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Breandan Dezendorf: How fast is the DSLR if you turn off E-TTL and set the flash to run in manual mode? (While on the DSLR, that is)

Hi Breandan,

That's exactly how it's done in these demos :)

~ Haje
CEO, Triggertrap

Link | Posted on Jun 29, 2013 at 12:29 UTC
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Kim Letkeman: For time lapse alone, this device looks terrific. I've ordered both parts (mobile and flash) for my Panasonic bodies and am looking forward to playing around with it. I have not quite been able to figure out whether lightning can trigger the camera using the mobile version ...

Hi Kim! I'm Haje, the CEO at Triggertrap.

We don't have a lightning trigger on the Triggertrap Mobile App yet... But we are experimenting with various ways of making this work in the labs, and we're working on a major overhaul of both our iOS and Android apps - so for now, all I can say is to keep an eye on our blog or newsletter!

Rock on,


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Matei H: Hi so you need the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle (no connection cable) $25.17 and the flash adapter +
app for this?

Hi there! I'm Haje, the CEO over at Triggertrap

Yes, to use this you need a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and a Triggertrap Flash Adapter, and a Triggertrap Mobile App for iOS or Android.

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dennismullen: What if you get a phone call in the middle of this?

Hey! I'm Haje, the CEO over at Triggertrap (and the poorly-balanced doofus in that video) -- We usually recommend that people turn their phones to airplane mode, as a phonecall would interfere with triggering.

Link | Posted on Jun 28, 2013 at 10:34 UTC
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pwmoree: Good stuff but it does not work on the Sony NEX system unfortunately for me.

Disclaimer: I work for Triggertrap

Unfortunately, Sony decided not to put a wired release cable on their NEX cameras. Which is a cursed shame, because otherwise, the cameras are mighty fine in my opinion!

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2012 at 21:03 UTC
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Sparksnl: Since the high brightness level was blinding me after starting it up for the first time (and all other tries, ios version) I uninstalled it after 1 minute. I can't work with an app that maximizes the brightness. After lowering the brightness it went up again when I entered the app. I was completly blinded.

Disclaimer: I work for Triggertrap

Hey SparkSNL - this is a known bug, the fix is awaiting Apple approval, and should be out there this week.

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2012 at 21:02 UTC
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EJ Fudd: they fixed shopping cart issue but double the price of the camera connectors from $9.95 to $19.95


This is correct - it was a $9.99+$9.99 for a dongle / cable combo, but we ran into some problems with our shopping cart, so for now, we're only offering them together.

Once we fix our shopping cart, we'll go back to offering them separately!

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mpgxsvcd: Looks like an awesome product. Glad to see it is customizable as well.

What Goshane said - Arduino is based on Processing, mostly, which is one of the easier languages to learn. If you speak any programming language, it's easy enough to pick up (I only had a PHP background before I started playing with Arduino)

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DotCom Editor: Could they have made it any uglier, or is the photo just a prototype?

The photo is a final prototype, so that's what it'll look like when it comes off the production lines.

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PhotoArtKC: Looks like something I could use. But could they have made it a little smaller perhaps?

Smaller is possible; get the Triggertrap Shield version. It's much smaller, but not as sexy-looking.

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