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Geoff Brown: A very sad event if we lose one of the iconic American company's of the 20th Century

Not sad for Kodak...sad for -us-. Sad for those of us who grew up with the magic of pictures, that Kodak made possible for even the poor - at least in America. Kodak allowed us to visually chronicle our lives, in a way that could not have been possible without their ubiquitous Brownie and other model cameras that were, yes, cheaply made even then but were cameras that the masses could, developing and prints you could afford to pay for because the memories they preserved were more important than that new pair of shoes; that new Sunday hat. You youngsters who were born into the disposable world of the 70's - or later - may have a difficult time appreciating how much different the world was back then, and how important Kodak's contributions were to our lives.

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