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Wow. M43 is far behind now. This is going to cost same as (if not more) x-a7 which is an aps-c 24mp camera. There's a minute size difference between m43 lenses amd xf/XC lenses but the difference in quality is huge. Oly 14-42mm doesn't stand much chance in front of 15-45mm XC lens that comes with entry fuji. I was expecting them to atleast ship this with their top of the line sensor that is already a bit lagging. But this is sadly pretty disappointing. Is there a reason to get e-pl10 instead of e-pl7 ?

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Craig Atkinson: Nice. There are too many options now. Fuji systems are well priced but you lose the small size of the x100s. X100s has lens modules but you loose the quality / bokeh to an extent of the xpro...

Wish Ricoh would reinvent the GXR with apsc / ff 24mp.

X-a1 and X-m1 are actually smaller, no EVF though. I'd much rather buy a MF 50mm with X-a1 for 400 instead of an adapter that costs almost as much.

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Michael Ma: Samsung needs to make cameras that take photos that make people ask, "What did you shoot that with?" A camera like this will never achieve that. Most of the problem will be the fault of the lens.

It could be achieved if the camera had a large sensor, RAW, and an edge to edge sharp lens. If it has to be prime, so be it. It is more engaging to shoot with a prime anyway.

I'm sure most people that started out in photography thought at one time they needed a camera with a fixed superzoom lens. Which always turns to buyer's remorse. I doubt that's the relationship they want to create with their customer.

I hope you do know that Samsung does infact makes ILC and MILC cameras . Every company makes compacts for people who do not want a huge sensor on their camera or an ILC.

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Frank_NZ: I thought this idea was already being developed through crowdfunding. Maybe its the same individuals. If not there could be one helluva legal battle coming up.

There's no battle when one party is a giant and other just a new kid on the block. That is how apple plays anyways.

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charliewallace1: If you like the Olympus E-M5 but want something smaller, you can get the same sensor and processing in the E-P5 or the E-PL5, and for less - I'm surprised these models were not included. If you add the VF4 electronic viewfinder to an E-PL5 you can get the same viewfinder quality as the E-M1, better resolution than the E-M5, and less expensive. It's smaller overall, but the portabilty can be taken a step futher by carrying the lens separately from the body - it just takes a moment to reassemble - and the display also comes off. You can carry the camera body in a pocket easily if the lens is removed... and voila, no camera bag! All you need is a lot of pockets.

It says mid range, PL5 / PM2 are more like entry level.

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