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  • I will go out and stock up on some FujiFilm now

  • This is very amusing, I think what he is saying is the GR II is the best but he loves them all.
  • This an irresponsible and dangerous comment, ignore this advice -> Kirk Bruner "Generic batteries would be no more likely to overheat and explode than brand name ones. The biggest differences are...

  • Yeah, I might do 180 on the two supplied batteries. I do a lot of the shooting on my DP2M with LCD off a lot and also I tend to use mid resolution a lot
  • On a similar note Gordon over on CameraLabs commented on the X80 it would be hard for Fuji to go to with their 24mp sensor as it needs the larger battery like in the X-T2, and they will have to ...
  • I'm considering adding a GR II and keep the GR as a spare. Current rumors suggest the Fuji X80 is delayed until 2018, but there is nothing quite like a GR
  • Replied in GR III
    I can quite easily make the GR III to be announced. All I have to do is buy a GR II and the GR III will be announced two days later after I have spent all my spare camera funds.
  • Replied in GR III
    I upgraded from GRD I to II and from GRD III to IV. Harold upgraded GR to GR III. etc etc.  Many of us on the Euro Ricoh forum upgraded R series. As usual the culprit will be phone cams that ...
  • Replied in GR III
    I disagree and I think that is some kind of wishful thinking, the GR II was Ricoh's usual minor release, like they had did twice before. The GRD II over the I was minor with the same lens as was ...
  • Replied in GR III
    The obvious elephant in the room is that the cameras in just about 100% of phones is the same native FOV as the GR. With phone cameras quality having improved it leaves the GR in the midst of the ...
  • I still have my GRD1 - 4 inclusive. I don't know why but I constantly feel the GRD3 is the sharpest of the pack. I think I just got a good example. I'd be hard pressed to part with it. I also like ...
  • And here was me about to applaud its size. Looks about spot on for me. I've compared it in Camerasize
  • The cat looks displeased about the camera not functioning properly. I do wonder if a full reset would help.
  • Is perhaps an X70 replacement, lets call it the X80 still coming ?  Maybe it was not ready for this round of releases.
  • I would also be so all over that. Even if max aperture was f3.5. Ricoh did make the film 21mm GR1 and they are a very coveted item to this day. So a compact Fuji 21mm equiv will be welcome. A XE-3 ...
  • When its all said and done, as long as I have a camera, any camera I will use it. I just love making images and will adapt to whatever tech there is. Sure I have a preference to what that camera ...
  • Ricoh are not destroying it, they even have stated they intend to continue. What may destroy it is the market if they don't respond enough. IMO 4/3 is nonsense. We already have the GR and GRII ...
  • Well said John, I echo your last paragraph. There is a rumored X80 release about 7th Sept. Not much time now. I suspect Ricoh will be motivated by that if they have something to announce.
  • Have you tried DxO Optics Pro. I am not advocating it as such, as I can't say if it will meet your expectations for the issues you state above, its more just a suggestion as a possible answer. I ...
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