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My X100V gets used when I know I have a photography job to do that the X100V can do easily. My GR III goes will always go with the X100V as well. Both usually in a compact bag.

However if just going out to look for images or wanting to be a minimalist on holidays the GR wins every time and the X100V remains at home.

I'd hate to play the game, "you can only have one camera". I suspect the GR would win.

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Croninfilm: I’m sorry exactly WHO is going to be using Sony glass on mirrorless?? The random buyer who owns both systems and wants to experiment???

I would love to have an option of a Zeiss Loxia on a Z body. This give it to me I think.

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On article DPReview TV: The great ultra-wide sunstar shootout (125 comments in total)
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phouphou: Sunstar Challenge without voigtländer or zeiss primes? Its a matter of taste but im pretty sure the loxia 21 f2.8 or color skopar 21 f3.5 wouldve won.

Ok fair enough, its not a fail, I guess taken in context that its zooms. I retract the comment. :-)

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On article DPReview TV: The great ultra-wide sunstar shootout (125 comments in total)
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phouphou: Sunstar Challenge without voigtländer or zeiss primes? Its a matter of taste but im pretty sure the loxia 21 f2.8 or color skopar 21 f3.5 wouldve won.

I could not agree more. This test is a total fail. They forgot or didn't know of one of the best, the Loxia 21

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DiffractionLtd: Leica's rebranded Panasonics have always been good cameras.

I have observed the Leica rebranded Panasonics sell used for close to their buy price and even some instances of more. While the Panasonic equiv sell for somewhat less. Obviously the branding at work. IMO if you can afford the Leica version it could be worthwhile if you intend to sell and move on at a later point.

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nerd2: Here are some facts.

-The ONLY fuji camera with IBIS is X-H1 and it is LARGER, HEAVIER and MORE EXPENSIVE compared to sony A7 III and nikon Z7.

-Fuji 23mm f2 (180 gr) is way heavier than Sony 35/2.8 (120gr) or Samyang 35/2.8 (85gr)

-Fuji 56mm 1.2 is (405gr) is heavier than sony 85mm 1.8 (371gr) and far more expensive

-Fuji 33mm 1.0 is humongous (77mm filter thread, roughly the same size as new canon 50mm 1.2 RF). We don't know the weight and price yet, but is is almost certain that it will be heavier and more expensive than FF 50mm 1.4 primes.

-Fuji 35mm 1.4 (187gr) is comparable to sony FE 50mm 1.8 (186gr) in weight and size. Both have crappy focusing motors though.

So why are people still thinking Fuji system is smaller and lighter? I cannot find ANY APS combination that has clear size/weight compared to equivalent FF setup. At all.

@nerd2, you are wrong on weight and cost, when you take a body into consideration. A Fuji 35mm f2 and X-T3 combined weighs 721gms. The X-E3 and 35mm f2 which I am using weighs in at 519gms. An A7 III and say Loxia 50mm is 970gms. The A7 III and Sony 50mm Zeiss is 931gm. Now on Price in my country from an online store I can buy an X-T3 AND 50mm f2 for less than the A7 III body only price. So it all depends. Granted you could buy a Sony A7 II for less than a X-T3 but then the X-T2 is still available also and even less.

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For me and I am sure many others, the issue with Full Frame is not the camera but rather the lenses. Weight and size. I would welcome someone making a range from 18mm to 200m of AF lenses for FF that have small form factor and great IQ and to heck with the aperture. Olympus did this with their line of Zuikos for the OM system. The Zeiss Loxia come close but are of course manual focus.

This is why I am with Fuji APSC for the moment.

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Hautedawg: I just don't comprehend the current trend of us millennials giving their money to random online strangers. Whether kickstarter or gofundme, do you all really have money just sitting around burning a hole in your pockets that you feel the need to give it away for hopes and promises?

+1, what Hautedawg said

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MarioV: A lot of conspiracy theories and wild tangents going on here.

About 1/6 of Sony's Ambassadors are female. Sony probably recognised there could/should be a greater representation and decided to launch this project to encourage growth. I see nothing sinister here.

@Marlov - its discrimination, it is sinister.
@biza43 - I am a man and I feel resentment at this program. Won't be buying Sony now.

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Paul B Jones: Don't worry sensitive people. There's a special program that heaps social advantages on male photographers too. It's called "Being a man".

@fuego6 its more sad that we are being homogenised into one "thing" rather than lots of different types of people. I don't want to forget about race or gender rather as the French say "Viva-la difference".

