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ttran88: Looks like Nikon spent all their DSLR R&D money on Z mount leaving D780 and D6 very meh.

Try them both first before opening your mouth ;)
I love how people judges things on paper without any experimentation in real life and think they’ve got it all ^^
Everyone talks dirty about the D780 for instance, except 100% of the people that have actually hold it and shoot with it.
Bottom line : specs doesn’t matter when you can get that shot.

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Toni Salmonelli: How does the used camera brand influence the value of ones photos?

Because : if you do read the entire article, you would find that this is a “parodic tool that shouldn’t be taken too seriously and that if you’re serious about photography, you should never work for free”

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Yeahhhh ! Another software to steal your money !!!
IA will NEVER replace the editing YOU chose to do in your image.
Lr and Ps are powerful tools, stop the laziness and learn the damn thing, for Christ sake !
AI is the new trend ^^ now they add it everywhere as the “must” but all it shouts out loud really is : “you suck ! Buy me so I can do it better than you could ever do” when it’s really about moving sliders and understanding a software you’ve already paid for but never took the time to try to understand...
Did your parents ever told you the easy way is never the good way ?

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tassienick: I'm curious how they would go about enacting a ban? A road closure is mentioned, but that won't stop people walking down a public street...

I can understand why they're annoyed, but I'm not sure how you would practically ban 'Instagrammers' (who are, of course, just people with phones... Ie. everyone.)

Closure also mean having someone watching over the weekend ;)

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User9362470513: Theres nothing wrong with people taking photographs but surely music videos should require a permit?

They normally do but it is so easy today to make one they don’t bother asking for a permit anymore.
As for the pictures, it would be ok if it wasn’t all the people sitting right in your doorway to get snapped, have a look and you’ll see.
It’s a good thing they react now before it is too late... these “trending topics” can grow so fast these days...

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theronsan: "The number of images on Instagram with the hashtag ‘Rue Crémieux’ has reached over 31,000"

It is not THAT many, is it?

They all come and sit at your door like they live there, I throw water on them over and over...

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babis_greek: It seems only to me, that we are talking about 2 totaly different things here ?

1)About the parties, music and any kind of stupidity that any idiot, drunk , junkie could do in the street , the residents, are 100% right. Nobody could destroy the public silence and piece , outside your home !

2)About the photos , when someone taking pictures of buildings and not of their residents and doesn't disturb the private life of anyone, I think , that there is not a problem at all .

Paris is one of the most visited city In the world, so it is not about one or two or even a dozen of person photographing but more like hundreds, every day, days and nights. They could have illustrated their article with a “behind the scene” picture. It is more comparable to Mona Lisa’s madness at the Louvre Museum...
Now I am “amused” by all the comment of people who :
1- have never been there and claim that local are mean and annoying people that shouldn’t have the right to a little quietness in their own home. (Let’s all invite ourselves to theirs to see what they reactions would be).
2- don’t understand the difference between a single tourist snapshot and annoying instagramers with strobes and ridiculous amount of gears and crew just to post on Instagram and jerk off about themselves or the annoying guys with all kind of crappy music, again day and night, blocking the street because they are filming and you got in the f. way while returning to your home...

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madeinlisboa: More annoying is their attitude toward outsiders. What a rude people....

Send us your address please I’d love to hold a techno party in front of your house since you don’t care about being bothered in your own home EVERYDAY

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jackspra: Like moving to strand/boardwalk at the beach and complaining people are looking through the window as they walk past.

As for the guys coming to shoot video clips without authorization, i’d Just come out and screw their videos, or play music louder so they couldn’t proceed...
for instagramers unfortunately, not much of a solution other than putting a sign asking for respect and privacy... this will probably end up with a fence at the entrance like they have already done in other now « hidden » streets of paris...

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imtnbike: Haven't browsed all posts but does anyone else find it odd & frustrating that there is no picture of the back of the camera? Have no reference for rear button/viewfinder configuration!

If you haven't seen it, you just haven't looked for it.
And don't bother, it is a regular mirroless camera in this regard...

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