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TheEulerID: I doubt that the loss of Britain's camera business had much to do with attention to detail. It's more simply explained by a failure to keep up with the quality and technical capabilities of, especially, European manufacturers from the 1900s and what little remained was wiped out by far eastern manufacturers in from the 1950s onwards. The same fate befell any number of industries manufacturing consumer equipment and often for the same reasons.

There are a few very specialists manufacturers of specialist equipment for the film, military and scientific markets. There's still quite a lot of highly specialised engineering companies around, but for the most part, the mass market has been abandoned for much consumer equipment and is now, of course, dominated by the far east.

True, tungsten hour; but from the Japanese viewpoint we are ALSO "Far East", the world being a globe! Alistair.

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Fabulous photo of a very close relative, whose line we are driving to extinction. Would be great to have it used to support Wildlife worldwide, Alistair.

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Hello Howabout Raw,

I'm sure you are correct about the plane being Russian.

I wonder if there is a companion photo (presumably shot on an airfield in the western USSR) of the same group posed with a B17 or a Liberator, Alistair.

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Hello again,

You didn't, and yes he was.

As was sometime ally Saddam Hussein. Politics sometimes makes strange bedfellows, Alistair.

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Hello HowaboutRaw,

Not only did they drive the Germans out of Eastern Europe. They so weakened Germany that it had virtually no resources with which to resist invasion from the west.

Many American and British soldiers who survived the liberation of France, and of Germany, owed their lives to the Red Army.

That is something which we ought to remember with due thanks, Alistair.

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Sambla: Dear veterans, it looks very ridiculous, but photo depicts officers somewhere in Russia. Bulk of officers are in uniform of Soviet Army (after 1943). Only three of them are in USAF uniform. Probably this picture was shot somewhere in east part of Soviet Union (close to Alaska) where the transfer of military airplane was organized from USA to USSR. But, from other hand, the airplane is very similar to soviet bomber Pe-2. In this case, this picture could be shot (for example) somewhere in defeated Germany. Not in UK.

Might be in the USSR. Some USAAF bombers flew from England, raided Germany landed in the USSR, were re-fuelled and re-armed and raided Germany on the way "home".

Not many I think. But some targets were probably too far away to permit a direct there-and-back flight, Alistair.

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On article Walker Evans' iconic 'American Photographs' turns 75 (39 comments in total)

FWIW 1938 was also the 75th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, attended by about 70 survivors. Did Americans commemmorate the equally important and simultaneous fall of Vicksburg with anything like the fervour associated with Gettysburg? Maybe Abe should have followed up with a Vicsburg Address.

You're right about the pinched look of the woman. Time to go back and read Steinbeck, Alistair.

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On Challenge:8028 (7 comments in total)

Please note that some entries depict antelope, which are not deer. Thay are more akin to goats. Alistair

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On Challenge:7993 (10 comments in total)

Agree with Barb_s about the success in drawing entries, but not sure that thereby cheating will be reduced. Personally I do not worry about cheating - I submit for a bit of fun and I never vote.

If one was sufficiently concerned abiut sandbagging, one might use the MEDIAN score rather than the MEAN score: the median is relatively less affected by extreme (high and low) scores.

A possible disadvantage is that several images might have the same median score, making it impossible to allocate a unique ranking to each entry. But ask yourself - is it possible (as it were) to distinguish accurately the (say) 47th best entry from the 48th or the 46th?

I do not think so, any more than that it is possible to mark 400 student assignments and be sure that you have allotted the exact % score in all cases. Any teacher who tells you the opposite is either a fool or a liar or is pulling your leg.

Thanks for setting such an interesting challenge, Alistair.

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On Challenge:8026 (4 comments in total)

Nice! But maybe the setter meant "cats and dogs" as in "it's raining cats and dogs". Maybe this is one idiom that never made its way across the pond? Alistair.

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On Challenge:7970 (49 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: ENTRANTS PLEASE NOTE: When you're creating and balancing your Limerick, you may find it helpful to hum "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man", as this melody has a limerick-formed text. ;)

But, Old Arrow, it does not have the Limerick beat:

There was a young lady from Tottenham
Her manners - she'd tot'lly forgotten 'em
At tea at the vicar's
She took off her knickers,
Complaining she felt far too hot in'em.

Posted on Feb 27, 2013 at 19:05 UTC
On Challenge:7970 (49 comments in total)

The fruit and nut contestant has done nothing to improve the quality of the average submitted "limerick" although I like the photo, Alistair.

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On photo Fancy lad in the Limericks, Illustrated! challenge (2 comments in total)

Thus far I'd score the pictures well ahead of the Limericks, Alistair

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On Challenge:7970 (49 comments in total)

The entry with the two young women is NOT a limerick, despite having five lines and the correct rhymes. The "beat" of the verse is all wrong. Look it up.

I suggest that the entrant re-writes the verse and submits a true Limerick. I bet Shakespeare would have put in the blood,sweat and tears to get it right! Alistair

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On photo Fiesler Fi-156 in the Battle of Britain challenge (1 comment in total)

Fair point Private Custard, Alistair.

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On Challenge:7979 (18 comments in total)

In the Battle of Britain ALL the bombers were German in origin. Lancasters
(i) were British and (ii) did not even exist in prototype form in 1940. Two of these submissions are imperfectly related to that battle.

As a small child I saw plenty of RAF and USAAF bomber formations in the sky above my home. The sound was amazing - trees and people swayed, and window panes rattled. God knows what it was like at the other end, Alistair.

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On photo interesting imitation in the Erotic! challenge (1 comment in total)

Apologies. I forgot to shrink the image to 1600 max side! Alistair

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GPW: Can anyone else see where these devices can become an invasion of privacy!!!

Can you imagine the chaos if several hundred folk are using these in a sports stadium?

The world just gets crazier.

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On Challenge:7526 (42 comments in total)

As a matter of interest, what would a ceationist accept as evidence that there is NOT a benign creator?

Piling confirmation on confirmation proves nothing. There is always an indefinitely large number of observations that could have been made, any one of which might be contrary to expectation.

Therefore one should look for counterexamples. In principle one such would disprove the maintained hypothesis. Life is a bit more complex, but testing of hypotheses ought to be based on looking for counterexamples, not on dragging out yet another favourable observation.

Would (say) the existence of such as Adolf Hitler, Senator Joe McCarthy or Pol Pot rate as counterexamples?
Interestingly, it's surprising just how often an exponent of the Popperian strategy will dip into "stamp collecting" in support of his/her pet hypothesis!

Isn't life interesting? All the best,


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