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On article Phottix Mitros Flash for Canon Review (41 comments in total)

The flash lacks one option, unless I missed it in speed reading, and that is the ability to upgrade the software in the flash itself. So the Metz will never be obsolete even if Canon changes it software profile, it will be back engineered by Metz and released for download.

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Going by pricing for me in Vancouver BC, the new Sigma lens is cheaper by about $500, tax included as compared to the similar Canon zoom. Also the Sigma lens has 9 rounded blades versus Canon's 8 non-rounded, so bokeh hopefully will be better. I'm guess OS of the Sigma will be better than Canon's IS since new lenses in general are getting better in the image stabilization area.

Weight is always a concern as this type of lens for me would be a travel lens, but I really don't want to be out all day with heavier gear.

Sigma's new docking station concept follows Metz's ability to change up and modernize software in their flashes, hoping other third party lens and flash manufactures get on this band wagon.

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On article Accessory review: Joby Grip Tight Micro Stand (25 comments in total)

This product will be helpful, but like all tripods in existence today, most are found in the closet, not out in the field; owners don't like tripods, why image stabilization became so popular.

What is needed is a tripod like above, but with a cable or something to trigger the shutter off the camera. In fact, I have the HTC One S and a very real problem is you touch this incredibly light screen to fire the shutter, in fact, push it forward, thus creating movement resulting in blur.

Now if there was a tripod with a shutter release on it, that would be something.

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On article What we want in a macro shot – Background (69 comments in total)

Very well done and even though I have done some macro, I have learned from the article.

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Dissenting opionion, I quite liked the article, what it does is draws my attention to tripods I might not have considered, even though my tank of a Manfrotto 055 model is like the cockroach of tripods, when the earth ends, the 055 will still motor on. I bought it a few decades ago and it still hangs in there; of course, I have to pump iron to carry it along with the old large bulky Manfrotto ball head.

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