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I've been a professional photographer for over 25 years and still love photography. Very much interested in the new creative tools the digital world gives us. As an adjunct professor at a local college I try to infect my students with the same passions I have for my art.


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Gregm61: Last thing I'm gonna waste my time doing is importing all my photos "into" Lightroom so it can see them. If a program can't just "see" the dang photo where I have it in my computer (like Photoshop can), I have no use for it as a catalog system.

I tried Lightroom 4 while waiting for the CS6 update. Since getting CS6, Lightroom has just sat on my desktop, and I doubt it gets used again.

I use LR all the time. I love it However I don't have every image on my computer registered with LR so I revert to Bridge. However, using LR's features out weigh your issue. Adjustments made to a file in LR are not applied to that file until you choose to export it or make a duplicate. This saves a lot of HD space and time. Give it a little time. Once you get into it you will be a happy guy.

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