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farhadvm: nice Ad, iphone photos are crap

Miguel, you've got to put a lens on the Xpro!

Link | Posted on Aug 3, 2017 at 09:31 UTC
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mxx: ".. the money will be used by the insolvency administrator to pay outstanding invoices and other debt first."

And if any money is left over?

"And if any money is left over?"
LOL !!!

Link | Posted on Jul 5, 2017 at 13:42 UTC

Ehmm, it meant that they stopped making iPods. I still have mine!

Link | Posted on Jun 30, 2017 at 13:49 UTC as 37th comment
On article Report: Ricoh announcing cost cuts in face of crisis (326 comments in total)

I hope Ricoh manages to remain profitable in this difficult market, keeping all of their brands alive with healthy products. For better or for worse, electronic equipment has become less and less servicable. The new business model is: 1. buy, 2. insure, 3. replace with new. That includes printers, phones, cameras and TVs... Ricoh has to adapt, just like everybody else.

Link | Posted on Jun 21, 2017 at 18:32 UTC as 18th comment

So they're actually charging for the right to take pictures, not forbidding it. Some think of ways to charge for anything and everything?

Link | Posted on Jun 1, 2017 at 08:52 UTC as 67th comment | 3 replies

No mention of the Pentax HD 21mm f/3.2 limited!? It's such a wonderful walk-around lens for the Pentax aps-c cameras. There aren't many high-quality pancake wide lenses out there.. The Pentax limiteds are hard to miss, and they have an ENTIRE LINE of compact high-quality primes for aps-c: 15, 21, 20-40, 35 macro, 40, 40xs, 70...

And the Ricoh GR fits in a pocket so easily...

Link | Posted on May 24, 2017 at 22:57 UTC as 11th comment

So.... is the sensor bigger than on other cameras? How about the lens?

Link | Posted on May 24, 2017 at 07:58 UTC as 17th comment
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raminm: I come here to read news about photography and camera industry and also receive valuable and useful feedback from other members who have something useful to teach their audience. I am tired of all those who complain why DPR publishes articles about certain brand or cameras they don't like. Frankly, I find DPReview is too tolerant of these group of people because they are abusive and distract those with helpful comments and remarks to write in the 'Comments' section. They have ruined the who atmosphere into trash talk.
To DPR: could you please install a moderator in the comments section to make sure only those people who are geniunely interested in the product are allowsed to comment on it. Can you please ban those who complain why an article is just published from making any comments on the article itself. If they are unhappy, they can simply send a private message to DPR and make their complaints. We, the rest are here to learn not to be disturbed by all the the nonsense.

I agree, but what do i do with the popcorn?
After all, clicks pay... For constructive reading, just read the article and skip the comments.

Link | Posted on May 4, 2017 at 17:48 UTC
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rbach44: Can someone explain to me how this is a pro camera besides the fact that Sony's marketing says so? The feature set looks like a mid-level SLR with 20 FPS (with the right settings), an AF-ON button, and some autofocus tricks. How does that make it a pro camera anymore than say a D600?

it has an ethernet port.

Link | Posted on May 4, 2017 at 17:45 UTC

I can't believe you haven't done the bike test yet! Or have you?

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 19:55 UTC as 110th comment
On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1908 comments in total)
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Jorginho: 36 MP K1 costs 40% of this 24 MP FF cam so by the logic some applied a few months ago on some cam that also is a very good sportshooting cam...this is an absurd price...Right?

Ehmmm, i have a K-1. This is a very, very different beast, 20 fps, no blackout and 700 AF points! Wow!

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 19:19 UTC
On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1908 comments in total)

Oh, my! Sony is going after the big boys' pro market! A 400/2.8 must be in the making.

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 19:02 UTC as 218th comment
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phoenix15: And Ricoh is sleep tight.

They do have 16 MF lenses in production.... But only 4 of those are "D" optics from the digital era, and 7 years have passed since the 645D. Fuji should send them a thank you letter, for throwing their market leader's advantage down the drain.

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 08:18 UTC
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straylightrun: Full Frame shooters on suicide watch

Yes, can we make a FF-shooters-anonymous forum?
Fuji is really following up with a wonderful set of optics. Their focal length and aperture choices sound very reasonable, very much to my liking. All i need is a winning lottery ticket.... :'(

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2017 at 07:49 UTC

Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 Bokeh-monster!

Link | Posted on Apr 16, 2017 at 13:23 UTC as 39th comment
On article Light's L16 camera is in final stages of testing (305 comments in total)

So it's a Fiesta, and a Punto, Polo, Corsa, Ibiza and a Fabia all in one.... I think i'd rather have a (single) Carrera.

Link | Posted on Apr 15, 2017 at 16:48 UTC as 58th comment

It's almost as dangerous as taking a selfie on a bridge...

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2017 at 08:21 UTC as 144th comment
On a photo in the Sigma sd Quattro H Sample Gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

i see some strange green and purple hues in the grey background... :(

Link | Posted on Apr 9, 2017 at 18:40 UTC as 1st comment
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miles green: It's hard to judge the size from the picture: I don't know if I'm suppposed to put pencils in it, or coffee, or flowers... or umbrellas...

Now I'm thinking of all the things my 2-year-old would like to fill it with.... Legos, Barbies, Thomas and friends, complete Playmobil swimming pool set, including the water.... I'd give it a life expectancy of one week at best.

Link | Posted on Apr 8, 2017 at 22:41 UTC
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left eye: Not a brick wall,
took these this evening, read & see here...

These are stunning, especially for a zoom. Is there a FF wide-to-normal zoom that can do this?

Link | Posted on Apr 8, 2017 at 22:31 UTC
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