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more engrossing than that which goes for art nowadays

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all well and good, but where's the real 2/1/4 sq. mf sensor damit

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skanter: "I'm not a huge proponent of candid portraiture,"

Why not? Candids are often a lot more interesting and authentic than studio set-up portraits. He is obviously not a "proponent" of the entire genre of street photography.

" but the subtle click of the M10's shutter means that even for casual snapshots of friends and family, the whole process of taking someone's picture is less confrontational than it might be with a larger and louder camera."

My under $1000 Sony has a completely silent shutter; not a great reason for buying a $6500 Leica. And, I don't have to put black tape on it. :-)

but you should

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On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (308 comments in total)

James S. Kennedy wrote; : Would you like to view my most recent colonoscopy? Not set to music but it may turn you on.

not again, but is that a 1975 Seiko automatic in there?

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Sangster: Well, if they didn't cheap out and use gold. There wouldn't have been any corrosion.

oh no, 50 US pennies worth of gold is too dear, bastages

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waiting for DXO's rating

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mbot: Okay, let me counsel you fiscal strategy... for the same money get a Canon 200D and an LG V30 smartphone, and you'll get far better photos, plus a smartphone with an 'audiophile' Sabre DAC & LG OLED screen Lol

sure, but try stuffin a 200d down your pants in a bad neighborhood and do the walk

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stratplaya: If you buy it, don't drop it. Tests show the glass breaks in a 6 foot drop making it unusable. Needless to say, repairs will be Xpensive.

try that 6' drop with a d850, yeah, doit

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Atomez: Stop calling it "smartphone", now is *smartcam*!
The camera is the most sophisticated thing inside it.

except when you MUST make a call

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On article Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 sample gallery (214 comments in total)
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Rodenmg: Much better than the Lieca samples. But still a novelty more than anything else. Why anyone would spend so much money on what is basically a horrible lens is beyond me.

it's beyond you

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Sean65: Such a weird bunch on here wishing to see the death of one of the Great Grandfathers of photography. In musical circles, players and fans treat the old blues greats with reverence and respect. Can't ever imagine blues fans wishing all the early pioneers to be dead and gone just because some new wiz kid is on the scene.

apples & oranges

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newe: What will close next?? Nikon Cuba? I hope not!

Nikon Mars

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now if could make long distance calls, they might have had something

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The Davinator: 4x5 view camera, 90mm lens, sheet of 4x5 Ilford Delta 100. Just saved $62,700.

because they can?!

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Albert Valentino: Is this good news for Canon, or one of the other major camera companies?

it's a wake-up call for Nikon

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On article Canon EF-M 22mm F2 STM sample gallery (176 comments in total)
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PhotoKhan: Again the "lack of lenses" thing...

People continuously fail to understand that, contrary to other brands who push mirrorless as a primary line (...sometimes, even the only ILC offer, bar medium format...) Canon's EOS line serve 2 specific purposes that complement each other.

1. Entry level ILC format for casual users (there's a reason why all those women appear in the adds, casually getting M-cameras out of purses).

2. A complementary piece of the a much larger, full-encompassing EOS system.

Under these 2 perspectives, the current lens offer is quite rational.

Soon, a third vector will be introduced and THEN you can complain about whatever you might need and they fail to offer.

Meanwhile, if your needs encompass a full array of lenses for a mirrorless, look elsewhere.

There are excellent offers out there.

"Rebel", quite a silly name as well.

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is it not enough to just to have tourists and support local economy

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Cariboou: Here in London Ontario, if you go to see a hockey game, and take some pictures..... They told me you can't take a pictures with Nikon D200, because is a Pro camera.... well so they lose someone that planned of go there often! I think was very silly

and you have a right to say "thank you" but, "no thank you"
it's your money

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