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tedolf: Who needs 61 mp anyway.

Isn't 8mp enough?


Bill Gates said 640K is all anyone needs!

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Satyaa: Has this guy tested any headphones? Nothing survives my daughter more than a few months... from $10 to $89 so called "rugged" ones. I would like to find something that lives longer

Might be easier to replace your daughter.

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Terrible Photographer: Wow, the Panasonic looks flat out amazing. When downsized to the Phase One file, I'd say it definitely looks better with better resolved fine details and no moire issues on anything. Well done.

What's really even more surprising, is take the multishot file from the Pen-F and compare it to the Multishot file from the Sony and downres to the Sony image size.

When you do that, the Micro 4/3rds camera looks better than the 45MP FF chip! Better resolving fine details (especially in the color circles in the bottom right) and no moire.
The multishot functions in the Oly's and Panasonics I think are doing it right by interpolating up instead of maintaining existing chip resolution. I know my M1X in the high res mode can make a more detailed file than my D810 anyway of the week.

Of course Multishot doesn't work for moving subjects, where the single shot Hi Res chips will still be better.

At $6K, with base lens and battery, it BETTER make coffee!

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kleeworld: I'm using both full frame and APS-C from Sony, they both make sense and both have their strengths and weaknesses, albeit marginally so. I don't understand why people try to polarise between each of them, personally I'm delighted to have options.

THIS is the InterWebz, if there WASN'T dissent, there would be nothing.

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Pretty damned awesome for Astro, and even surveillaance work, but I'd need to see the price (which I'm SURE I won't like). And how much storage will there need to be at 100fps..

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I plan on ordering mine in 2 weeks. Too bad the price links here to Amazon go to an FZ70 Int'l version (NO warranty) instead of the US FZ80. Well, 2 of 3 do.

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