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On article Hands-on with Nikon's 58mm F0.95 'Noct' lens (296 comments in total)
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Indohydra: I wonder how cheaply this could be made by another lens maker?

Sigma doesn't make vanity projects? 200-500mm f/2.8 APO?

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On article Hands-on with Nikon's 58mm F0.95 'Noct' lens (296 comments in total)

It's a budget astro-photography scope!

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On article When fast-ish is fast enough: in praise of F1.8 lenses (527 comments in total)

It's just a fashion trend...

Pentax has had premium quality compact f/1.8 primes since 1997 with the FA 43mm f/1.9, then the 77/1.8 and the 31/1.8 in 2001. I would argue that the 31 is still competitive optically with modern, highly corrected lenses, whereas the other 2 have more flaws, but still draw beautifully, particularly for portrait photography.

Their APS-C line has even smaller premium primes, the fastest being the 70/2.4 which has been around since 2006 (the SMC version). All 5 together weigh in at 759 grams, less than a single modern DFA* 50/1.4 (910g).

IBIS has been availabale since 2006.

Now Pentax has started making FF dslrs and premium f/1.4 lenses, Nikon's territorry, I would say.

And Nikon is switching to mirrorless, but with a very Pentaxian state of mind, from 15-20 years ago... with 1.8 lenses and IBIS. I will say from my own experience, that f/1.8 primes fit very nicely in smaller camera bags. And even in coat pockets!

As I said, it's just a fashion trend!

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On photo The Catch in the A big year - birds 2019 challenge (12 comments in total)

Excellent, but i think the crop is too aggressive, I'd to see more of the King fisher.

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It enhances skin detail, yay, how cool! If only they had invented it some 20 years earlier... Now I'm happy with my current phone, and its over-zealous de-noising algorithms, it's almost as good a botox!

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LoneTree1: it's getting to the point where there is no point in even trying to use one in Western countries: Example:
New York City—City Restriction // 2017

This city restriction declares that drones are illegal to fly in New York City, and advises anyone who sees a drone being flown to call 911.

A townhouse and a dozen Trump Towers!
A drone flying in a city as busy as NY is an accident waiting to happen... But man do i love that skyline!

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm GF 50mm F3.5 review (133 comments in total)
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piratejabez: What is that, like 2" deep? That's considered "pancake" now? Back in the day it was just standard...

I agree, it's not a pancake, it's a normal lens, especially for its relatively slow aperture. But I think I have a 45mm f/4 pancake... for the Pentax 67! Pentax makes a 43mm f/1.9 pancake. Lovely little lens, 155 grams, 27mm tall. And the 40mm aps-c is even smaller.

Btw, i like the idea of modern, top quality, normal sized, normal aperture lenses, I hope other manufacturers do this too.

Now I have to type a long essay about equivalence and send it to Tony, ha ha ha!!!

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm GF 50mm F3.5 review (133 comments in total)
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Horshack: I miss the jump cuts

No, please, no more using us as guinnea pigs!

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On article Best cameras for travel in 2019 (320 comments in total)

I travel with my Pentax K1ii and 24-70/2.8. Big FF camera, stabilized, weatherized, with grip... and it always delivers. To each his own! :)

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Wow, cool phone!
It also has 3 times the resolution of my FF camera, which btw, will not fit in my shirt pocket... Maybe I'll sell my FF, 24-70, and 15-30, to fund this.... right?

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On article DPReview TV: Is Jordan out of touch? (147 comments in total)

Sorry, i didn;t see the review of the Canon before watching this...
But I can certainly see the difference. I take this video as a way for you to point out the quality of your videos (as opposed to the quality of their content, which is also great). Imho, keep up the high-standard work, let the amateurs do it quick-and-dirty.

PS: Nice footage with the Pentax 645! :)

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To better simulate the film experience, the camera will become inoperable for 2 minutes every 36 exposures. (Lucky it's not the MF model, that will only take 12 square pictures.)

Also, pictures will be available for review... 24 hours after they are taken.

Who am I kidding, I like the camera, as shown, with a small prime.

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The screen is designed as it is to stop people from taking pictures with a camera as if it was a phone.... Sigh...

Next they'll probably try fitting a pentaprism! :P

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Tatouzou: Will it have a KAF3 mount, so that it can use all the existing DA lenses, which have a mechanical aperture clutch?

Actually, all my Pentax lenses use the mechanical aperture clutch, save my DA18-135.
I would not buy a camera which could not support my limited prime lenses: DA15, DA21, DA35 macro, DA40XS, DA70.

Yes you can see the aperture clutch and AF screw drive in the pictures

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BrentSchumer: Is there flagship APS-C glass to go with this body?

The entire DA limited line is great. The wide 11-18 f/2.8 zoom is there, an updated standard f/2.8 zoom will likely come at the same time as the body. 50-135 and 60-250 are good lenses but slow, they should get an update soon. 70-200/2.8 and 150-450 are FF, but are very much up to the task, and you have DA 560 for birding. It has its weaknesses, but also its strengths.

Now for shallow DOF, i think Pentax has made it clear that they want you to get a k1ii, and be patient for more of those fast primes. OK, the DA*55/1.4 is a aps-c native design.

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Piotr W: APS-C is the future of photography, smaller lenses and body, lighter equipment, big cameras will vanish

Magnar, as soon as you have a trinity of modern high-resolution FF lenses in your bag, capable of resolving 60mgapixels+ or Pixel Shift, you realize that losing the weight of the mirror box is trivial.

Not many mirrorless lenses seem to have become smaller. The Canon 70-200 is the exception, for the time being.

As for camera shake, the K1, K1ii and Kp bodies (and maybe others) have electronic shutter, at least in live view. And IBIS. Hand-held PS also works admirably well when you're after resolution. And finally you can use PS when you're on a tripod. The Pentaxes are landscape beasts, even with a mirror.

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Piotr W: APS-C is the future of photography, smaller lenses and body, lighter equipment, big cameras will vanish

Duncan i agree with the math.
But most of the time, I'm not looking for such shallow dof. f/8 or f/5.6 is great. In the case of landscape photography, travel photography, macro, etc, where the norm is to use a small aperture, aps-c is very competitive. And for birding you get more reach (smaller pixels).

So for aps-c, 24 mpx is plenty for most, it weighs much less and costs less than half compared to FF. These are good reasons to use aps-c, and the Pentax aps-c line of lenses, and the DA limiteds in particular, make for a very efficient aps-c system.

That said, I shoot with a K1ii now, and love it, but it's big.

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dpthoughts: My speculation: it will be on par with the current Pentax KP "flagship".
Let's remember the KP specs:
- uselessly tiny RAW buffer, only 8 frames
- shutter life expectancy down to 100
- USB only 2.0
- only single card slot
- no GPS
- no metal any longer in the body frame, all plastic
- battery lasts for only 420 shots (embarrassing, worse than many mirrorless cams today)
- instead of upgrading to a modern sensor, they'll carry on deploying a secret RAW denoising cheating chip to cheat test results even on lower ISO (like they had attempted for the K-1 II, before DPR and a mathematician had unveiled that cheat).

Enough trolling, dpthoughts, where are the mods?

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6BQ5: Hopefully the screen is detachable and communicates wirelessly to the body.

Hopefully the viewfinder is actually an EVF or some hybrid OVF/EVF.

Hopefully the AF is stupendous.

Hopefully ...

entoman: Sony makes Pentax sensors, just like Fuji and Nikon. DSLR sensors however don't have 100ds of AF sensors on them. These do take space, so they have adverse effects, inluding DR and banding.

Now if you think Canon sensors have better IQ.... good for you.

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