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On article Actual Pixels - the pixel peeping app for iOS (33 comments in total)
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gl2k: Hard to imagine that any serious pro photog would ever use an iPad for assessing critical sharpness.
I mean ... even the process of uploading a full 36mp image to the iPad takes an eternity. Not to mention you wanna download 200 images to pick the best one.
The iPad is a nice toy but definitely not more, when it comes to photography.

we pros don't use the actual raw 36mp photos on ipads.. we send the jpgs to the ipad to check color, focus, framing etc and clients can review the photos live as they are being taken..(the 36mp raw photos are kept in another card for post viewing when we return to the studio).. ipads can also be used to remote control the settings, snapping the photos directly from the ipad and using the ipad as a livescreen monitor in tight situations where you can't see the back of the camera's lcd.. there are many uses for ipads with cameras where you have no idea to begin the many opportunities ipads can do for any photographer be they pro or amateur.

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cassano: It's kind of amusing to see people are worrying about touch-screen cameras here. Touch-screen on camera is lame, but in many other areas, it shines. smart phones, tablet PCs, car's console, ATMs, POS machines. I went to a local medical center a few days ago, they have huge touch screens near every entrance -- for you to navigate inside the building, find you doctor, etc. I have also seen touch screens in book stores, libraries, subways, etc.

Touch screen forces UI designers to design simpler UI, software developers to hide details and only expose the essential APIs. It frees the user from overly complex menu systems. It only makes our life easier, faster. Of course, touch screens cannot replace buttons on a DSLR, or keyboard/mouse for a PC -- for complicated tasks.

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lol no one no me not even shark tank will touch this one

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On article iPhone 5 ranks fifth in user satisfaction in the U.S. (31 comments in total)

it needs a completely new ios overhaul would like to put apps in filing cabinet style and scrap the 12 app limit folders and add more apps in the folders, and make a parent file folder with sub folders of different categories and mix together apps documents photos, and notes neatly filed away within the file cabinet (s)..
also would like apple to improve the camera ie: 12mp and add more cool features to the camera app and apply filters and effects
also add more to the home and lock screen of weather, news, stocks at a glance as well as show if you have new mail, texts and reminders and please hope they finally put push email in the mail app

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On article Software Review: Nik Snapseed for Desktop (39 comments in total)
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Activatedfx: I like Snapseed, but the biggest Con for me is that there is no way to save custom "presets". Every photo has to be processed from scratch.

which snapseed app are you referring to? the desktop app or the iphone app?

on the iphone app it doesn't have the custom presets nor the ability to undo but the desktop app does have these features

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (376 comments in total)

you're not alone awaiting the big review for the Canon 1Dx... even the Nikon D4 has been on hold far too long too grrrr many of the newest cams that just came out all getting their reviews sooner.. Seems to me the DPR reps rather play with the little toys leaving the big guns dusting on the shelves :-( Wish Mark Harmon of NCIS would go over there and tell them to quit screwin around and give them a smack upside their heads ;-)

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Francis Carver: Boy, oh boy, is the DP REVIEW web site seriously messed-up now, or what?

Man, I am writing a comment, almost done and ready to post it, then BANG -- damned page freshens up all but itself, and everything I wrote is lost.

Gee-sus, DP REVIEW, when you refresh your pages, how about having some warning or auto-save feature in force for those who happen to be writing comments?

Its not dPreview that's causing the page refreshes, its your browser..

Type "turn off automatic page refresh (enter your browser name + your computer name ie: Mac or PC)" in Google search for instructions

Good Luck.

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On photo DSC00106 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (9 comments in total)

I confirm iso 16000 too. I used an online data viewer http://exifdata.com/exif.php

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On a photo in the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 Preview Samples sample gallery (9 comments in total)

I confirm iso 16000 too. I used an online data viewer http://exifdata.com/exif.php

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oh great now we wont be able to tell the canon's from the Sony's in a crowd of photojournalists...

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On article Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 Camera (115 comments in total)

checking out the pano of the Virginia V ship (IMG_0123), I notice the pano rendering made the bow of the ship thin as a razor blade... could swear I could get a paper cut on it lol

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it came out of hibernation to see Nikon's latest and greatest, took a sniff and a taste, and thought, bloody hell it looks and tastes same as that old D3s, angrily stomped the heck out of it, and took off to hibernate another 4 more years in anticipation for the next D5 lol :-)

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where are the photos of it stomping and chewing on the camera?
I can see Nikon’s next addy… ‘bear tested and bear tough’ lol

Link | Posted on May 23, 2012 at 03:46 UTC as 16th comment

waste of 8 grand... have you seen the samples from this camera? some photos blacken some white people's faces..


Link | Posted on May 13, 2012 at 09:49 UTC as 17th comment | 3 replies

i wish they can add the quickmenu like the xpro1 has so i don't have to high-dive into the deep abyss of the menus ;-)

Link | Posted on Mar 25, 2012 at 17:04 UTC as 15th comment

it would have been a great replacement for my iphone's default camera except it omits the HDR feature and while i love the quick snappiness, its quite s-l-o-w to save it to your camera roll ;-/

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