first exhibit in the gallery or linked something better !
So many nasty experts hiding behind anonymity, but I am not seeing the mastery in the forums !

No, we need more of these dumb comments for the entertainment of this community! There are some ignorant and blind portrait photographers here when it comes to the quality of their own photography genre. They are like people with a fork in a world of soup.

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Ken60: If you find anything in this video, perhaps have a peek at Julia Trotti ....... interesting both ladies shun flash and stick to simply daylight and 85 f1.4 , 35 f1.4 lenses on simple camera bodies. Their success seems to be in interaction and honing their craft . Watching them work and their images makes me think about the difference between guys photographing women and these ladies !

@photoboothguru: Because it's Irenes's sister and she has photographed her for years, she doesn't have to give her many posing instructions. Suprisingly Irene also photographs non-relative people and mostly models (which know how to pose). There is also a small hint in the video where she mentions her (digital) moodboard which also helps the model.

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