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On article Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus (208 comments in total)
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PrakticaB: I guess the patents covering the eye-controlled focus are not valid anymore, so why Nikon, Olympus or the Fuji dind't look into it?? Ok, maybe we'll got it in iPhone 8...
In any case, bring it back please! Or, to put the right question: why did you take it out Canon??

The foundation patent for eye-controlled focus was originally Pentax's R&D department but Pentax never decided to do a product with it. That was during the days when the Big 4 had cross-license arrangements. So Canon bought a license and ran with it.
The pros I know that used the EOS-3 used to dumb the AF down to the 11 point setting because the 45 point was too busy.

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Najinsky: Just how bad is this Journalism. Did anyone reading this story get even the slightest clue about actually what the infringements are supposed to be. Specifically, what IP rights are being disputed?

On the surface Nikon's claims sound strong. As reported, ASML are acknowledging attempts to negotiate a license fee with Nikon, that seems to indicate that ASML acknowledge the need for license rights exist. But with so few relevant facts, trying to interpret the situation seems a crap shoot at best.

Time to search for better informed sites I guess.

Key word is cross-licensing extension. It means that in 2004 all the companies had patents they were willing to share among themselves with the money mainly going to Nikon who may have had the lion's share. Now times maybe different. What was the tail then is now wagging the dog as they say.

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Satyaa: 400 is about 600 mm FOV on APSC... shooting in 1.3x crop mode is about 780 mm 15MP files... a viable alternative when the 150-600 mm is not required.

If 1.5x crop mode is 600mm 1.3x crop mode would be closer to 500mm not 780mm.

Link | Posted on Mar 30, 2017 at 23:06 UTC

Actually if you go to about any serious action shooting event you will see lots of competitors wearing Hero and other action cameras mounted on their heads or their hats all the time.

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On article Grab a free copy of DxO OpticsPro 9 while you can (187 comments in total)
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ccsdigital: Seems people really are prepared to look a gift-horse in the mouth. This version supports my Pentax K01, K3, K5, Samsung NX300 and GoPro Hero 3 so I will happily accept the freebie.

I will work with my Pentax K-01, K-5II, K-5IIs, and Canon 60D and that is good enough for free. I can wait on maybe buying 11 for my K-1.
While the offer expires on 2/28 once you have the activation code you have until 3/31 to download it.

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AlanG: I am an architectural photographer. Once I was on a job with my 4x5 Linhof high end view camera and top lenses. The client asked me why I wasn't using a Hasselblad which is "the best camera in the world."

That's funny Alan but I have heard that from others. My brother Kirk was doing a celebrity house shoot in Taos (4x5 Wista Zone VI) a number of years ago and as part of the fee he got a Hassy and a couple of lenses so I guess some work is worth the best camera in the world. :-)

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nicolaiecostel: If you would have shown me this gallery without telling me what camera was used, I would have never guessed it's a MF camera. They look like pictures from any other camera.

True. If all you do is display it on a screen you might as well use a smartphone.

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Alex Sarbu: There are 2 cameras which IMO stands out from that list:
- the Pentax K-1 - a landscape photographer's dream
- the Nikon D500 - an action shooter's dream
Though, of course, all of them are amazing.

P.S. Hello, Barry! ;)

True. I voted for the K1 and with my wallet during 2016 also. The K1 does everything I need from a FF camera at a good price, and I am a dual system shooter (Canon and Pentax).

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matthew saville: I know it's cliche, but I still wonder how Ansel would feel about digital manipulation today. Specifically, the lengths that some go to create in photoshop what they visualized in the field.

I ponder this because, despite his aggressive negative / darkroom manipulations, he still shied from other forms of alteration even though they were surely within his ability. The case in point which I have brought up before: Moonrise, Hernandez doesn't have a gigantic moon superimposed in it, nor do any of his other images that include a moon as far as I can tell. For whatever reason, he left them "actual size" (to scale) and stuck with burning & dodging and other tonal manipulations in order to influence what the viewer saw in his final result.

I don't claim to know what Ansel would do today with a raw digital negative and a copy of Lightroom / Photoshop, but I do think it is an interesting observation that even such a champion of darkroom manipulation decided to draw a line somewhere...

In some cases Ansel took images in LF of a large image and then cropped as many as 3 or more smaller images out of it to create some of his works. None of the images really used any common parts of the scene from what I remember seeing about it. Generally that kind of image processing we don't do today likely as not because of a lack of real estate in most digital images compared to LF.

