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On article BPG image format aims to replace JPEGs (204 comments in total)
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Peter K Burian: As I read more e-zines discussing this new format, I realize that it really is intended only for use on the Web. Not really as a capture format for digital cameras. And yes, it is preferable to JPEG2000 BUT ... until recently, ****JPEG2000 was the BEST alternative to JPEG.****
And yet, JPEG2000 was never supported by most browsers. So, why do we expect anyone to support BPG?

"""Is BPG likely to take over as a successor to JPEG? There’s a few factors running up against it. JPG is more or less doing a good enough job. Designers are comfortable with using it online, it’s well understood, it’s supported pretty much everywhere, and internet connections are becoming fast enough that image download times aren’t the issue they used to to watch clever people achieving clever things with software, even if the morass of patent law and commercial considerations do end up leaving BPG by the wayside."""

A significant reason for slow adoption of JPEG2000 was Microsoft's refusal to support it in Windows and Internet Explorer. At the time, that meant more than it does today, but it had a major impact. Microsoft was working on what became JPEG-XR. Of course, neither format caught on, despite having a lot to offer over JPEG (other than support in the wild!).

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On article Olympus shows camera module concept (65 comments in total)

Frankencamera stack support? Please?

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On article Sony NEX-5R Hands-on Preview (145 comments in total)

It's a little thing, but I'm always struck by how a company can roll out an interface with poor English grammar. It's not as bad as it used to be, but we still get a menu item called "Application." It's a small thing, but it takes away from the attention to detail paid to the other parts of the camera.

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Rambazamba: WOW, this is the future! So great to beeing able to upload photos to your iphone and social media sites. I hope this feature will come in more advanced cameras soon. The Z1000EXR doesn`t seem to be so much more better than the camera in iphone 4S.

"The Z1000EXR doesn`t seem to be so much more better than the camera in iphone 4S." I disagree. Major advantages of this camera are:
- Sensor size
- Optics, including the above mentioned optical zoom
- Twice the resolution. Don't think of it as more pixels to be thrown away upon upload, think of it as more pixels to zoom and crop in after capture.
- EXR sensor features that improve dynamic range performance
- Macro mode for much closer shooting distance.

To me, the big TBD is how usable the wireless connection to smartphones is. Eye-fi solutions are usable, but clumsy. We'll see how Fuji does on "frictionless" sharing to social networks....

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