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  • Ok, thanks.. Just wanted to be sure. I dont shoot video so that wont be a problem
  • Created discussion thread Canon 1D Mark IV Memory Card
    Hi, Ill be getting a new SD card for my 1D Mark IV.. Is SDXC compatible? On Canon's website it says it is but ive read on other forums that its not. Heres Canon's link ...
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    Thanks for the help guys, I bought one with two batteries and 12k shutters for $710 today
  • Replied in 6D Upgrade
    I did have to save up for quite a while. I got my 28-70 from goodwill lol. My professional photographer friend recently got the Mark III 70-200 and is selling me her first generation one for a ...
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    As of now i have a 28-70 2.8L, and I'll be getting a 70-200 2.8L IS. I'd probably get a sigma 150-600 C
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    Ok, cool thanks. The only things i think id miss about my 6d are no WiFi, less MP (although 16 is fine in my opinion), and it is smaller. but to me the pluses of the better AF, FPS etc. outweigh ...
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    I can get about 800-1000 shots on a battery with my 6D, I also shoot macro which i use live view for so that does reduce the battery life. The 1D IV does have AFMA.
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    Yeah, I have gotten some pretty good shots with it. I was able to afford it since i sell on ebay, and I got it for $600 with a 50mm 1.8 II from a pawn shop. and it only has 15k shutter clicks even ...
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    Yeah, I've looked at the 7D Mark II, I just like the extra battery life and horizontal controls that the 1D IV has. plus its still cheaper than the 7D
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    I can’t afford either of those unfortunately, I’m 15 so I don’t have a job.
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    I mainly shoot wildlife.
  • Created discussion thread 6D Upgrade
    Hi guys, I have a EOS 6D and I'm wanting to upgrade to something with a better AF system and higher FPS. Is the 1D Mark IV still a good choice? I'm not making any money from my photography so i ...
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