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On article Tamron files patent for 115mm F1.4 VC lens (61 comments in total)
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ogl: Hope it will be new Pentax DFA115/1.4 DC AW

You do realize how big this lens will be. The front element will be bigger than any 70-700/2.8 lenses front element, about 82mm, based on the physics and will likely need at least an 86mm filter ring to prevent any vignetting in FF. Sounds like a studio lens to me.

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Coliban: I wondered, how Benro get away with the barefaced and obvious copy of Gitzo. I always wondered, why Gitzo didnt sued them to hell. The Benro tripods where 1:1 copies of the Gitzo tripods (and also other brands, as here, Manfrotto). It was so clear, there have been endless discussions in the forum i used to hang around. One doctor even put those Benro copies in a kernspin tomograph to examine the structure and they were pure copies of Gitzo.

I´ve never figured out, how they get away with that.

The story is Gitzo put a plant in China to make carbon fiber tripods. After several years there was a strike or some kind of dispute with officials so Gitzo closed the plant. So then the Chinese took over the plant and started making cheap copies of the Gitzo tripods using thinner CF layers (Benro or their supplier). As time went on they made better and better copies till they were as good as Gitzo. Not sure if Gitzo got anything out of this but it is a known method used by the Chinese to get the knowhow and machinery to make quality products without going thru the entire development process.

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MrTaikitso: I owned the Minolta X-700 way back! Like most of their cameras around that time (including the world's first camera with auto focus, the Dynax/Maxxum series), it was very futuristic looking and innovative for it's time. Great camera too, got me into SLR and manual photography after a period of 126 (!) and 35mm compact cameras. Knowing you were spending 40p a shot meant you were a lot more careful before pressing the shutter, although today's cameras make it easier to avoid that bad shot thanks to all the technology aboard.

Minolta was the first company to get autofocus right but not the first company to bring out an AF SLR. Leica showed an AF SLR in 1976 at Photokina and Pentax marketed the first production AF SLR the ME-F in 1981 4 years before the 7000. I switched later to Minolta, myself. Loved my pair of 700si bodies and then my Maxxum 9.

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On photo Road of Many Turns in the The winding road challenge (20 comments in total)
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poppyjk: Wonderful. Can look at this one for a long time. So much to take in.

I personally think the bus adds more than it detracts from the image.

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On article Rare Nikon 1200mm F11 pops up on eBay (120 comments in total)

I seem to remember Canon used to make a 1200mm F8 Fluorite telephoto at one time. I used to shoot in the 90's with a Sigma 1000mm F8 APO AF lens.

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On article Video: Canon EOS 7D versus leaf-cutter ants (48 comments in total)
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Bart7D: Weren't these ant already (in)famous for eating their way through a Leaf camera back...?

Not sure a moat would work. Doesn't work for driver (army or legionary) ants as they are known to use leaves as rafts. Pretty sure Leaf-Cutter ants can do that also as I seem to remember seeing something like that in Central America a few decades ago when shooting there.

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PeaceKeeper: Sony is SO 3 weeks ago...

Get with the times, Sony.

The Sony is more capable than either the
Samsung or the Google.

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On photo C17 AT WORK in the December Flying challenge (11 comments in total)

They practice T&L right over my place most days of the week here in WV. Nice photo.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)
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marc petzold: It sounds to me like Nikon wants to say "hello, we're still here, and now developing the D4S sucessor D5 atm, please stay calm and seated!"

Jokes aside, i think Sony really hits some nerves into the Nikon Managment, and Nikon seems to be surprised about all the Sony buzz lately, especially with their A7R II.

This announcement is the so-called pre-emptive strike perfected by IBM in their mainframe days. Announce a new super model, don't give any particulars so speculation gets rife, and then fence sitters will hold back from switching until you actually get it out which could be as long as a year and with their current equipment from you they will likely not switch.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)
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marc petzold: It sounds to me like Nikon wants to say "hello, we're still here, and now developing the D4S sucessor D5 atm, please stay calm and seated!"

Jokes aside, i think Sony really hits some nerves into the Nikon Managment, and Nikon seems to be surprised about all the Sony buzz lately, especially with their A7R II.

Most of the camera division profit of any company is made on the quantity sales of smaller sensor cameras. In ratios of 20:1 or more. FF cameras, especially pro ones are designed to do 2 things, give the pros what they want and get their cameras out to events where people can see the name so they will remember that when they go to buy an APS-C camera. Companies don't care what happens to those customers after they buy their camera and 2 kit lenses because hardly 1 in 10 go on to a bigger and better camera (based on studies) (read as FF or whatever you prefer). But to keep that 10% that will go farther they need a total system from top to bottom (in this case a new pro FF) even if that customer goes no farther than say a D750. They make more on lenses than cameras anyway.

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