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samfan: I see everyone is excited but can someone please explain to me:

1) What is the point of a FF sensor in a non-interchangeable, fixed lens camera?
2) What is the point of a non-ILC of this size? (just look at the lens)
3) Can you imagine how much this thing will cost? FF sensor, a Zeiss lens, 512 gigs of memory, probably a high-end body, very low production (I'm guessing hand-made), probably pretty powerful insides, R&D on Zeiss' FIRST digital camera that needs to be paid for... I'd be very surprised if it's gonna be under 5000 €.
4) Android. Meaning it's gonna be outdated in 2 years and probably unsupported in 3. Great long-term value isn't it.
5) Do you really want to edit photographs on this ungainly, heavy thing?

I don't like being too negative but, come on.

The lens design can be matched to the sensor which yields a quality of image which is difficult to do in a ILC. Look at the compact Ricoh GR, stunning images from a tiny package on APSC. Look at the Sony RX1 and their updates. Amazing IQ and tonality. The rear of the lens comes close to the sensor and is locked in place with no mount consideration needed in the design. The Sigma DP series has a cult following. I own some of these examples and can attest the images are stunning, just that bit better than the best lens on a ICL. If you can live with one camera and one lens, it makes sense.
That is the reason for non-ILC.

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David610: I tend to agree with Germaine Greer who said she had always wanted to see women react immediately to sexual harassment, as it occurs. She argued—of the high-profile cases—that disclosure was "dishonorable" because women who "claim to have been outraged 20 years ago" had been paid to sign non-disclosure agreements, then had spoken out once the statute of limitations had lapsed and they had nothing to lose. Many who financially benefitted from the arrangements said nothing and did nothing. I also agree with earlier comments that both men and women can be subject to harashment from both sexes.

@Barney Britton -- I will x 2 Daniel Lee Taylor's view. Don't "fact, fact, fact" anything when you can't back it up, which you have not. You've lost total credibility AND have damaged dpreview's reputation severely. A divisive, article. I will go elsewhere for my Photography news now.

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I will go out and stock up on some FujiFilm now

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sh10453: Some commenters on other sites claim the battery is a 3rd party battery made in China.
If that's true, it might be the same company that supplied batteries to the ill-fated Samsung phone.
Diverting so many incoming flights, and similar flight cancellations is plain paranoia on the side of incompetent TSA agents and management.

This an irresponsible and dangerous comment, ignore this advice -> Kirk Bruner "Generic batteries would be no more likely to overheat and explode than brand name ones. The biggest differences are the paper stickers attached to them."

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Bill Wadman. He seeks to extend the art of portraits. Looks for new ground to break in the art.

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On article Fujifilm X70 Review (368 comments in total)
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photo perzon: The review ignores:
Most Fuji users respect the iq of the x70 as similar to the x-t1 and x100t
Most Fuji users know that raw processors treat the pictures without high ISO problems
Most Fuji users appreciate the size advantage of the x70 for social occasions

Ricoh gr has color JPEGs that all reviews say the GR is better for B/W
Ricoh GRs skin tones at high iso are grey ashen zombie look...look it up on google

Well I did look it up and found nothing.

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Peadingle: Black or silver, it's damn ugly. Pentax/Ricoh need to find designers that are not obsessed with bricks!

The GR is functional, and there is beauty in that functional design. So it both works as a tool and is ergo a good looking tool. A lot of other camera makers try to emulate it. The Sony A6000 range look similar as do heaps of others.

Clearly many commentators here have never owned a GR, so they are talking out of the proverbial.

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neatnclean: SRL = Sorry Ricoh Losers.
SLR = So Long, Ricoh.

They will soon go under ... Before any of the other imaging gear suppliers will. Trying to launch another DSLR system in 2016 (or 2017, 2018?) rather than offering a brilliant alternative to the only FF-sensored mirrorless system in the entire market can only be called "entrepreneurial suicide". Almost unbelievable how owners/shareholders of a company can let something so evidently wrong happen.

Its evident you know nothing of Ricoh, they wont go under. Ricoh is a massive company that has its business in a lot of other areas. The camera side appears more like a hobby for them to me. Pentax has its niche following of users and will continue to.

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Tom Caldwell: Bang goes pocketablity.

But seriously .... only those that don't know the camera are going to be dismissive.

You don't have to carry the whole brief case about. You can take the camera out of the case and carry just that!!! ;-)

What they are offering is a kit of components as a group at a special price. Seems fine offer to me.

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Want it but don't need it. The bit "somewhat less than the normal retail price of the combined components" makes it tempting.

I kinda wonder if this is it for their limited versions.
There is usually a different coloured body version. The Green GR and the Blue Angles versions etc

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