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The first thing I will be interested in though is how accurate it focuses on Canon.. the only thing that Sigma was lacking in the recent models was consistent accuracy.

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Tried to edit, was to late:

I have to cut you guys some slack.

I welcome this type of content on dpreview's Connect and applaud you for trying to be quick with it. I also appreciate the independent thought; although it probably is a bit flame-inducing, I feel that dpreview should strive for more than just pushing around other people's text. Well done, just needs a little more polish.

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On article Reviewers offer first look at Microsoft Surface tablet (121 comments in total)

The RT in the present state is a no-go for me, since it offers nothing more in terms of wokflow. It's highlight is the Windows explorer / compatibility and full USB port - invaluable in corporate environments.

The upcoming win8 pro is quite intriguing though, a full ivy-bride laptop with stylus support, fullHD IPS display etc would mean that I can preview and organize raw images and even retouch them in PS (with the stylus perhaps?) unlike the iToys, which are just for adding filters to jpg files and presenting your portfolio.

Also - "Reviews indicate poor experiences with the Touch Cover .." have you even read Engadget's take on it, as it is one of the most prestigious gadget review sites?

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Reading these comments, I wonder if dpreview is being too soft. I would delete and ban like half the people with unrelated and/or degrading comments. They are giving away money for a photography contest. Expert panel and not some rigged facebook poll. What could be better for a talented enthusiast who knows what he's doing? Thank you dpreview!

Stop whining and get shooting people.

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Charrick: What a self-righteous douche. I don't mean the bride. I mean the photographer who responded. Many photographers are like minimalist "artists" - they expect to get tremendous money from very little work...and they often do.

As has already been stated, this person works only 4 months, or 1/3rd of a year, and makes $50,000 from that. My advice to Nikki is to get a job on the side, like for the majority of the year. In fact, you can call your photography job your job on the side.

Does she not realize that most people work 12 months a year and don't make that much?, included.

Her logic is like this: I only take Easter photos, and I only have about a week to do it. Thus, I must make $50,000 in one week. In one week, I can only manage to do 2 shoots (because of converting RAW files), so I must be paid $25,000 per shoot. That's absurd.

Also, she acts like he wouldn't have broadband internet, or own a car in normal life, since those "luxuries" are listed as work expenses.

This is not true.

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Gratz to second place.

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